which pretty little liar are you?

click here and find this awesome quiz created by a kid but anyone can take it. Has you ever wonder what pretty liar character are you then take this take and find out.

you could be Spencer busy and smart ,or Hannah the stressed out , or aria the crazy one, Alison the runner, or Emily quiet and shy, or parge the brave and caring one. or a and Mona.

Created by: hacker
  2. will you comment please
  3. hannah or aria
  4. parge or emily
  5. are smart or shy
  6. cake
  7. what your favorite movie
  8. do you want me to make athour quiz
  9. which pll people are you most part1
  10. which pll people are you part 2
  11. which pll people are you part3

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Quiz topic: Which pretty little liar am I?