What's Your Homeschool Style

Homeschooling is a form of education which is becoming more and more popular. There are many different styles of homeschool from very structured to very unstructured.

So what's your homeschool style? Whether you're a parent making a big educational decision,someone who doesn't agree with the school system our just doing this for fun, please take the quiz!

Created by: Allison
  1. The ideal curriculum is:
  2. When you and your kids listen to music you usually listen to:
  3. How long is your kids lunch break?
  4. You decided to drive across the country in November, you:
  5. You have a child who is crazy over World War I, you:
  6. Do you agree with the public school system?
  7. Are your kids in school, or if you are a kid are you in school?
  8. At Christmas what gifts do you give your kids?
  9. When looking for a house what do you look for?
  10. Your school day is from:

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Quiz topic: What's my Homeschool Style