How well do you know Birdy?

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British singer-songwriter Birdy is one of the most talented musicians in the UK. Her unique voice and amazing songs make her beloved all over the world. She's got millions of fans who are called "Birdies".

Are you one of them, too? Then try out this quiz about Birdy's private and musical life! It consists of 30 questions about Birdy herself, her family, her musical career, and about her lyrics. If you master this quiz, then you are the perfect fan! Good luck!

  1. When was Birdy born?
  2. What is Birdy's real name?
  3. Birdy used to sing in her older brother's band. What is the band's name?
  4. Birdy learned playing the piano from her mother. But what is her mother's profession?
  5. How old was Birdy when she won the talent competition "Open Mic UK"?
  6. Lyrics Challenge: Which song are these lines from? ⇒ "I still want to drown whenever you leave. / Please teach me gently how to breath."
  7. Birdy's self-titled debut album only features cover versions except one self-penned song. Which one?
  8. In which country did Birdy receive her very first Gold-certification ever?
  9. Birdy was part of the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Summer Games 2012 in London that has been watched by over two billion people worldwide. Which song did Birdy perform?
  10. Which song did Birdy contribute to the official soundtrack for the movie "The Hunger Games"?
  11. What is Birdy's song "Wings" about?
  12. Another Lyrics Challenge: Which of the following lines can be heard in the song "Words As Weapons"?
  13. 2014 has been a good year for Birdy: She was nominated for several awards. Which one did she win?
  14. But also in some other years, Birdy was nominated several times! Which award did she win, too?
  15. Birdy also loves writing music for movies. For "The Fault In Our Stars", she contributed three songs: "Not About Angels", "Tee Shirt", and...?
  16. Many artists would like to collaborate with Birdy - RHODES made it! Which song did they sing together?
  17. With whom of these artists has Birdy also collaborated yet (retrieved July 2018)?
  18. Lyrics Challenge No. 3: Complete this line from "Not About Angels" correctly! ⇒ "Found something real that's out of touch. / ..."
  19. Working on her third studio album, Birdy moved to London. Where in London did she live at that time?
  20. When was Birdy's third studio album "Beautiful Lies" released in the UK?
  21. Birdy's album "Beautiful Lies" was mainly inspired by a novel. Which one?
  22. What's the clothing called that Birdy wears on the cover of her third album?
  23. Which creature does Birdy play in her music video for "Wild Horses"?
  24. A new Lyrics Challenge: Which song do these lines belong to? ⇒ "Don't go holding your breath! / You know that I'm not done yet."
  25. Birdy plays the piano and the guitar. Which special musical instrument did she learn while working on her third album?
  26. Which one is Birdy's most favourite song on her third studio album "Beautiful Lies"?
  27. If Birdy stopped her career as a musician (which will hopefully never happen!), what would she study?
  28. In 2016, Birdy did her first tour in Asia ever! Where did it start?
  29. Who would Birdy love to collaborate with?
  30. Final question - final Lyrics Challenge: We've mashed up lines from three different songs! Which songs do they belong to? ⇒ "You've just got to see me through another day. / All you crave is attention - / Too late to forget how you made me feel."

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