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Here is another quiz about British singer-songwriter Birdy. Her songs are unique and the lyrics go very deep. Her music is amazing and fascinates people all over the world.

In this quiz, we give you some lyrics from songs by Birdy. But each extract contains gaps, and you have to choose which word or phrase is missing. Are you able to fill all gabs correctly? Good luck!

  1. TAKE MY HEART: "Say it's all in my head, / I remember when you said / "_____" / Held me in the dark, / Sheltered as you took my heart."
  2. (SO) BE FREE: "You don't love me, / _____ / It's because you know, / It will break my heart."
  3. GHOST IN THE WIND: "Do you remember when we were young? / When I was terrified, you were by my side. / Now you're gone, I have nowhere to run, / No place that I belong, / Left burned _____."
  4. KEEPING YOUR HEAD UP: "Everyone keeps a darker place / To lose control, you're not alone. / And when you come looking for embrace, / I know your soul; I'll be your home / _____ / 'Til you can breathe on your own."
  5. ALL YOU NEVER SAY: "Are you uncertain? / Or just scared to drop your guard? / Have you been broken? / Are you afraid to _____?"
  6. SHADOW: "Only you ever make me _____, / 'Cause only you can take me there."
  7. WILD HORSES: "I remember / How we danced so close, I would stand on your feet. / _____ / That would last all night, they were lifeboats to me. / Our fading scars, just shooting stars, / They're here, then go."
  8. HOME: "_____ is the feeling I want. / Is it wrong to miss the time that we had? / Now it’s gone, / Didn’t plan for this. / Home is where my heart is."
  9. FIND ME: "We've lost our ways, that's what you told me once. / But tears, they come and go. / _____ / It's taking losing you to know."
  10. DREAM: "Breathe! / I’m listening close to every word that you speak. / Don’t try to _____ that bring you down, just see..."
  11. NOT ABOUT ANGELS: "How unfair, it's just our love! / _____ / But if you'd searched the whole wide world, / Would you dare to let it go?"
  12. HEAR YOU CALLING: "Memories lie. / There's no such thing as a perfect life. / Oh, and I let it die. / But looking back _____."
  13. WINGS: "Oh, lights go down. / In the moment we're lost and found. / I just want to be by your side, / _____"
  14. SILHOUETTE: "And the bittersweet / Of every new defeat / Is I'm stronger than before. / May be on my knees, / But I still believe, / These broken wings will _____."
  15. LIFTED: "Hold my heavy bones, / They weigh me down, weigh me down. / _____ / When you are gone, when you're gone."

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