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British singer-songwriter Jasmine van den Bogaerde - better known by her stage name "Birdy" - is one of the world's most amazing artists. Her unique voice and deep lyrics make her beloved all over the planet.

Birdy has got millions of fans. Are you one of them? Do you know all of her songs by heart? Then try out this quiz and check if you can choose the correct song to the given lyrics. Good luck!

  1. I'm in a foreign state, / My thoughts, they slip away. / My words are leaving me, / They caught an aeroplane, / Because I thought of you, / Just from the thought of you.
  2. You've been trying too hard trying to start. / It takes time, don't lose yourself. / Don't keep fighting your heart, stay as you are! / Don't change for anyone else.
  3. Oh little ghost, you see the pain. / But together we can make something beautiful, / So take my hand and perfectly, / We fill the gaps, you and me make three, / I was meant for you, and you for me.
  4. In the dust I wrote my name, / And from the ruins hopes were raised, / 'Cause all that's lost can be replaced in time.
  5. And I wish that we were strangers, / Strange enough to go unnoticed from this crowd. / And I wish that we were closer, / Close enough for me to hold you / When your lonely nights become too long to bear.
  6. And if you start to fade, / I will keep you safe, / Like you do, oooh! / And if you feel afraid, / I will keep your faith, / Like you do, oooh!
  7. If I look back to the start, / Now I know, I see everything true. / There's still a fire in my heart, my darling. / But I'm not burning for you!
  8. You never think that you can fly, / You'll always swim against the tide. / Don't you know your pain is mine? / And I would die a thousand times to ease your mind, / To ease your mind.
  9. My mind is a runaway. / And I find it's too hard to breathe. / Just say what you want to say! / Are you there? / Tell me, are you there?
  10. You don't love me, / But you won't let us be apart. / It's because you know, / It will break my heart.
  11. Why don't we share our solitude? / Nothing is pure anymore but solitude. / It's hard to make sense, / Feels as if I'm sensing you / Through a lens.
  12. Leave / All of your rage behind and realize its me. / Hold on before Im gone cause one day we will need / Someone to understand the things that make us free.
  13. Memories lie. / There's no such thing as a perfect life. / Oh, and I let it die. / But looking back I can't remember why.
  14. I find myself in these four walls, / Wishing for somewhere else. / I've lost myself like this before / Calling out for your help.

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