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British singer-songwriter Birdy has started her international career as a musician at the age of just 15. When doing her first interviews she was so nervous and shy that she could barely say a word. But in the following years she not only grew musically but she also became a lot more comfortable with interviews.

In this quiz you will find out if you've accurately followed Birdy during her career until now and if you know her well. How does she reply to questions? What did she say here and there? Try to find out which of these quotations are from Birdy, which answers she gave to particular questions, and what other stars say about her. Good luck and enjoy!

  1. What did Birdy reply to this: "Marmalade on toast or hair of the dog?"
  2. Did Birdy say this? "I always found it terrifying going up on stage but once I was out there, everything was OK."
  3. Did Birdy say this? "It's kind of nice now to know you've got friends in the audience."
  4. Did Birdy say this? "I remember my first tour, I barely had any songs, I was filling them with all kinds just to get through the gig."
  5. Did Birdy say this? "I'm not a rebel. But I also don't want to be a goody two-shoes. Somewhere in between, I think."
  6. What did Birdy reply to this: "Was music always what you wanted to do professionally?"
  7. Who's said this about Birdy? "I've been a fan of her voice for a long time. I find her voice beautiful. [...] I'm sure she'll become an absolute megastar if she keeps on like this. She's simply gorgeous."
  8. Did Birdy say this? "I think it's a good place for me like, as a woman, as somebody who feels really embedded with their job, and super optimistic about the future."
  9. Did Birdy say this? "My mind was definitely more settled. I didn't have as much anxiety, because I didn't have as many people wanting things from me."
  10. What did Birdy reply to this: "I'm sure [your parents] were a big influence growing up, but as you evolve as an artist, do you still go to them for advice?"
  11. Did Birdy say this? "I just realised that I find writing to be very therapeutic - I think it's when I allow myself to be most vulnerable."
  12. Did Birdy say this? "[...] I was also influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman, George Michael and Michael Jackson."
  13. What did Birdy reply to this: "When have you once been really upset?"
  14. Did Birdy say this? "My family inspires me a lot. My closest friends - some of the album is definitely written about them [...]"
  15. Did Birdy say this? "Yeah because I really love doing things for films, so yeah when I'm reading I sometimes imagine music to go along with what I'm reading, because my music is quite cinematic."
  16. What did Birdy reply to this: "Where's your favourite place to thrift shop?"
  17. Who's said this about Birdy? "We met and got along really well. We exchanged a few ideas [...] We had no real intention for the song at first [...]"
  18. What did Birdy reply to this: "[You] have been in spotlight since age 12. Do you feel like your age has any bearing on your career?"
  19. Did Birdy say this? "I always live in the moment, I never think about the future."
  20. What did Birdy reply to this: "What's your favourite 90's film?"
  21. What did Birdy reply to this: "How did you learn to write songs?"
  22. Did Birdy say this? "[...] It's an important year to me. The making of this album was very important, and I've gone through a lot of changes. [...] Being able to talk about those things and explain them to my fans is fulfilling - and it's kind of relieving."
  23. Did Birdy say this? "I'd love to be like Rihanna and run around not caring what anyone thinks. [...]"
  24. Who's said this about Birdy? "Who's heard that amazing 14 year old 'Birdy' sing Skinny love? YouTube it. It's f***ing brilliant."
  25. What did Birdy reply to this: "What was the creative process like for 'Ghost In The Wind'?"
  26. What did Birdy reply to this: "Where do you find inspiration when writing an album?"
  27. Did Birdy say this? "I've spent probably too much time thinking about how my life could've been, so now I try to just have a sense of gratitude for how it is."
  28. Who's said this about Birdy? "And then [...] Birdy, who I think is the artist to watch for the next three to four years. She's un-freaking-believable."
  29. Did Birdy say this? "It's important to say 'no' to things and to know that the music is truest when it comes from you."
  30. Did Birdy say this? "My songs have always been mostly personal, but I'd love to be brave enough to dig a bit deeper."

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