What to Wear To Interviews

Everyone gets nervous when preparing for interviews. Your clothes should not be on the list of things making you crazy. Take this quiz to see how well you know the rules of dressing for interviews.

Remember these are for interviews and OCI. While many of these rules apply once you get the job, always remember follow the style of the office you work in.

Created by: WLSADUKE
  1. Of the 8 interview outfits suggested by Elle Magazine in June 2009, how many are actually interview appropriate?
  2. Men: what is the rule for when to button your suit when standing? Top button, middle, lower button
  3. Women should always wear makeup to an interview.
  4. How many suits do you need for OCI?
  5. How many suits do most people want for OCI?
  6. Men should get a manicure before interviewing (no polish).
  7. Dress shoes with rubber soles are okay for interviews.
  8. Women can wear skirt suits or pants suits to interviews.
  9. Women must wear hose with a skirt suit.
  10. It's okay to get a haircut the day before your interview.
  11. You can wear a metal or leather watch to an interview.
  12. Women should have painted nails.
  13. Dry Cleaning your clothes often is a good idea.
  14. What is the best way to quickly tell whether your suit is made of nice material (and thus going to hang well)?
  15. Natural fibers "breathe" better than polyester fibers
  16. Silk and wool are pretty warm.
  17. Men: which knot is best for an interview?
  18. Men: Tie pin?
  19. What is a button-down shirt?
  20. Shoe polish has been known to rub off on pants legs.
  21. How often should you polish leather shoes?
  22. Leather soles can be replaced on men's shoes
  23. No one will refuse to hire you solely on the basis of your unibrow.
  24. Do you know the term "neck beard"?
  25. Socks should ___________
  26. Women: Can you wear flats to an interview?
  27. Women: How high is too high of a heel?
  28. Peep-toes are okay as long as the shoe is otherwise plain
  29. Patent leather is "plain"
  30. With a navy blue suit, women can wear....
  31. What hose should you wear?
  32. How do you know when you've found a really nice pair of men's trousers?
  33. Men's suits do not necessarily need to be tailored after purchase.
  34. Make sure you stand up straight when being fitted for adjustments
  35. If a skirt is lined, you don't need to worry about wearing a slip
  36. How do you remove sweat stains from a garment?
  37. How many times can you wear a suit before getting it cleaned?
  38. It's ok to wash silk blouses at home.
  39. Woolite is a great product for washing lingerie.
  40. You're at OCI, and you and all your friends have run out of those face oil-blotting papers – what do you do?
  41. How many suits does a man need if he wears suits 5 times a week?
  42. How many suits does a woman need if she wears a suit 5 times a week?

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