What should you wear to school tomorrow (girls)?

You all know those days when you're standing face to face with your millions of clothes going: "I have nothing to wear!" Well maybe I could just suggest an item/outfit that will give you a jump start to your busy school day.

Are you trying to impress someone at school? Maybe you just don't have a clue how to dress in the first place. Well take this quiz to get an overall clue as to what you should wear tomorrow.

Created by: callie
  1. What's "tomorrow" for you?
  2. What's your fashion style??
  3. What cute accessories do you plan to wear with your outfit tomorrow??
  4. You tryna impress anyone =)??
  5. What's your go to hairstyle??
  6. Favorite kind of shoe?
  7. Do you try to keep up with trends?
  8. Do you usually wear make up??
  9. Highlights??
  10. Are you actually going to wear what I suggest??

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