What Make-Up Should You Wear?

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There are lots of people who wear make-up but many of which do not wear it correctly or are unsure which colours suit them best and how much of each to apply.

This quiz will tell you what colours how much or maybe you wear it correctly but you wear way too much of it. Are you a make-up genius? Lets find out!

Created by: Lucy
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  1. How much make-up do you wear now?
  2. What colour are your eyes?
  3. How much make-up do you own?
  4. Are you in any sort of relationship?
  5. Do you like to party?
  6. Are you rich?
  7. Do your friends wear make-up?
  8. Do you think make-up makes you look pretty?
  9. What does your first name begin with?
  10. Do you like foundation?

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Quiz topic: What Make-Up should I Wear?