How much do you know about make up?

Lots of people profess to know all there is about makeup and what colours and shades look great on people....but few people know the real trick of the trade that transform movie stars and celebrities from so so to fabulous!!

Have YOU got what it takes to be a make up pro?? Should all your friends be clamouring over your make up brushes So that you can transform them?! Take this quick quiz to quickly find out how much you REALLY know about make up!!

Created by: Zoe

  1. Where do you put mascara?
  2. When should you apply concealer?
  3. What tool should you use to blend eyeshadow?
  4. You want to make your eyes appear larger- where do you apply your eyeliner?
  5. You want to apply lipstick to make your teeth look whiter- what colour should you use?
  6. You have blue eyes and want to make your eyes pop ( stand out) what colour eyeshadow should you choose?
  7. You have dark under eye circles with purplish veins showing through- what colour concealer should you choose?
  8. You want to apply bronzer for a radiant sun- kissed look- where do you apply it?
  9. You have applied too much blusher to your cheeks- what could you do to correct the problem?
  10. You have a big event tonight where you will be photographed a lot and a huge zit has appeared on your chin- what should you do?
  11. You have had a very late night and your eyes and skin look very tired- what could you do to make yourself look more awake?
  12. What part of your body should you test against to match your perfect shade of foundation?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about make up?