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  • @MYRASOSWEET,nuh uh! i got none! see?
    You wear to much make-up! Your pretty without it. Maybe tone it down to clear mascara and a bit of lip gloss, if you have a massive spot then cover it with a bit of concealer. Only wear alot of make-up for special occasions like Christmas or your birthday!

    AnonymousPromise Feb 26 '12, 11:04AM
  • shimmer is for gaywods tho!!!

    ninjaxtxrex Apr 24 '11, 9:02AM
  • this is gay.. like everyone gets shimmery. besides you look stupid in shimmery garbage.

    MYRASOSWEET Jul 7 '10, 9:32AM
  • niice quiz. I didnt take it but im guessing ur good wif make up nd stuff and like a beauty queen but it sounds good thank u

    Anyssa Jul 7 '10, 1:42AM
  • yea, i got shimmery that's a little weird three times in a row whatever! Cool though ill try it.

    Tigg Jul 6 '10, 9:40PM
  • Shimmery? Well.....I don't like makeovers, and thanks, I won't be able to try it out. Maybe I could! Who knows????

    Herwe123 Jul 6 '10, 8:59PM
  • Your Result: Shimmery

    You are already without make-up. Try wearing a darker eye shadow with a little bit of glitter. This looks great for special occasions like christmas! If you like to wear foundation, don't cake yourself in it, apply a thin layer with a bit of pink blush.

    Just Base

    Nice. Now I know that I do look best in shimmer. I wasn't sure if I should try it, but know I am!!!

    rascal1178 Jul 6 '10, 12:43PM

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