Biology Test 2 Bratis

This is a biology quiz. It is meant to help me prepare for my test tomorrow. It incorporates a bunch of useless things that no one really cares about at all.

I know that it means nothing to you. And thats fine. It is all information that you will forget tomorrow anyways. If you are not taking an exam tomorrow with professor Bratis than I suggest you go to a new quiz.

Created by: daniel beckwith
  1. Who was the 19th century Augustinian monk who first described the laws of inheritance?
  2. The unique collection of traits that define an individual appearance is called the
  3. The genetic constitution of a cell or organism is called the
  4. A region of DNA that either specifies a particular protein or that helps to regulate another region of DNA is called
  5. Permanent changes in a sequence of DNA are called
  6. Codons that signal the end of a polypeptide chain are called
  7. The process by which DNA transmits its information to RNA is called
  8. The conversion of the message carried by the mRNA into polypeptides is called
  9. When Mendel crossed a yellow-seeded pea plant with a green-seeded pea plant, he got anF1 that was all yellow seeded. In this case we would say that the gene specifying yellow peas is _______ to the gene specifying green
  10. Chromosones that are not identified as sex chromosones are called
  11. Chromosomes that are not identified as sex chromosomes are called
  12. The items crossed in a Punnet's square are
  13. Klinefelter's syndrome is
  14. Turner's syndrome is
  15. Which of the following women runs the highest risk of a Down's baby in her pregnancy
  16. Which of the following genotypes gives resistance to malaria with minimal risk of sickle-cell crisis?
  17. Which of the following is associated with sickle-cell anemia
  18. Which of the following give the highest % concordance?
  19. Wilmut's success rate for cloning sheep was
  20. The federal moratorium on human cloning
  21. Pluripotent cells are
  22. Fetal stem cells could be
  23. "Dolly" lived to be
  24. An egg used in cloning
  25. What is the liklihood that a Bb man can have three children in a row with brown hair if his wife is bb?

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