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Are you a true directioner ? No ? Yes? I don't know ? Well take this to find out and remember have fun ! If you are not a Directioner please find another band and waste your time on them somewhere else ty. have a nice day xx......

This quiz will test you to see if you are a true directioner. If you are not you will be dismissed immediately and if you get from 0-15 percent read all my comments.Now take this quiz you dipshhh. love you all #MidnightMemories

Created by: Nachel
  1. Who is the oldest member of One Direction?
  2. Which member only has one sibling?
  3. What is Louis' height?
  4. Which member has a sibling named Félicité?
  5. Which member is the tallest?
  6. Which member has twin sisters?
  7. Which member made a joke that they were pregnant for Zayn?
  8. Which member has the most Tattoos?
  9. Which memeber has a wolf and feathers tattoo?
  10. Which member has a twitter/instagram bio that says 'Now stay with me cause im quite quick 5 6 7 8 :)' ?

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