The Ultimate One Direction Quiz

There are lots of quizzes out there about the British/Irish boy band One Direction. They test compatibility, knowledge...anything you can think of (well, almost)

Now most quizzes testing 1D knowledge, I feel like they are short and aren't well put together. But not this one! This quiz covers loads of information about One Direction! So go ahead, take the quiz! See how much of a directioner you are!

Created by: anonymous

  1. Let's start with some simple questions. Ok? How many band members are there?
  2. Where are the band members from?
  3. How did the band meet/form?
  4. How many r's?
  5. "I like girls who eat carrots."
  6. "Mine will probably be Mary."
  8. "Vas Happenin?"
  9. "Simple but effective."
  10. Who is Kevin?
  11. Who is their bodyguard?
  12. Time to step it up a notch. 'The curls get the girls' refers to...
  13. Who only has one kidney?
  14. 'Bradford bad boy' refers to...
  15. Which band member has five sisters?
  16. 'Irish leperchaun' refers to...
  17. Who likes Batman and the Toy Story movies?
  18. 'Sass master from Doncaster' refers to...
  19. Which band member is afraid of water?
  20. Who is the oldest band member?
  21. Name the band member that likes romance movies like 'The Notebook'.
  22. Which band member had braces?
  23. Who used to work in a bakery?
  24. Who is the only band member that doesn't have any sister?
  25. Who doesn't eat soup?
  26. Who is afraid of roller coasters?
  27. Name the band member that is now engaged to the lovely Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.
  28. Which band member is dating the amazing Eleanor Calder?
  29. Now time for some bromances. Niam.
  30. Narry.
  31. Zouis.
  32. Larry Stylinson.
  33. Ziam.
  34. It's time for some song lyrics! Who sings "You can't go to bed without a cup of tea..."?
  35. Who sings "Making them drool on their chinny chin chins..."?
  36. "Do you remember summer '09, wanna go back there every night..." was sung by...
  37. "Said I'd never leave her cause her hand fit my tee shirt..." are lyrics sung by...
  38. Who sings "He takes your hand, I die a little, I watch your eyes, and I'm in riddles..."?
  39. What was the band's first song?
  40. Which band member sung "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder as their XFactor audition?
  41. "Cry Me A River" was the audition song on the XFactor of which band member?
  42. What song did Louis sing for his XFactor audition?
  43. Mario's song "Let Me Love You" was the audition song of which member?
  44. "So Sick" by Ne-Yo is the audition song of which band member?
  45. ***Challenge Question*** When was One Direction officially put together as a band?

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