Amazing Ine Direction Lovr Story Part 2

So here is the second quiz of this series. I hope you like it. It is a lot longer than the other one and it is set up of what is to come in the next quizzes.

Okay so if you don't know One Direction is this amazing boy band made up of these five very attractive guys. well i hope you enjoy the quiz and much as i lkke making it.

Created by: KaylaMarie
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  1. .... a hand grabs your wrist pulling you back in. " " why don't you stay we can give you a ride" said a british voice. As you turn to realize it belongs to Harry Styles flashing a flirty smile at you. You start to say no knwoing there is no way they really wanna give you a ride. But before a sound escapes your lips. Niall is excitedly asking your address and where you live wanting to stay with the guys longer.
  2. You give upbecause you really wanna stay. It is ONE DIRECTION. You settle beside Louis and Zayn, that being the only seat. "So that address you just gave us is our adrdress" said a confused Liam. You look at them in shock knowing it is not possible that they are living in the tiny house you bought. "Here is a picture of my house" you say handing them a picture. A akward silence falls on the car as the guys stare at the picture.
  3. "Uhhh ' ' that house was torn down a month ago and ours was built there. Im so sorry to have to tell you that" Niall finally manages to say. Realization that you are homeless in another country starts to set in.
  4. Your eyes start to water and next thing you know you are crying your eyes out. You have nowhere to go. Louis puts his arm around you to comfort and tell you everything will be okay. " hey why don't you stay with us?" Asks Zayn quietly from behind you. You look at him suprized
  5. **At the house** You get out the car and see this huge beautiful house in front of you. This is where you will be staying you think. "Last one in get the worst room!!!!" yells Louis running up the steps.
  6. You start running like crazy to get a room but everyone you get is taken. Running into one of the rooms you collide in to Harry falling with him top of you. Your heart starts to race. It looks like he is leaning in for a kiss, you have no idea what to do. Mind and heart racing. "Sorry this room is taken, but you can stay in it with me if you want" he says with a wink. You manage to say you need your own room.
  7. Holy crap, that did not just happen you think as you walk down the hall light headed. Finally you come to a big bright yellow room and instantly know its yours. You put your stuff down, spin around your room amd land on the bed. Within a moment Louis is jumping onto the bed beside you. "You like it?" he askes. " i love it!" "I thought you would" he says as he reaches out and moves a piece of hair out of your face.
  8. Everybody is sitting around the table grubbing down on pizza. Niall eating the most of course. Everyone isnlaughingnand having a good time. But you have to get up to use the bathroom. As you come out the door you run into Zayn
  9. "Sorry I didnt you see there" you say. " its okay, I was acutally lookong for you. I wanna talk" said Zayn. "Okay about what?" you say looking into those brown eyes. Before he says anything he starts tonlesn in......
  10. Yes its a cliff hagnger sorry guys

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