Love and Suprises!? part 10

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Hello and welcome to yet another installment of my one direction love story entitled.... Love and Suprises!? In this part there is drama, love,humor,suspense, and of course suprises. Enjoy!

Thank You for taking. I hoped you liked this part , i mean i worked really hard to get it done. Please come back for the next parts. I hope to have them all out soon. Please tell your friends about this series and be sure to take my other serie's as well... Love!!!! And Cirque du Freak Love Story. Thanks don't forget to comment and rate, and say... Who do you love from one direction?

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: Read the other parts for a recap.
  2. You woke up and picked up the clock on the bedstand next to you.... 8 30 a.m. it read in big red numbers. You yawned and tried to fall back asleep,but you couldnt you couldnt contain the excitement within you.... Because thats right today not only were Harry and Zayn coming home,but it was also your first 'offical' date with Niall. You smiled at the thought. Niall is a good guy, hes loving, passionate, adorable,funny, quirky, spontaneous, and intresting to talk to.
  3. You knew that Harry and Zayn would be back any minute so you decided to greet them. You got changed into a tight blue abercrombie and fitch top and some jean shorts from guess. You put your hair in a side ponytail and added a bit of lipgloss to finish the look. "Nice." You commented observing yourself in the mirror. The doorbell rang and the door opened. You rushed downstairs. "Hey Harry. Hey Zayn. Welcome b-----." You said but were suprised to see two young and pretty looking nurses with very short dresses hand in hand with both Zayn and Harry. You shook your head and went straight up to Harry and Zayn. The girls noticed your obvious anger and proceeded to do something even worse...kiss them. You stepped back. "Why?" You asked. "Katy its not our fault! They are the ones forcing themselves on us." Said Harry. "Then why don't you push away. Zayn for the sake of your girlfriend. And Harry for whoevers sake." You said. Then looked down, that came off as a bit too overprotective. "Whatever, nevermind what I said. Do what you want. Just don't be too loud." You said and walked back upstairs. You reached your room....sad. Why were you sad? You had a boyfriend already... Niall. Who had never wronged you or anyone else in any way. Why did it hurt so much to see Harry with other girls? Would it hurt if you saw Niall with another girl? Yes it would."Stop.Katy stop. You have a date today. Let Harry go. He can never change." You scolded yourself. There was a knock on your door. "Katy, you awake?" Said a voice. "Yeah." You said. The door opened it was Liam. Just the person you had wanted to see.
  4. "Harry and Zayn are back." Said Liam. "Yeah I know. With two additions, the nurses as well." You said. "Whats wrong Katy?" Said Liam You told him everything and when you stopped he walked closer and took a seat next to you. "Focus on your date with Niall. I ll handle the Harry and Zayn dilemna." Said Liam. "Thank You so much Liam!" You said giving him a hug. He blushed a bright shade of red. "Anytime." He said and left.
  5. You felt better after talking with Liam...always. You again shrugged off the thought. You looked at the clock again. Now it was around 9 30. You headed downstairs. You saw Niall there in the dining room with a very large stack of buttermilk pancakes. "Are you going to share?" You asked playfully. "Yeah sure." He said. That was NOT the reply you d excpect from somebody who usually eats a lot."Thanks." You said taking a seat as near him as possible. "So whats the plan for today's date?" You asked him. "Its a suprise." He said nischieviously. You heard a swishing sound and then a loud crash....Louis, he had tried slidind down the banister. He stood up and yelled... "Im okay." Liam shook his head and smiled. Niall couldnt help himself he started laughing. Because somebody had drawn in black marker a moustache and some other weird stuff on Louis' face. You laughed too. "What?" Said Louis. "Dont tell him. Its payback." Whispered Niall in your ear. "Nothing. Never seen a person fall down and get up with such enthusiasm." You said which was a very good reply because Louis smiled and said... "Well thats the way I am. I fail in many styles. " he said. That seemed harmless to him,but the word struck you Styles. Harry. You played it off like it didn't matter to you but Liam noticed how pale your face was and said... "Do you like him more than Niall?" He asked. Niall and Louis had already gone to the dining room. "Im horrible." You said.
  6. "Your not horrible Katy." Said Liam reassuringly. "You all have been sooo kind and considerate of me. And all ive done was make you all sad. I am horrible." You said. "No your not. Your wonderful. You helped Annabelle, you taught Zayn a lesson, you spared everyones feelings when you decided to date niall. You are amzaing Katy. Dont ever think otherwise." Said Liam. "You really think that?" You said. "Yes. And i always have and always will." Said Liam. You went up and hugged him. "Your an awesome friend Liam." You said and then walked in the direction of Niall and Louis. Liam didn't know why but his heart ached when you called him your friend. He didn't know why yet, but he would soon find out that he too, was in love.
  7. You eat breakfast all the time laughing at the fact that Louis was unaware that he had been pranked. You did see Harry and Zayn that morning,but just acted naturally, like you didn't care what had happened. You sat down and decided to turn on the tv. You flipped through channels and found a tv show that you like. Niall came over and sat down next to you. You rested your head on his shoulder. He appeared slightly shocked. Niall welcomed you into his loving embrace. You felt so loved. And you didn't at that point even care about Harry or the girls. You were focused solely on Niall and You. "When are we leaving for our date?" You asked Niall. "In a little bit." He responded. You grinned you couldnt wait. After about an hour you regrettably left Niall and went upstairs to change. You saw Harry's door wide open. And Liam was inside talking to him.You decided to eavesdrop. You wondered what they were talking about. After a long silence you wondered if you should stop eavesdropping. Liam walked out of the room. "Were you listening the whole time?" He asked. "No, i just started listening a few moments ago." You said. Signs of relief occupied his expression. "Oh, okay. You can come in if you d like. I mean you need to resolve your conflict with Harry sooner or later. I ll be in my room if Harry does something he shouldnt." Said Liam glaring at Harry. You gulped and walked into Harry's room. Harry motioned to you to sit next to him on his bed. He got up shut the door behind you and sat back down. "Katy, it isnt what you think. But personally why do you care about my affairs you have a loving boyfriend." Said Harry. "Look i don't know why,but i do care okay. Dont try to confuse me more. I like Niall,but I like you too." You said. Harrys expression softened. "Im so sorry Katy. I shouldnt have made you like me. Im a horrible person. I ll only break your heart. Please just give up on me and focus on Niall." Said Harry. You shook your head no. "I wont give up on you. I ll help you become better. Your not horrible your just confused, like me. Let me help you." You said. "God i love you Katy." Said Harry leaning over and giving you a long warm hug. (You excpected a kiss from mr.flirty but instead found only a hug was to be given) You hugged him back and buried your face in his shoulder. "Im sorry too." You whispered. "Your forgiven. You ll always be forgiven." Said Harry.
  8. "Im glad were chill with each other again. I don't like to argue." You said breaking the hug. "Yeah. Speaking of whick what about Zayn. The poor chap still likes you. I mean ive done worse and you ve forgiven me so at least forgive him." Said Harry. "Okay." You said and left the room. When you left the room Harry layed down and smiled.... "I didn't think it possible,but Ive fallen in love." Said Harry. You went to your room and changed first. You changed into a slightly see through top with a skirt. You put you hair down and put few accesories on. You took a small bag and left your room. You went out of your room and saw Zayn. "We need to talk." You said to him grabbing his arm and pulling him. Inside your room. You shut the door. "What is it Katy?" Said Zayn. "Wow, not even a sorry. I was about to say id forgiven you for everything." You said. "I am sorry. Ill always be sorry,but i really don't know what to do to make you accept my apology." Zayn said. "You broke my best friends heart. You need to apologize whole heartedly to her first befor I can accept you apologyy." You said. "Why are you giving me this chance to redeem myself?" Said Zayn. "Because Harry put a good word in on your behalf." You said and left the room followed by Zayn.
  9. You went downstairs and saw Niall. He was a bit dressed up. He saw you and smiled. It was like something out of a movie. It was perfect and you couldnt wait to see what suprise he had in store for your date.
  10. Cliffhanger!!!! Comment,rate,share! Who do u love?

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