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Hello and welcome to this quiz. You probably clicked on this becuz guys confuse you... So with the help of the internet and my niehgbor I will hopefully answer all your questions about guys.

Thanks for taking this quiz. Big thanks to those who took parts 1-3 of my one direction love story called "ove and Suprises!? Thanks to all of you who take my quizzes.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Guys are very intresting people, at any age. Understanding them is key to no more heartbreak. This is for every girl who has ever had to deal with a nasty breakup.
  2. The first thing to understand is that they are living human beings. They are just like girls,at least in the fact, that they are human. Treat them kindly and remember what goes around comes back around. Think about things from his point of view, so that you can understand how he feels about you... rambling on about how cute Justin Bieber is or how much of a sl** some other girl you know is.
  3. The second thing to know is that they are quite sensitive on the inside. Some guys show it while other don't. Be sure not to make him jealous, cuz that my friend leads to disaster.
  4. third. If you know a guy has a rep for being a player... try to stay away... even if they claim to have changed, just wait and see. If he really cares then he won't hit on other girls after telling you that he like you. Some guys change... while others never will.
  5. Fourth. If you sense that something is odd about his behavior (for extended amounts of time)... * Talk about it. *Ask about it. * Check it out. * Study your friend's behaviors too.
  6. The reason to study your friend's behaviors is because they often will show what they are thinking... like maybe your bff is hanging out with your guy at times when he told you he was busy. No jumping to conclusion,cuz then you would just be a fussy girlfriend.
  7. Not sure if he likes you? Watch for these signs... * Eagerness to talk to you. * Intrest in your health and business. * Overprotectivness *Some jealousy. *Occasional spontaneously kind gestures. *Blushing/stuttering/nervousness.
  8. Now you may be asking... What if he's taken. Taken as in already in a relationship. Leave him be, do not try to break couples up, don't encourage him to cheat on his gf, give it time. if he likes you then he will go out with you, and if he doesn't its his loss cuz trust me girl, he doesn't know what he is gonna be missing out on.
  9. Understanding "Guy Talk": Ever heard guys talking in apparent gibberish and when you question what they are talking about they say "Oh its Guy Talk." Well i don't really get it either. They should really make guy talk like an offical language or something cuz its everywherwe. :O
  10. Lastly, guys enjoy praise as much as girls. Compliment guys once in a while,if neccesary, don't go overboard, act overly flirty, or demand a compliment back. Don't give to many compliments cuz then they might get to "big headed" about it.

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