Our little Secret part 7

Azy is back with part 7 of the series. I just want to say that i'm sorry to get this out late. I know you guys hate me and I understand. I'm a dumb yet very fun person.

Please try to enjoy this part, It's kinda sad. You'll see why i'm saying that when you finish reading it. Comment. Rate. Follow on twitter? xD Just kidding. Only if you want to. Haha. Azy loves you guys so much, you guys make me feel loved.

Created by: AZY

  1. . I walked downstairs and walked into the living room, I started to watch Teen Mom. Nothing else was on so don't laugh. I saw as they had there baby and it was just gross to watch. I covered my eyes as the baby was all bloody and slimy. I quickly changed the channel to SpongeBob SquarePants. Stupid sponge.
  2. As the show ended I heard a knock on the door, I walked over to it and just opened it without even looking out the window to see who it was. As I opened it I saw it was my dad, he must of gone to the store early. "Hey Ali" He said as he kissed my head. I smiled. "Hey dad, where have you been?' I asked while closing the door and making sure it was locked.
  3. He sat on a kitchen chair. "I was at the office, I had to clear up some paper work and other work" He said as he looked at me. I nodded as I shook my head. My dad always made me get through life and be a responsible girl no matter what. He wanted to keep me safe.
  4. *2 hours passed* I was in my room sitting on my bed when I felt the same burning sensation I felt when I had that creepy dream. What is happening to my body..it was burning hot. I keeped my breath in and bit my lip. I was in pain but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. I needed air.
  5. I gribbed my neck and I still didn't have air. I tried screaming until it was no use. I soon felt my eyes close and my heart was stopping. I was getting really scared. The last thing I saw was a big hand mark on my wrist. I was now passed out and maybe even dead.
  6. *Hours Later* I saw an orange light through my eyelids, my eyes were still closed and I was to weak to open them. I heard voices. "She's a pretty thing indeed" I heard a guy voice, probablly about my age. "I told you, he was right, that kid is a genious" Another one said. I then got the courage to open my eyes, I was in a white room with a bright light in the center and a bed in the corner. I was tied up to a chair. "Looks like the princess is awake" The first boy said as he noticed me. He came over to me and smiled. "Pretty B****" He whispered as he touched my cheek. "Drake go get her some water and get Jake in here" He said. "Okay, Cody" Drake said. I know knew there names. "What's your name?' I heard Cody ask me. I couldn't ask any questions because I was very scared. "Aaliah" I whispered as my voice was shakie.
  7. Cody smiled and petted my cheek. I then heard the door open to see Another guy standing there. It wasn't Drake. I saw as he handed Cody the cup of water. He put the cup to my lips and I sipped slowly. He smiled and set the cup on the floor. "Jake stay here with her, I have to do some stuff." Cody said as he walked out the door. I'm guessing this was Jake. He went over to me and smiled. "Your pretty" He whispered. I felt my cheeks burn up> "Why am I here?' I whispered. He bit my lip and smiled. "Remember that dream you had, You had bruised on your body and scars on your face and arms, I went to get you" Jake answered. I sighed. "Why did you get me?' I asked. "Your house was burnt down and I noticed it while walking to my house" He said. My eyes widened. "What happened to my dad?' I asked quietly. He didn't answer. I reapeated the question but louder. "He's dead, The ambulance couldn't save him.." He said. I felt my eyes get watery. Noo. he couldn't be dead. He was my only family now. I eneded up crying. "NOO!" I yelled putting my head down. "I'm sorry" I heard him say. I felt my body fall into someone's arms. My hands were now untied. I was in jake's arms.
  8. I backed away from him onto the wall, I started to remember my dad. How much I love him and It makes me sad to realise that he's gone now, just like my mom. I whiped my eyes and saw Jake come closer to me. He was in front of me and He felt bad. "Your going to be staying here" He said. I stood up quickly. "Noo! I don't want to." I yelled. "The plan is already made" He said. He turned on a brighter light and my eyes hurt. I could see him perfectly. He had jet black hair like jayden but He had white highlights in it. His eyes were Super bright blue and he had a scar on his left cheek. He looked like an Angel.
  9. He walked out the door and left me there, I heard him lock it from the outside. I sighed and walked over to the bed. It was very soft. I decide to lay down and look at my hand. It had dried blood on it. I wanted my family here and I needed Nathan and Jayden. I wish they're okay.
  10. I looked outside the window to see it looked like it was 6:00pm. I checked all my pockets but my phone and my hetalia wallet wasn't there. I groaned and then the door opened. I saw Drake and he had a suit case that looked full. "Pick some clothes from here and take a shower over there" He pointed to a door that I didn't noticed before. I nodded and he left. I entered the bathroom and it had grey and red tiles. It looked good. "Who's room is this?' I asked myself outloud. I then locked the door and stripped. I started my shower. *Skip through Shower* As I was done I looked at my face in the mirror, It looked clean now. I had a towel wrapped around my body very thight so it won't fall. I walked out over to the bed to see..
  11. *Author Note* I'm sorry I didn't update very quick. I had to deal with stuff happening in my life. It sucks but I'm sorry. Azy wish you liked this part. Share it with your friends. Please. :( I'll mean alot.

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