Our little Secret part 6

Well finally part 6 is out so please don't be mad at me, I know it's late but my charger broke so yeah. I'm typing this on my friends laptop. Please enjoy this part.

Characters: Nathan has brown spicy hair, beautiful hazel eyes, cute laugh, and loves to eat :D Jayden has jet black wavy hair, pine green eyes, sexy smile, loves to draw and is Nathan's friend..rt.

Created by: AZY
  1. As the movie ended Nathan went to the bathroom, I took advantage of the time to ask Jayden. "Are you okay?" I asked quietly. He didn't answer, I looked at him "Tell me Jayden" I said grabbing his hand. He looked at me "I'm fine just need something" He said
  2. I looked at his face, so soft looking and very adorable. 'What is it?' I asked but then felt warm lips on mine and I kissed back. He then pulled away. 'I don't like seeing Nathan kiss you like you're his property' He whispered. I looked at him. 'I'm sorry you saw us kissing' I said. 'It's fine' He said. I then stood up as Nathan was walking in. 'Are you leaving already?' Nathan asked as he made a sad little face. I laughed and nodded slowly. He gave me a kiss and I waved at Jayden. I started to walk home quietly, the sky looked gray so it was going to rain. 'F***' I mumbled as I put on my hat.
  3. *Time forward* As I got to my house it was about 11pm and I was all wet head to toe. I took my shoes off and clothes then changed into pjs and a grey hoodie. My feet hurt as I walked up to my room. I felt like I danced all night.
  4. As soon as I saw my bed I jumped on it and layed my head on the cold pillow, it soon got hot. I keeped playing with my fingers until I remembered what Jayden said, He sounded a bit scared. I slowly played Burn it down by Linkin Park and listened to it. It made me sing and feel full of energy.
  5. I soon felt my eyelids close and I was in my little world that only I could control and change without someone judging me. *My dream* I was sittig it a circle full of light with everything else so dark and cold. I started to imagine a big green tree when a bunch of colors started to swirl and make a tree with vines hanging, it looked very nice and peacefull.
  6. 'So nice and sad with of hint of the sun, warm and cozy full of love' I said as everything started to happen, my world was so perfect but my real world was all messed up and full of cr**. I sighed and looked at the sun swirling in the sky. Everything then changed and I was looking at my face in the mirror, I had a bruise on my cheek and a scar on my lip. 'What happened to me?' I asked myself scared.
  7. I looked down at my arms and saw they were a bit burnt and had dried blood on them, my eyes had purple around them and it hurt to cry. I let a tear run down my cheek as I touched my eye. As the tear reached my scar I felt it burn and I let out a scream.
  8. I soon jolted up out of my sleep and ran to the bathroom, my face looked normal but it hurt everywhere. 'What the hell!' I yelled as I punched floor. I felt like cutting myself but knew it wasn't worth giving myself any pain.
  9. I walked back to my room and just sat on my warm bed as I stared at the clock, it was 4:17 A.M. So early for me but I was scared to go to sleep againg and feel my face full of pain. I looked out the window as the sky was waking up followed by the sun. My eyes closed as the sun was looking at them.
  10. I walked downstairs and walked into the living room, I started to watch Teen Mom. Nothing else was on so don't laugh. I saw as they had there baby and it was just gross to watch. I covered my eyes as the baby was all bloody and slimy. I quickly changed the channel to SpongeBob SquarePants. Stupid sponge.

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