Premonitions (part 5)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Sorry it took a while. I think I broke a record of getting a story quiz done in 15 minutes.... I feel accomplished.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! xxblutixx: yes, yes Kelly does have an attitude :P. You will now find out what Skye meant by "where he comes from". And your wish is granted: here's part 5. booklover411: Yes, yes they are getting spicy :P. And that's a good thing that you can handle someone who has a hot temper :). But is part 5 ready for you? Just kidding. XD.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. **Still Kelly's POV** Cars passed me by in a blur: green, blue, red, black. Skye turned down so many streets, that I lost track of where we were. We were now on a road that had trees alongside it. You know, the roads that look haunted? After what seemed like ages, Skye turned on this one path that was well hidden with all of the trees, and I wouldn't have noticed it. "We're here." Skye announce as we went through more trees. "Where?" I asked and he just smiled at me. "You'll see." He turned his head back to the road. Thirty seconds later, the trees disappeared, and I saw a huge mansion in the middle of a field. There were some kids playing on a play-set nearby. Some teens were walking or working out. But what surprised me was that the oldest person there looked eighteen.
  2. "What is this place?" Drake asked. "Home." Skye simply replied and then parked the car near the mansion. Everyone got out of the car and then a little girl with long red hair ran up to Skye. "You're back!" She said in her high-pitched kid voice. She looked like she was four and she was absolutely adorable. "Yes I am. And guess who came?" Skye said as he picked her up. "Kaylee and Kelly?" She guess as she giggled. "Yes. Now, I have to leave. But I'll be back for dinner." Skye promised as he set her back on her feet and she ran back to the swings. Skye walked towards the brick mansion with us following him. He walked inside and held the door open. "You're staying out here." Skye told Jason and Jason shrugged his shoulders and stayed outside.
  3. "Why does he have to stay outside?" I asked. "We have history." Skye replied and I knew that he wasn't going to say anything else. The mansion looked really fancy. There were those stairs that started on opposite ends and then went into the middle on the second floor. It had a balcony and a big crystal chandelier. There were multiple rugs on the floor that each lead to a different hallway. "Woah." I breathed. "This way." Skye said and walked down one of the hallways. He led us around a bunch of corners until we reached a room. It had a bunch of hospital beds and a women was reading behind the desk. Skye cleared his voice and she looked up. She looked like she was about 25.
  4. "Kaylee and Kelly are here." Skye said and the women quickly stood up. "Bring her over here." She commanded and Drake did as she said. "Where are they going?" I asked as they walked out of sight. "There's a lot you need to know. And it's going to be confusing." Skye said, turning towards me. "Try me." I said and crossed my arms. "First, we should call your parents and let them know where you are." Skye said and and I turned my head to the side. "I don't have any parents. They died in a car crash when I was little." I explained. "Sorry about that." Skye said. An awkward silence crept between us.
  5. "So.... What's this place about?" I asked, changing the subject. "Well, this place is for people with above normal abilities. You start to see the abilities when you're really young, like between four and seven. Which is why there are a lot of little people here. Our job, is to train you into using your abilities for good and so you can protect yourself against The Shades. Who are trying to kill all of us because they didn't like what we were doing. We save as many lives as we can instead of letting them die, like how they were suppose to. "Now, with each person, there's a different ability and category in which we put you in. You have Healers, Aura Readers, Elementals, Ghost Seers, Manipulations, Lie Detectors, Teleporters, Shape Shifters, Empaths, Premonitions, and then full out Psychics." Skye explained. "Which one are you?" I asked. "I'm an Elemental." Skye said and I nodded my head. "Anything else I need to know?" I asked.
  6. "Yes. Now, as you probably have figured out, you and Kaylee are Premonitions. We haven't had a Premonition in a while, which is why everyone here knows your names. Also, when you are a Premonition, you usually develop another ability. There are three things that that can be: Dream Leaper, Ghost Whisperer, and Mind Reader. There may be more, but all of the Premonitions that we've had haven't gotten any other ability besides those. Which ever one you get, it usually develops more and more until you're a Psychic." Skye explained. "Anything else?" I asked. "Yes, you'll be staying here. So, let me show you to your room." Skye said and then lead me back to the front room and walked up the stairs. There were four more hallways and we went down the one one the furthest left. Near the end of the hallway, Skye stopped in front of a door. He unlocked it and gave me the key as I stepped inside.
  7. There was a queen sized bed that had red and black sheets and blankets, three windows that had a view of the woods, a large dresser, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom. There was a smaller version of the crystal chandelier that I saw in the front room, hanging in this room. "It's beautiful." I said. "Glad you like it. Dinner is in an hour. You have time to explore and get use to everything if you want." Skye said and then closed the door behind him. I did a slow circle around my room, making sure that everything was normal, and making sure that I couldn't hurt myself on anything because I had a tendency to run into things. On one of the corners by a window, something caught my eye. One brick seemed to be different than the rest.
  8. The cracks around it seemed deeper and unusual. I cautiously touched it and it sent chills down my spine. I noticed that it shifted a little and I pushed my hand on it. The brick went in the wall and the bricks around it started to go inwards too, forming a skinny door. "Cool." I whispered as the door moved and revealed a spiral staircase made out of cement. I cautiously crept forward and started climbing the stairs. The door closed behind me when I reached the second stair. I soon reached the top of the stairs and a wooden door. Cobwebs covered it and I had to wipe them away. I grabbed the handle and-while running into the door-it opened. It looked like an old library of some sort. The sunlight was the only light illuminating it and the light danced across the cobwebs. There was an old grandfather clock in the corner that still ticked. It read 5:45. I slowly walked around the bookshelves and tried to read the title of the books without touching them. None of them caught my eye and I wasn't able to read any of the titles. As I came to the door again, I felt something really cold pass through me, and then it was gone. I turned my head and didn't see anything unusual, so I kept on walking. When I reached the bottom of the stairs and the door closed behind me, Drake came through the door. "What do you want?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. "Woah, rude much? But Kaylee's awake now." Drake told me and I ran past him to Kaylee.
  9. Cliffhanger!!
  10. So sorry if it was short and so sorry that it took a long time for me to get it out. I also need to get out "The Curse Forgotten", "The Lightning Girl", and "Night Rider". I finished the chapter of "The Curse Forgotten" and I'm half way done with "The Lightning Girl" and "Night Rider". Jeez, I feel swamped. Well, anyways, thanks for reading :). Bye. ~Meg.

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