10 Secrets (part 10)

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Hey it's Lauren here! I know it's been like two months since I've posted a part. I'm sorry. First my tablet broke and that had everything on it and then I hate using my computer. I also was never in the writing mood so I couldn't write.

Well this is gonna be part 10 and I will hopefully have part 11 out by the end of the year. I should have some more spare time and if I feel like writing I will.

Created by: laurenblah75

  1. The spiraling mess I was in turned out to be some sort of time traveling that Ashlyn had the ability to do. "What the...where are you taking me?" I asked cautiously. "We have to go back in time. The only way you'll believe me is if I show you so I'm gonna have to show you Kendra." I stayed quiet and all my attention focused on my surroundings. I was flouting down a spiraling rainbow of colors. It looked glorious and I couldn't get my mind separated from its beauty.
  2. While being entirely drawn to the world around me I forgot Ashlyn was there with me. I could hear someone talking, but I didn't pay much attention. "OW!" I yelled as my butt hit a hard concrete sidewalk. "Shhh... we have ti be quiet. Didn't you hear me?" Ashlyn rolled her eyes at me and then stuck her hand out to help me get up. I mobbed my head to thank her so she wouldn't bark at me for talking again.
  3. She motioned me to follow her and I did. We arrived at some abandon alley that was I between some apartment complexes. There was a smelly dumpster with black bags full of trash and flys hovering above it. On the other side of the alley was an opening that lead to a street. We walked over to it and found that the street was also pretty nasty too. Papers flew in the winds breeze. There were maybe four parked cars along the street. Ashlyn grabbed my hand and led me to a small back car to hide behind. Along the other side of the street were some vacant building for businesses or stores.
  4. "Dang this place is a dump." I said stating the obvious. Ashlyn didn't say anything. Instead her eyes were used on the corner of the street. Not to long later a young girl came walking down the street. She looked fragile and weak as she slowly walked along the ghost street. Her eyes looked like they had bags under them. She was sickly pale and thin. The only reason I recognized this helpless girl to be Ashlyn was because of her hair, the only thing that have her some color. Even her clothes were a light gray.
  5. I looked over at Ashlyn only I find her looking at the ground as the memory of this day taunted her. A white van similar to the one that always seems to steal me slowly pulled up to the young Ashlyn. The window slide down and a male voice said "Hello. Is your name Ashlyn?" He windows of the car were tinted black so it was extremely hard to look inside. We were far enough to the left to see Ashlyn and her reactions. "Um...yes. Who are you?" The soft girl said in light voice. "Oh there no need for me to share that quite yet." The man driving the car said. Suddenly two guys came scrambling out from the van and Ashlyn reacted quickly.
  6. She started to rush down the road as of her life depended on it, which it did. The men followed behind her. She faded away, but that didn't seem to bother one of the guys who continued to chase after her. Obviously Ashlyn has know about her powers even before she was captured by Mason. The man finally caught up to Ashlyn and he grabbed something from his pocket and stabbed Ashlyn with it. She screeched in pain as she came back to visibility. The other guy helped pick up Ashlyn and they carries her off to the van. They threw her in, hopped back into the van, and took off with the poor, helpless girl.
  7. I felt someone touch my and and i knew it was Ashlyn.We were traveling back up to the tunnel. It was silent for about half the trip until Ashlyn broke the silence. After I was captured they took me to their lab to have me tested. They realized I was not their choose one. Once they knew they gave me the option to stay on their side or be put to death. I needed to live so I decided to stay with them. They found out that their were two from the good side. That would you and Brody. Now that they have you they wont quite until they get to Brody. Together the two of you could completely rule te world if you wanted to. You two are invincible together. Before when I was on the good side they knew right from the beginning that there were two." She explained. "I'm here to help you only on one condition. You get me out of here too."
  8. **Melinda's POV** I got a vibe telling that Kendra was on good hands. I don't share this thought though. It's okay if I'm the only one who knows. Plus we were practically at the mansion. I packed up what I could to make it tad neater in the car. Kendra would probably be in this car with us and she wouldn't want to be trapped in a disgusting car like this. Abby caught on to what I was doing and began to help. Connie began to say we need to sort out a plan now. "I vote we send Josh in again because he will be least likely to be seen." Katie suggested. "He can't do it one his own. Who do we send to go with him? You know they guys will be dying to see her. We have to send someone who can protect both of them. " I said. "True. Lets send Parker. He could fight off anyone who gets in the way." Connie said. She pulled off to the side if the road and the car behind ours, the guy's car, did the same. We all got out of the car and gathered in a circle.
  9. "What's the plan?" Dylan asked. Everyone could see he was still feeling guilty. "We think that Josh and Parker should go get Kendra. It's least likely for Josh to be seen. We aren't sure what the rest of us will do though. We haven't really planned that much yet." Connie announced. "Ok well I think that we might need more people to go inside. We need some to be a distraction in case something does happen." Dylan said. I looked over at Katie realizing that she would be able to sneak in the mansion easily too. She could just fly along the tall roof. "Katie can go in with uhhhhh... you Dylan. You two can just fly along the roof." I said. "Brody will have to stay back here in the car. He can't be seen alone either. I'll stay with him and Abby. Connie you can go with Josh and Parker or Dylan and Katie." I said "ok I'llgo to get Kendra with the guys" she said.
  10. **Kendra's POV** I looked at Ashlyn and though about the deal she had just offered. She waited for my answer. I was about to give her my answer ,but we were back in the room. We landed safely on the bed. I sat down and Ashlyn was staring me down waiting for an answer. "Well... I'm not sure. I guess so. It's a deal." Moments later Ashlyn began to panic as footsteps got louder and louder in the hall. She faded back onto her invisible mode and I acted like I was taking a nap.
  11. Ok so that's part 10. I'm sorry I haven't really been I. The writing mood lately do I've been slacking off. I will definitely have the part 11 out by the end of the year. I've been busy too. Baiiii for now
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