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(None of the pictures are mine, they are other talented ppls, thank you)So far you escaped the the castle to advance to your next destination, your companions Renardo and Rose seem trustworthy...or are they? what secrets lie in the forest outside the castle? what are your hidden powers? which allies will you meet? which enemies? Is there a free Taco Tuesday?

Find out in this all new epic adventure of love,friendship, faith, betrayel, magic, danger, secrets,fantasy and most importantly......CUPCAKES!!! jk now start your journey >:c

Created by: Pyth
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  1. The sky seems to have turned into a deep blue.Rose was leading the way while Renardo stayed at your side. You've left the city but you know there'll be guards coming after you, maybe worst things. You look back while you're walking on a trail surrounded by forests. Renardo: "It's beautfull here isnt it?" You think:
  2. After what seems to be an hour of walking you notice the path is winding straight into the forest enclosing you from whatever outside dangers there may be. Rose:"well sunny boy(Renardo) and mutt(you), we're here with the big guys!" she grins as she nears a giant tree and cloaked man in brown steps out of the side of the tree shocking you from how well hidden he is. What are you thinking about the situation now?
  3. You: "what does he want?" you whisper to Renardo. Renardo: "The security has to be carefull with anybody,spies can be anywhere but dont worry, as long as we're with you your fine." he sais with a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder. You look foward and notice Rose is talking to the guard. Guard:"Its sad when the trees die in the fall isnt it?" Rose:"The plants always grow back in the winter." The guard nods and blends back in the trees. You realize its a code when Renardo motions you onward to watch your back when you enter the woods.
  4. As soon as you enter you notice a bunch of children eyeing you with innocent care, one of them turns invisible only revealing her gold-amber eyes and moves toward the largest hut before disappearing. Your thoughts:'Oh initiation is going to be early.' Renardo sais reassuringly: "Don't worry, your not alone on this." You see different colored huts for what seems to be people with different abilities and spellcraft. The blue ones seemed to be where the invisible and liquid-based crafters be, the purple ones were meditating, there were others with green,red, yellow and many emblems you couldnt even identify.Your thoughts:how many are there like me?
  5. From the large hut the inquisitive girl comes out motioning for the three of you to come in, Rose leads the way in and you notice the girl smiling at Renardo admiringly as he walks in with you. When you enter you see a strict looking man eyeing you cooly with eyes piercing into you. Next to him you see a tall young attrative man wearing steel-knightly armor with dirty blonde hair and blue-green salt water-like eyes grinning at you as if his best friend in the world just walked in.
  6. The man with the cool gaze looked to be about fifty and was sitting on a large desk handing papers to the knightly guy. "Hello, the name is Gerathore and it seems your the new recruit, how nice." he said disappointingly as If he was bored with every person in his life. The knight however Seemed to be the opposite. "Gerathore, cheer up this isn't a formal way to greet the genisars and genisaras." he turned to you brightly "My name is Raphael what a pleasure to meet you, and this young lady is Fara." he said pointing to the girl who seemed no older then thirteen. She got startled when he mentioned her name, she seemed very shy but she glanced at you and smiled a split second before looking at her fingers fiddling with a string.
  7. You:"I'm ___ and it's nice to meet you all, just someone explain what's going on please?" you ask deciding to start with that. Rose sighs in annoyance apparently disliking conversations longer then a minute. Renardo just smiled when you looked at him for support. Gerathore weighed whether he should trust you or not. Gerathore: "Very well then, Raphael Mondolin, I want you to train (your name) in the arts of Combat and give him/her the tour, Fara you take them at 6pm to answer the recruits questions and train him/her in the art of spell craft, now go, all of you except Renardo. Clear enough?" Fara:" But I- oh dear." she said panicky, she actually sounded more mature then she looked, you decided to ask her age later on. Raphael however gave raised his eyebrow at you smiling charmingly as usual.Raphael: "Well, it seems we may finally get to know eachother after all." he said laughing and leaving the tent, Renardo watched you leave with the group almost worryingly but mouthed 'dont worry, be brave' before the curtains of the exit closed.
  8. As soon as you leave you cant help but gap your mouth at the camp in action. Mages threw projectiles at targets, Swordsmen grunted at each blow on eachother until one stood, and even unique things happened such as plant control,elemental images, invisibility, and more. Rose:"Someones a bit excited." Fara went with to the mage quarters to run some errands,so you look at Rose expecting a mean smile but it was actually friendly for once, but then she scowled when Raphael started talking. Raphael:"Well my new friend, the tour is about to begin!" he said cheerfully. He showed you around the different training courters where Fara left for other tasks and in the social and resting areas you saw short but fierce bearded men yelling at eachother, beast-like people speaking in unique accents, small but intellegent looking people similiar to Fara's appearance, and even some violet-eyed darker skinned ones who looked like they would enjoy killing you.
  9. You look down not wanting trouble yet with these people until Raphael puts a hand on your shoulder, you look up to see that hes pointing to a large lake with a piece of land in the middle. Raphael:"This my friend is a sacred place, its where all the past Genisars and Genisaras have fallen, the middle piece is where the legendary heroes of our kind are buried. Its a place where good,hope and peace triumph over all." he said so poetically you go in a dream trance. Rose:"I thought you also said it was a place of love." Rose said starting out cold but turning angry at the word 'love'. Raphael looked hurt at first but then steeled his eyes as if they were shields. Raphael:"Sometimes you realize there was nothing to love in the first place. Rose opens her mouth as if to retort him but then turns and leaves bumping into you on the way, you think you imagine a tear falling on the ground trailing her footsteps. Before you can ask anything you hear a shocked squeak-like sound and turn to see Fara in the distance looking nervous. Raphael soon turns to see her. Raphael:"Ahh, Good your here, just in time too." Logan sais quetly glancing at you with a deep sorrow before turning to leave. Fara comes to your side after he leaves. Fara:"Im sorry about all of this, im guessing you have alot of questions hehe." she sais shyly.
  10. You decide to put Raphael and Rose's conflict at the back of your head and start with something simple. "Yeah, when does training start anyways?" you say sounding casual enough. Fara makes a relieved noise as if you avoided half of the questions she didnt want to answer. Fara:"Well, usually it starts in about fifteen minutes!." Fara said laughing awkwardly. There was a cute thing about her, yet when you looked into her golden brown eyes you could see pools of wisdom, something said she wasnt a 13 year old. Fara:"well then, i dont want you to get beaten up so badly, why dont i teach you some moves?"
  11. Fara:"First, position your hand on your chest, it helps concentrate your energy. Then think of something happy to start out with!" as soon as she said it something rustled in the trees at first it looks like your actually getting on to something. Then suddenly Renardo bursts out of the trees gasping. Fara squeled out of shock, though you could have thought a part of it was happiness as well. He stops about a foot away from you and starts panting like a dog holding a poster in his hand. You:"Are you ok?" you ask a little curious yourself. Renardo:" a tournament is going to be held in two days! The winner gets a secret award at the end, you have to start training as soon as possible." Renardo said stuttering, you wonder how far he ran around looking for you to warn you of this. Fara:"Well, speaking of that, i was just showing ___ how-to cast a spell out of joy eheh." she said so nervously you thought she could have suffocated from her emotions. To help with that shes blushing, Renardo didnt seem to notice he just smiled admiringly at you making Fara look down.
  12. Now the tournaments consist of each hut versing eachother until one person wins not only for themselves but their hut, addsuggestions to which colored hut you want and ill do a majority vote, rate and comment :D for complements, feedback, nd suggestions, Thanks ppl!
  13. The last question had no effect :3 (neither does this one :O), sorry it took so long with this quiz, i so busy, but ill get right onto number 3! and if you didnt take numbah one of Your Epic Fatasy Adventures DO IT NOOOW...have wondafol day :D

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