Don't Forget Me Part Two

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Okay... first commentors: zomgirl xxblutixx sundaisy Ardeo9999 Thanks guys! I love your comments! Yay! Part Two!!! Hooray! Partay! Huh! Booy-ya!

So, four guys, one girl, one world, on way to win. Join the epic adventure to save the world from chaos with Leo, Logan, Ash, and Corban! Rated T for mild violence and suggestive themes.

Created by: katanasky

  1. So... Where were we? ah yes I remember... Logan and you... righto.
  2. It's only Leo and Corban. Logan sighs and looks relieved. "C'mon ----," Leo says, grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door of your room. You grip his hand tightly and follow him. "Leo-" you start but a look from his serious brown eyes stop your words. He pulls you out the back door followed by Ash, Corban, and Logan. Outside waiting is the strangest thing you ever saw. It's black and shiny, very shiny. It's sitting on four black rollers and is very big. Glass panels circle it. It seems to be a chamber of some sort. Leo releases your hand and grabs a handel on the side of the object. With a quick pull, a door swings open. He motions for you to get in. You gingerly climb in. Buttons and things crowd the front and two rows of seats or something are lined up. Leo pushes you over the back of one row and onto the next. "What is this thing?" you ask in wonder, looking all around. "I think it's called a... a car," Logan answers you, climbing in back and sitting next to you. Leo sits on your other side. Corban slides in and Ash sits down, pulling the door closed behind him. He then starts fiddling with the buttons and levers. A loud sound startles you and he grabs the circular object in front of him.
  3. Then it starts moving. Fast... faster then any person could run, things zoom by so fast you can hardly see them. Ash plows through the Bloodhearts gathered outside amid the incredibly loud rumbling of the ... car. Then the excitement must've been too much for you because gray dots swim before your eyes. Weakness overcomes you.
  4. You wake up somewhere soft, and white. You wonder idly if you were dead. You're not. You sit up and you're in a white jumpsuit, white pants lined with violet(Kinda like Tron style) below a deep purple wrap around top with no sleeves. It fits perfectly and it's really soft. High heeled boots (Like what Quorra wore on Tron) that were blackish purple. Your hair is streaked with purple. The brightness fades slightly and you blink in the darkness. The bed you were on is white satin draped with lace everywhere. Everything is white except a vase. It's midnight purple swirled with light lavendar. You walk over to it and peer inside. A glow eminates from the smooth delicacy of the smooth beaker. Squinting against the purple tinged with aqua brillience and reach inside. A cool stone meets your fingers you pull it up. A white pearl, about the size of a small brussel sprout tinged with blinding white appears. You gaze at it. It's chain is ebony black. You stroke it. Then you turn around, the pendant still gripped in your fingers. A wall sized mirror greets you. You approach it. Your hair is lavendar streaked with violet. Your eyes are indigo swirled with black and white. You seem to radiate the color purple. The door, which you couldn't see, swings open and you gasp, turning around. It's Ash. He smiles at you tenderly. "Can you come out?" he asks. You nod. When you go out you see...
  5. Leo, dressed in chocolate brown striped with fire orange and red. ( Again, reference Tron ) His pants are blck lined with red but his one long sleeve, one short sleeve loose shirt is dark brown, set with golden orange. His boots are fire orange. His dark brown hair is striped with fire orange and red. His eyes too, swirl with fire colors. He gives you a friendly smile.
  6. Corban is wearing all black, tinged with Teal blue and cobalt blue. His black hair is offset with stripes of Aquamarine and his icey blue eyes swirl with all shades of blue. He winks at you.
  7. Logan is wearing a long sleeved forest green top with neon green touches and army green pants tinged with whitish green. His boots are Dark brown lined with neon green. He smiles with delight at you. His bright green eyes are swirled with forest green and his yellow-blonde hair is striped with forest and neon green.
  8. And Ash is wearing light gray touched with black, white, and brilliant aqua. His boots are white and black and aqua and everything else seems gray. His grayish-blueish-violetish eyes are deep and his gray hair is stripped with aqua and black. He nods at you.
  9. You see the guys eyes sweep over you. Leo, does it without reserve since he's known you forever. His eyebrows raise and a half smile touches his lips. Corban gins and his eyes sweep over your chest and rear mostly. You feel a blush as he looks into your eyes until you look away. Logan smiles and his eyes sweep over you quickly. Ash stays serious but glances at you sideways as he talks.
  10. "We are different, I guess we are kinda like... Retakers of the world?" Logan sums up everything Ash told you. Ash nods. Leo grins and jumps into the air, pumping a fist high. Corban grins and winks at you. You hardly caught what Ash had said. Ash looks at you, concern in his eyes. "----? Are you okay?" he asks. "I'm kinda hungry," you answer. The guys laugh at you and lead you to a table in the victorian styled room. A large fireplace occupies a corner and red rugs cover the dark wood floor. Tall curtain block the ceiling high window and fancy chairs are around a large table. You notice that Leo can't take his eyes off the fireplace, it's kinda cute, his obbsession with it. Ash sits down next to you and gives your hand a pat. "Don't worry ----, we won't let anything bad happen to you," he says. Corban sits across from you and stares at you the whole time. Leo claims the other spot next to you and Logan paces before sitting in between Ash and Corban.
  11. Later that night, your trying to get to sleep in the white bed when someone pushes open the door. You sit up quickly and stare at him. You can see enough to know that it's not one of your friends.

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