Don't Forget Me Part Four

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So, thank you sundaisy(I try to make them really fast:) angelic4(I know, he's evil, but you'll be surprised what happens to him:) Ardeo9999(My favorite is Leo too:)

So, this one's short but good, lot'sa good Corban and Leo, and it explains your powers. Hope ya like it! Maybe part five tonight. I'm gonna be a writer when I grow up so this is good practice.

Created by: katanasky

  1. So, Corban and Leo make it out, Leo seriously injured. He manages a smile at you before going limp. "Leo!" you scream. Ash grabs your arm and pulls you towards the car. Logan helps Corban carry Leo to the car as well. You cradle Leo's head in your arms. His blurry brown eyes lock on yours. His shirt is torn and he's bleeding. "Leo..." you whisper. He gives you a weak smile. He reaches up and brushes a lock of lavendar and violet hair out of your face.
  2. "How's he doing?" Logan asks after you come out of Leo's room later. "Not good, he's got a fever and he's all cut up," you said, voice breaking. Leo's room is black walled and floored and ceilinged. It's probably black marble, fireproof. Neon orange touches the room accessories shaded with deep red. He looked so pale lying there. Logan puts his arms around you gently and rocks you. "Don't worry ----, he'll be okay," he said. "Why did he do that?" you ask. "He... I don't know..." Logan says.
  3. Corban comes, he nods at Logan and looks at you. "----, I think I should tell you everything," he said, looking more serious than you could have thought he would ever be. You pull away from Logan and wipe your eyes. Corban takes your hand gently. you follow him out onto a balcony. You are high in the sky, so high the ground is just a swirl of colors. Corban holds your hand gently and gazes out at the golden sun, which seems so close. Down below you see vast green in one direction and a cobalt blue ocean in the other. Through the air seems to swirl sparkles... purple sparkles. "This is where we get our powers, mine's the ocean, Logan's is the forest, Ash get's the air, and Leo uses the sun. You get the magic," he says quietly. You turn to look into his deep blue eyes. He gives you a smile. "What can I do?" you ask. "Um, some telepathy, teleportation, you can make a person disappear, memory erasing, levetation, but you run out of power quickly. That's why we are with you, to make sure you stay safe. You are the one that will defeat the prince, we will protect you... and uh... please... ----, stop looking at me..." he stammered. You look down. "Why?" you ask. "Kinda hypnosis... kinda attraction... um... you automatically hypnotize guys if you look at them too long..." he said, blushing.
  4. "I can hypnotize you guys?" you ask. "Ugh... I, uh, shouldn't have told you that," he hazarded a glance at you. You can't help it, you don't look away. He leans forward and kisses you, his arms linking around your waist. "Sorry," you whisper, you're lips just hovering over his. His blue eyes are half closed as he replies. "No, that was all me." "Corban I need you too..." Ash trails off, seeing you with Corban. You pull out of Corban's arms and keep your evil eyes down. "Um, sorry," Ash mumbled, turning away. "No, it's okay, what do you need?" "Nothing, I can handle it," Ash says, leaving. Corban shrugs and gazes out at the horizon. You flush as you realize that Ash thinks that there is something between you and Corban. Corban sighs. "So, uh, those are your powers, I don't know, Ash could tell you better, and so one thing we need is to discover the past to prevent the future," Corban says. "Like the... cor," you said. He grins. "Car," "Whatever," you said. he laughed. "You're silly," Corban says. "So I can read minds?" you ask. He nods, then slaps his pal against his forehead. "Don't do it, Private!" he said. You smile. He made you feel a lot better.
  5. Later, you're sitting on the edge of Leo's bed, watching him sleep. You brush your fingers through the hair falling on his forehead. His eyelids stir. "Leo?" you whisper. His arms slips around your waist as he opens his eyes. "----," he grins. You smile. "Leo! How are you?" you ask. His arm pulls you down on top of him and he nuzzles your neck. "Since you're here, fine," he answers. "Leo!" you gasp. He holds you close. "Is everything all right?" Leo asks, looking at you with those fiery brown eyes. "Now that you're here," you said. He grinned. "Want me to hypnotize you?" you ask. His eyebrows shoot up. "He told you... CORBAN!" he shouts. Corban dashes in the room and grins at you on top of Leo. You start to get up but Leo's arms prevent that. "Um... yeah?" Corban asks. "What were you thinkin' tellin' her?" he asks. You glare at Leo, sometimes the guys treated you like a pet or something. "Well, I figured she'd need to know eventually," Corban said. Leo laughed and held you tighter. He seemed a lot better. he was still burning up though... wait, he was fire-boy, of course he would have an elevated tempreture! You smack your forehead with your hand.
  6. Logan comes in and laughs at the current state of affairs. You on top of Leo, who should've been nearly dead, corban, grinning sheepishly at you, and Leo, grinning like an idiot. Ash follows and spares a smile before announcing that you guys have the first mission. You have to collect the Earth rock from the Forest of what used to be northern Montana. Logan punches Ash in the shoulder and tels him to lighten up. Ash sighs. Everything seems better, but you notice all four guys staring at you with a lovesick expression. Great.
  7. So you start off for Montana. And I need to cut this one short because I have violin class. See-ya!
  8. Twelve questions, you know the drill.
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