Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 5

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Hey guys. I hope you enjoy it! But be prepared for the drama I may bring. So buckle your seatbealts cause were going for a dramatic ride! Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget I leave a sneak peek in the comments when I'm up to a certain part in the quiz.

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* Hogsmeade, where do I start off, You got a butter beer with George and had Pedro and Luke join you, George and Pedro went to Zonkos while you and Luke caught up, Luke's going to Hogwarts! You see Cedric at Honeydukes, you have a cute scene with him, you almost kiss but get interrupted, you get things patched up with Oliver and you get a memory and your mothers locket from a mysterious man. You have a tickle fight with Draco, You kiss Luke and Fred finds the charm bracelet in the snow. Got it?
  2. *You* You and Luke walked to the Zonkos entrance with your hands entwined. Then Pedro and George came out of the shop with hands full of pranks they can play. They were laughing and having a good time but when George saw you and Luke his face dropped but Pedro's smile never faltered. If anything it got bigger, "What do we have here hmmmm?" You awkwardly let go of Luke's hand while you both pretended like that didn't happen. "I have no idea what you're talking about dear brother." "Sure you don't. Spill." Pedro didn't know about you and Luke's summer romance and you doubted he even knew about Luke's enrollment into Hogwarts. "Relax mate we're just friends." Luke replied. "Than what's with all the hand holding and I've seen the way you guys were over the summer. Like I said, spill." Suddenly you saw Cedric walk past and you just hurriedly decided to join him. You gave a small farewell wave to them and basically rushed over to Cedric's side. "Hey ______. What are you..." "Just keep walking." You tell him. "Hiding from them." He said pointing towards the awkward group of boys standing outside Zonkos who consisted of George, Pedro and Luke. "I guess you could say that." He chuckled slightly. "I was just heading back because it's time to go." Once the boys were out of sight you saw Ginny and Hermione talking in hurried whispers and giggling when they saw you and Cedric. "I'll see you later." But before he could reply you were walking with the girls, "What are you two talking about?" You asked, having a suspicious feeling it was about you. "Oh nothing." Said Hermione. "You didn't tell us you liked Cedric." Said Ginny while they giggled slightly. "I don't see what the problem is. It was only an almost one kiss." "So you admit you like him." Ginny countered. "I didn't say that!"
  3. "So it's true?" Questioned Hermione. "Sort of." "Knew it! You like Cedric!" Shouted Ginny and people turned to stare from her outburst and there were looks of shock on people's faces as yours turned bright red. "Ginny not so loud." You said. Just then Pansy walked up while whispering to her friends and bumped into you. "Hey, watch it!" You said to her. "Oh sorry _____ I didn't see you there." And her friends just laughed. "Pansy I..." You started, wanting to apologize for the other night. "Whatever." She said, facing her palm to your face as she walked away. You turned back to Hermione and Ginny only to see they were looking at something under a nearby tree. You peered around them and saw Talia with three long, bloody lines across her face. You ran up to her and hugged her. She flinched. You examined her and saw she was more hurt than she looked. "Are you okay? What happened?" You ask but it all came out in a worried mess. The only word she could mumble out was, "_____?" "Yes, Talia I'm here. We're going to get you to the hospital wing and we're going to find out who did this." Then she mumbled ever so slightly as she closed her eyes, "M-Marcus Flint."
  4. You picked her up and got to Hogwarts as fast as you can. You flung open the doors to the hospital wing and placed Talia on a bed to the great surprise of Madame Pomfrey. "What is going on here?" She asked while she walked over. "Talia... hurt... Please help her." You chocked out while gasping for breath. "Dear, go and rest while I tend to your friend. You look awfully tired." "Ok." You turned to leave, "And Madame Pomfrey." "Yes dear." She said while turning to you. "Take care of her." You said and then you walked out of the room. Despite what Cedric said, you couldn't see anyone coming back to Hogwarts so you thought this would be the perfect time to test the memory in Dumbledore's office since he was probably out. You slipped into his office and walked over to what looked like a birdbath but you knew this is where you look at memories. You got the vial out of your pocket and poured in the silvery contents. It felt like you just got pulled by some unknown force and now you were in the memory.
  5. You were at the fair again but this time you could see everything clearly. You'd just got off the Ferris Wheel. You and Pedro were begging for cotton candy and the man beside your mum bought you both some. You hugged him and said, "Daddy. Why can't you be around all the time?" He bent down too your height and said, "I'm always around honey. Right in here." He said grabbing your hand and placing it on your heart. "But I want to see you all the time! I don't want to live with horrible step daddy! Why did you have to leave?" "Because you guys mean so much to me I have to make you safe and the best way for me to do that is to leave. I know it's hard but I'll visit when your older." He stood up and kissed your mother. You studied him while you watched the scene unfold. You had his eyes and his nose. While the rest of you was your mums. Then you suddenly put the pieces together. That man on the hill. The one with the memory... was your biological father and the horrible one was your step dad. 'But why?' You wondered and suddenly you were yanked out of the memory and you gasped. You turned around to see who yanked you out. It was Professor Dumbledore. "You know, if you wanted to use it you could've just simply asked." He said quite calmly. "I'm so sorry sir..." Then he interrupted you. "Nothing to be sorry for. Now if you wouldn't mind I'd like my office back." "Yes, of course professor." You said while backing out of his office. Then you went to go see Talia. You opened the doors to the hospital wing to find Marcus Flint and his friends standing at Talia's bed. Talia was awake and scared. You walked as fast as possible to him and flung him across the room with as much force as you could possibly put in. He landed through the open hospital wing doors and out into the corridor. To the surprise of the very confused Harry and Ron. You stormed over to Marcus and picked him up by his collar and held him up against the wall.
  6. You didn't know where the strength came from. It was just... there. Ready to be unleashed and then you realized why you were put in Slytherin. There was a crowd forming around you two and you were fuming with rage. How dare he hurt your friend. "Flint I swear I'll..." "You'll what? Kill me. I'd like to see you try." You set him down and backed away a couple of steps. "Come at me and fight like a man." You said but it didn't even feel like you were the one speaking. Rage had consumed you completely. You charged at him and kicked him where it hurts and then into the wall. He had blood pouring from his mouth. "Never, so much as touch me or Talia ever again." You growled at him and then you kicked him again and again. Your foot started hurting but you couldn't stop. Then someone put their hand on your shoulder. You turned around with a look of rage and saw Fred. Your rage suddenly stopped and you broke down. You looked around and saw everyone's faces. Filled with shock and confusion. You looked at Fred again and he whispered, "______, stop." You backed away from Marcus and whispered to yourself, "What have I done?" You ran outside and straight to the tree you were at the very same morning. You dropped to your knees and started crying right into your hands that were covering your face.
  7. Then you heard someone come behind you. But you ignored them and continue crying into your hands. The person pulled your hands away from your face and placed in it a silver charm bracelet. "Fred." You said quietly. "No it's Oliver. Fred wanted me to give you this." "Thank you. I was wondering where it went." You lied as you slipped it on through your tear soaked hands. "You should go Oliver. I-I just can't face anyone right now." You said looking up at him. "But..." Then someone patted his shoulder and he got up. "I'll take it from here." The person said and you looked up as Oliver left to find Neville. "Hey Nevile." "Hey." He replied while you wiped away the tears on your face. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Neville. Do I look okay?" You replied as you looked at the ground. "What I meant was..." "Neville!" Someone called from a distance. "I'm sorry I've got to go but I'll see you later." Then he got up and left.
  8. *Neville* I walked up to the Draco as he waved me over. "Is she okay." He said. "Obviously not! She over there crying her eyes out." I said while gesturing to where _______ was sitting. "I'm going to see if I can do anything." He said as he walked off. *You* Some hair fell into your face as tears slid down your cheek and onto the ground. Suddenly someone tucked the hair behind your ear. You looked up and saw Draco sitting beside you silently. "______." He said. You placed your head on his shoulder and looked at his face while you whispered to him. "What have I done?" "_______ it's going to be fine. Don't worry. You have some great friends who'll stand by your side and not just me." You took your head off his shoulder with tears still running down your cheek and you looked at him. He leaned forward and kissed your tears away. Then he looked at you and cupped your face in his hands. "______. I don't know if you feel the same way but... I love you." Then you kissed. On the lips of course. *Draco* The second the words came from my lips I knew they were true. I did love her and I hoped she felt the same but I knew she didn't. I just had to say something. I pulled away and she whispered as I wiped a tear from her eye, "Draco." I got up and left.
  9. You looked at him as he walked away and then you saw Fred. You shouted and ran over to him as he was about to leave. "Fred!" You caught up to him and you saw a look of sadness on his face. "Fred wait." But he kept on walking so you followed. He stopped and looked at you. "Oliver gave you the bracelet." "Yes. I must have lost it at Hogsmeade." Then he looked at you and you broke under his gaze. "Fred I can't lie to you anymore. You should take this back. I don't deserve it." You said giving him the bracelet. "What are you saying?" He asked with no feeling whatsoever. "I kissed Luke and I slipped it off so you wouldn't know and well... I left it in the snow." "I see." He replied with yet again, no feeling. He gave nothing away and then he walked off. Then you walked to the hospital wing and sat by Talia's bed. "I'm so sorry Talia." Convinced it was all your fault and then you walked out of the school. Left it all behind. Not sure if you were going to come back again. Then you walked out of the Hogwarts grounds and set towards the hill where you last saw your father.
  10. Sorry guys but this is the end of this quiz. I might not have the next one out as soon as I'd like because I won't have internet access for the next couple of days but I hoped you enjoyed it. Thank you for all your fantastic comments and don't forget too Comment & Rate 10!

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