Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 4

PLEASE READ: Hey guys. This is your Hogsmeade trip. Just want to say a few things that i may have forgotten to mention in the start of the quiz. It's snowing in Hogsmeade. You also have mental walls up from Fred's charm bracelet that he gave you in quiz 2 and Luke is not a result in this quiz but will be in future ones. If you haven't also take part 1,2 and 3. Thank you.

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. Don't forget to read the top! *Recap* Pansy threw you out, you now house with the Gryffindors for a while, you woke up in a forest, a man carried you, you had a flashback, Ron apologized, you became seeker, you kicked Marcus Flint and also became captain of the quidditch team. You were at the lake with Oliver, you fell asleep in a tree. Got it.
  2. You wake up to find yourself still in the tree. You slept there all night! You climbed down and you saw the sun was rising. You're back hurt a little bit because of the trees bad back support. You walked back towards the castle and remembered what today was. Today was the Hogsmeade trip! And your brother Pedro would be there and Luke. And you had a date with George. How could you forget? You rushed back inside and went to your room in Gryffindor. You got changed and for once decided to skip breakfast because it was so late. But you found a muesli bar in your bag so you ate that. You rushed to the entrance to the school where everyone was lining up to go to Hogsmeade. You stand in the line as everyone files out of the castle. George pushed through the crowd on his way to you. He finally finds his way to your side. "Hey ________ ready for the best date of your life." "Well I'm not sure about that day but I'm ready for today." You teased him. "Come on." He said tugging your arm as you got into Hogsmeade. "I'm coming, I'm coming. I'm sure the three broomsticks isn't going anywhere." He pulled you along anyway and you came in through the doors of the three broomsticks. He walked you over to a table and pulled out the chair for you to sit on it but pulled it back at the last minute so that you fell on the floor. "George!" You said while he extended your arm. You got up and pushed him but thought it might be better if there was a bit of water. "Arguamenti." A jet of water fired from your wand and hit George in the face. "Hey!" He said. Someone came up behind you and covered your eyes with there hands. "Guess who." Said the voice and you guessed it immediately. You took the hands off your eyes and turned to face them.
  3. Pedro! "OMG it's so good to see you!" You exclaimed to Pedro and the boy behind him with messy blonde hair and blue eyes who goes by the name of Luke. You hugged them both and then you looked around to see everyone staring at you from your raised voice and the scene with George. Without saying another word you walked over to the counter and asked for 4 butter beers. You collected them and payed the money. You then walked over to the table and set them down. "Butter beer anyone?" And all three of them grabbed one. You picked up yours and you clinked glasses while Luke said, "Cheers." When you all set your butter beers on the table George spoke up, "So... _________ who are these people?" "Oh sorry I totally forgot! George this is my brother Pedro and his friend Luke. Pedro, Luke, this is George." I said while pointing to each of them. "You didn't tell me you had a brother ________." Said George and right after that moment Luke said, "You didn't tell us you had a boyfriend." You blushed, "Oh, ah he's not my boyfriend." "Sorry for the mistake." He replied. Then there was an awkward silence which Pedro broke, "What about we go to Zonkos _________. I'm up for some wizarding jokes that I can pull on my unsuspecting classmates." "You better not do one while Mirium is in the room. She might be covered in something after that and she won't even think of going out with you." Said look, teasing him. "What's this? A piece of gossip I've never herd before. I'll tell Aunt Rosa right away." You said while mocking him and pulling out your phone. "There's this girl in his class who he likes." Said Luke informatively, like a news reader. You laughed and Pedro blushed like crazy. "Don't let us embarrass you any more Pedro. Go to the shop with George. I haven't seen Luke in ages so we have to catch up." You said while looking at Pedro and the oddly quite George. They got up and walked out the door while George was saying, "Now practical jokes is my domain, so I'll show you some stuff..." When they were gone you sipped your butter beer and then put down the empty glass. "You wanted to catch up hey." Said look giving you a wry smile and a wink while bringing the glass to his lips and he finished the cup. "It's not like that!" "Sure it isn't." he replied as you both got up and walked outside. You guys used to date and you were of boyfriend and girlfriend. The relationship had formed last summer but you broke up because it would be to hard with you going to Hogwarts all the time. You were walking around with him in the snow and he grabbed your hand. You gave him a look and he said, "What?! My hand is cold. Oh and did I tell you. I enrolled into Hogwarts." "No you didn't tell me that. I didn't even know you were a wizard!" You said, confused. "Yea. Sorry I didn't tell you. I went to Durmstrang but they were too strict so I transferred. I'm starting on Monday." "Wow! That's... great."
  4. You walk in silence until you get to Honeydukes. You both part ways and promise to meet in a couple of hours. You walk into the shop and look around. You see all types of candy and you buy some. When you are heading away from the counter you see Cedric. You decide to talk to him because you haven't seen him in a while. "Hey Cedric," you said as you walked up to him. "Hey _______. Haven't seen you in a while." "Yea I know. Want to hang out?" "Sure." He replied. You both left the shop after he payed for his sweets and you start talking. You talked for a while about how you guys are and your hobbies. Stuff like that. Before you knew it you were at the Shrieking Shack. You went inside and sat down with Cedric as he said, "It's nice to talk to you once in a while without being interrupted." "Oh, yea I'm sorry about that but with everything going on..." "I know and congratulations on making the Slytherin seeker. Girls never get that position on usually any team! Especially Slytherin." "Yea, I showed Flint." "Yea I saw. That was fantastic. Didn't know you had the guts." He said mockingly. You punched him softly and said, "Do too!" "Ow that hurt!" He said mocking you once again. You laughed. "What are you laughing at?" He asked. "You!" You both burst out laughing. "So I make you laugh do I." He said as he leaned closer. You were inches away from each other when Ron, Harry and Hermione walked into the Shrieking Shack and you both reluctantly pulled back.
  5. "Look what we have here?" Said Ron as the trio came down to you and Hermione whispered in your ear, "You didn't tell me you like Cedric." You decided to escape the awkward moment. "I've got to go." You said in a rush and you departed the Shrieking Shack. You wondered around aimlessly when you bumped into Oliver. "Hey ______," he said. "Hey." You replied with no feeling. You thought back to the night before and you were worried because Oliver gave nothing away to what he was thinking. "Look I'm sorry about last night." You said just to break the silence because he was walking away. "It's not your fault. If I'm not the one you want than that's fine. It's your choice." "I'm sorry Oliver! I want to feel something but at the moment I just..." "Yea I know. You don't." He was walking away again and this time you grabbed his shoulder. "Oliver, please understand. I don't even know you that well and we hardly hang out. It's just been that one time and I would really like to hang out again to get to know you better." "Sure, I guess. Who's he?" You turn around to find a man staring at you from the distance. "I'll see you later Oliver." "Okay." He said while you went to investigate. You came closer and closer. And he stayed there still staring at you. You still couldn't make out his features but you noticed he placed something on the ground and disapparated. You walked closer and picked the item off the ground. It had a note on it with one word. Your name. It was a vial with a silvery liquid inside but there was another item on the ground. Your mothers locket.
  6. You open it to find a picture of your mother, you and Pedro there. Yours and Pedro's mouths had pink fluffy cotton candy around them and your mum was holding both your hands. You wondered what that man would be doing with your mothers locket and then you looked at the vial again. You recognized the substance as a memory. You really wanted to see what it was and why he left it for you but the only thing were you could view it was in Professor Dumbledore's office. You'd go there later, you decided. You looked back at the picture and you remembered where it was taken. *Flashback* You were at the fair and you'd just got off the Ferris Wheel. You were around 4 when it was taken and you and Pedro were begging for cotton candy and a man bought you some but you couldn't make it out. In fact the only thing you could see was the rides and your mum and Pedro. Nothing else. That's all you could remember. You eyes snapped open again and then you fell on the ground unconscious.
  7. You wake to the sound of someone saying, "Rennervate." You sit up to find yourself staring into the hazel brown eyes of Neville. "Oh hey Neville." You say while you get up and brush yourself off. "What happened?" He asked worriedly. "Flashback." You replied. "Oh." "So how are you Neville?" "Oh, good and yourself." "This isn't the best day but it is one of my finer ones." "What did you do today?" He asked. So you told him. Leaving out the Luke part and the about to kiss Cedric thing and Oliver. You also called the date with George, 'just a butter beer.' He listened and after you were finished he said. "You didn't tell me you had a brother." "That's what George said! I didn't tell anyone. Oh except Fred." "Why'd you tell Fred?" You steered away to a different topic. "So the weathers a bit cold today." *It was snowing* "_______ don't change the subject. If you're going out with Fred I completely under..." "I'm not going out with Fred!"
  8. "Ok, ok calm down." "Look Neville I just don't want to talk about it." "I understand." "Look Neville I got to go." You said looking down at your watch." "Bye then _______." "Bye." You replied as you walked away. You were due to meet up with Luke so you walked up to a white fence and leaned against it. You pulled out the vial from your pocket. You looked at it and you were thankful it wasn't broken and wondered how your items were transferred into your pocket because the last time you remember them was when the flashback happened and you were holding them. You decided to figure it out later and so that it doesn't break you cast the unbreakable charm on it. You put it away and pull out your phone to see if Luke had texted you or not. He hadn't. You were put it away and someone tapped you on the shoulder. You jumped slightly and turned to your side. Still leaning on the face and you saw Draco standing there with an amused look on his face. "Don't do that!" You say to him. "Oh I'm sorry." He said in a what seemed sincere voice but then he said, "That you get scared so easy." You punched him softly but not that soft and then he looked serious. "This time I mean it when I say I'm sorry for scaring you." "Well you should be." You replied. "You can be such a jerk sometimes you know." You said to him. "Yea I know." Then he turned all serious again and you couldn't help but burst out laughing. "What's so funny." "Your face!" "What's wrong with my face!" "It looked all serious and it was hilarious!" "Oh yea, you think that's funny. He pulled out his and pointed it at you while you were still laughing, "Rictusempra." He cast. (READ: Rictusempra is the tickling charm for any one who doesn't know) You laughed even harder and you started crying tears of laughter. Finally you calmed down and said, "That wasn't very fair Draco." "How isn't it fair. You were already laughing I just made you laugh harder." "It's not fair because the tickling charm doesn't work on you. I guess I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way!" You bounded up to him and started tickling hi sides. He started laughing. You ended up having a tickle fight in the snow and he won. You both got up and dusted the snow of yourselves and started talking, "That was fun." You said. "Yea, it was." He replied. You stared into his mesmerizing gray eyes and he stared into your ______ (eye colour) ones. When someone hit you with a snowball.
  9. You got hit again and you decided what to do. You picked up a lump of now and shaped it into a snowball. You turned around and hit the culprit right in the face with the snowball. "Nice shot _______!" Said Luke as he cleaned the snow off of his face. "I know what your thinking Luke. Don't you dare!" You knew he was thinking of throwing a massive snowball at you. "Just a little one!" He complained like a little child. "No!" You replied while you chuckled at his childish tone. "See, now I'm thinking. I love your laugh and especially when I'm the one making you laugh." He walked over to you and cupped your face into his hands. "Hellooooo! I'm still here!" Shouted Draco from right beside you guys. "Oh sorry. Who are you?" Asked Luke to Draco. "Draco Malfoy and you." "Luke Tremor. You go to Hogwarts." "Obviously." You somehow didn't think Luke and Draco would like each other very much. "Then I guess I'll see you around more often." Luke said as he steered you away from Draco. "You know there's a new thing. It's called being nice." You said to him as soon as Draco was out of sight. "The weather's cold today isn't it." He said, changing the subject and you couldn't help but laugh. You seemed to be laughing a lot lately. "What's so funny?" Another question that seems to be asked a lot. "That's exactly what I said to my best friend Neville to change the subject." You said as your laughter died down. You were in a spot with heaps of trees. All of them covered in snow. "That is funny. I guess great minds think alike." He turned to face you and you did the same. You leaned in closer and so did he. Before your lips pressed together you slipped off the bracelet that Fred gave you just in case he decided to sneak around your mental walls. Then you kissed. It was just like over the summer when you and Luke were together. You both pulled away and stared at each other. Both of you incapable of speaking any words. Finally you said, "We should go see if Pedro and George are done yet." "Sure." He said as took your hand and you both walked away to find them.
  10. *Fred* I was walking through the snow in what seemed like a forest when I saw a glint in the snow. I walked over to it and picked it up. I saw it was the bracelet I gave _______. What is it doing here. I should give it back to her. Maybe she dropped it. But then another thought came into my mind and I wished I'd never thought of it. What if she dropped it here on purpose. What if she hates me. Or maybe she doesn't like me going into her conversations. The last one I can understand but why didn't she just put up her mental walls. Or maybe she did have them up but didn't want me peeking around them if she lowered them. I don't know but I hope there's a good explanation for it. Then I put it in my pocket and walked away.
  11. I know I don't do much in the way of cliffhangers but I think they're nice places to end at. I'd like to thank @natuhleegayle, @HogwartsLove, @Jayla, @Chickengirl, @_celloplayer, @_ViolaLover_, @angelic4, @rosekat and @firegirl88 for all their fantastic comments on the last quiz. And I'd like to give a shout out to @AiFiahK3mE, @fred4ever, @XxxKaliaxxX, @Princess Demon, @natuhleegayle and @HogwartsLove again for their own wonderful HP quizzes. Thanks so much and please hit submit! Comment & Rate 10!

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