Love at Hogwarts PT 18

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Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying this series! We are so close to the end!( I think?) I hope you will still read the other quizzes! I haven't been writing for a while due to assessments so today I'll be writing a whole lot

They're back! Fred and George Weasley are back in the running. I mean I thought it would be the perfect time because in the upcoming stories of the original harry potter they were brought in more!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. Lessons became shorter due to the new squad until it was only ten minute lessons. Neville knew how to get around without drawing attention to himself. He alerted us incase if anyone was coming we also had the Marauders map.
  4. It was sunday and you and Neville were at the lake. The years almost finished but it feels like there were ten more years. "Has Harry been having his nightmares?" "Yes they've been getting worse. Snape suspects it's he who must not be named so he's been giving him lessons to block him. Pity....he loses time to study for the OWLS test." "Yeah Pitty, wait....I FORGOT TO STUDY FOR THE f---ING OWLS TEST! I'M SCREWED!" "Yeah you are can look over my notes" "Your a life saver!" you cried hugging him. You ren to the common room and studied.
  5. You ran to the common room and kept scanning over the notes to. Harry came in with a smirk on his face and he was blushing. You looked up and back down. "What happened to you?" "Cho chang kissed me"
  6. "What are you doing?" "You know the OWL test?" "Yeah for next week?" "It was brought forward to tomorrow.." "Blimely! Can I study with you be my guest..." You said and you and Harry studied for the rest of the night.
  7. You woke up the next day early to get extra studying time at breakfast you were the first on there. The others didn't arrive untill half an hour into your studying. "Morning Bird" The twins said sitting next to you. "How long have you've been here for?" "Half an hour...I forgot to study." They looked at you. "Try and finish early love" "O.....K?"
  8. It was time for the dreaded exam and Umbridge was hosting it. You finished early and were pretty sure it would give you a good grade. You heard rumbling. You looked around so did everyone else. The twins came in on broom sticks with fire crackers. Everyone cheered all except the slytherins. You flew up and landed on Georges broomstick. "Nedd any help?" He nodded and handed fire crackers. You dived and as you were about to hit the floor you changed and dropped the fire crackers.
  9. You turned around and a huge fire dragon was chasing Umbridge. You landed on someones desk and laughed. You turned around and it was Draco.
  10. You winked at him and followed everyone else to the court yard. He followed to see the remains of Umbridge. She was standing there. You nudged Hermoine. "How is she still alive?" She laughed. The twins came up to you. "Now we must rest for the Hogwarts quidditch cup tonight! Wish us luck!"They winked at you.

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