Love at Hogwarts Pt19

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They're back! Fred and George Weasley are back in the running. I mean I thought it would be the perfect time because in the upcoming stories of the original harry potter they were brought in more!

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying this series! We are so close to the end!( I think?) I hope you will still read the other quizzes! I am writing as much as I can every day since there is nothing better to do

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. It was the end of the day and you went to go say goodluck to Ron. You went to the common room and Lavender was falling all over him. "Hey Ron, Goodluck!" "Thanks Bird."
  4. The game was feirce it was Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Ron was throwing the ball alot until the Gryffindors finally won to him. You cheered. You all went to the common room and the girls threw a party for Ron. It was all fine till Lavender kissed Ron and he kissed back.
  5. Something inside you snapped. You left to your room and was on the verge of crying. You stopped yourself you went to the wolloping willow and pressed the root to enter the screeching shack. But you just sat there in thought. You heard footsteps and turned around it was Draco.
  6. "How did you cross the willow?" "I may have followed you in...whats wrong?" "Just overwhelemed and tired" You stood up but he kissed you. You took a breath. "You do know how to cheer me up don't you?" He laughed and then it turned into a makeout session. It got late at night so you bothe decided to leave. When you got to the castle Crabbe and Goyle grabbed you and took you to Umbridges office.
  7. Everyone from Dumbledores army was there. "So nice of you to join us Birdie."She hissed. She kept on yapping on until Harry got out you ron and Hermoine followed with Umbridge behind you.
  8. You ran into the forest. Until Harry stopped. Infront of you was a giant. It picked Hermoine up and she screamed. "Expelliarmus!" You shouted and the giant dropped.Hermoine. She fell. "WingardiumLeviosar!" You screamed hermoine floated back to you and you let her down. Umbridge behind you. All of a sudden a herd of centurs came out. They bowed to Harry. "Thesse your friends?" you asked he nodded
  9. Umbridge called the avardakadavra curse and one of them fell down. Thats when the leader picked her up. "Harry dear, tell them I mean no harm." she said kindly. "Sorry Professor, I must not tell lies!" and with that they took her to an unknown place and you heard a scream that was cut off.
  10. You got back to castle tired as ever. Ginnyy jumped on the bed. "Guess what?" "What?" "Mum and Dad said you come and stay over for the holidays!" You sat up. "REALLY?!""Really!" You hugged her with joy. Holidays were the next day so you packed your stuff up.

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