Hogwarts Part Ten

With summer approaching fast, you find that your friends already made plans "” that involve you. But before you leave, you've still got a few more months left... And find yourself falling deeper for that one guy...

Your immediate thought has got to be: trouble. Falling in love with a guy with the Second Wizarding War in place "” yeah, great idea. But it's not like you can really help it "” after all, it's almost now or never.

Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. "Well," you said, handing the piece of chocolate to Neville. "Boys," you sighed. You stole a glance at Ginny before grabbing Neville's hand and leading him out of the portrait hole after whispering, "Let's leave them to their "” their snogging." You covered your mouth with your hand, trying to hide your laugh. You walked out with him. "They're a couple, now?" he asked, and you shrugged. "I don't know, really... I guess it's kind of like Oliver and me. No idea where it's heading."
  2. "Oh," Neville said quietly. To your surprise, it was a half hour later when you stood up. "Well, I figure they're done necking by now, don't you? That is, if they aren't trying to kill each other," you said, and Neville laughed. "I'll be turning in for the night," he responded, shaking his head, grinning. "Alright, pull them apart if they're still at it," you winked. "Sure thing." You stood at the top of the staircase for awhile when you saw Draco walking past. "Draco!" you called, running down and joining him. He jumped. "Oh, hey!" he said. "Why do you look troubled?" you asked. "Parkinson," he spat, a look of disgust written on his face. "Oh. Well, um... Where are you going?" "The lake. You can come if you like, of course I don't know if-" "Sure," you interrupted, making him smile. "Great." 
  3. You sat down by the lake, shivering. Draco smiled immediately. "Jacket?" he said, handing you his Slytherin one. You took it and put it on, laughing. "What do you know, I really went Slytherin for a night," you said. He looked at you, shaking his head but grinning. "You really ought to stop saying that to Slytherin males." You playfully shoved him. "Draco," you laughed, "that's bad!" He smiled. "Well, Slytherins are." "Alright, you really ought to stop telling that to ANY female." He continued laughing. "Nice, but now I just might find it useful in the future." "You git!" you said, laying back in the grass. "Thanks," he responded, laying back as well. "My pleasure."
  4. "So," you said, taking his hand, and you stifled a laugh when you saw his surprised expression, "what's with the whole Death Eater problem? Your parents, the Dark Lord?" Draco's eyes showed a flash of intertwined emotions that you wanted, at the moment, so badly to be caught in. You shook the thought from your head. When he turned to you you almost had to look away. "Well my father is in Azkaban," he said rather calmly. You narrowed your eyes. "Draco, why didn't you tell me?" "It was soon after the Department of Mysteries Battle." "So?" He smirked. "I couldn't get Wood away from you for two seconds." "Oh..." you answered. "Not that I blame him," he said quietly, and you looked at him. He looked back at you with eyebrows raised as if waiting for you to say something. You smiled. "Good move, Malfoy, very nice." "Deserve anything?" he said giving a sly smile. "Shove off," you laughed. "Too cheesy?" he asked. "Not unless you meant it," you answered, now the one to raise your eyebrows. "Of course I did," he said. "Alright," you said, leaning close to him, looking in his easy-to-get-lost-in grey eyes, until you were overcome by his very presence and filled with his scent. Just before your lips touched you laughed and jumped up, yawned and stretched. "What a tease," he smiled, shaking his head and standing up. "Thanks for that." 
  5. "I told you to shove off," you said and smiled. "The exact reason everyone likes you," he laughed. "What do mean?" "You can stand up for yourself." "Nice try," you said, zipping up the jacket. "I mean it." "Well then thank you. Let's head back, and try not to be a jerk on the way there," you said giving a smile. "I'm lost when it comes to that," he responded as you started for the castle. "Dear Merlin," you said, shaking your head. "I don't know why Pansy is so smitten with you." "It's my looks," he answered, and you pretended to look him over. You shook your head. "No, you need something more than that." "I'm offended," he laughed, and, tired, you bid him good-night, and he strangely walked off grinning, before climbing up the stairs to bed.
  6. THAT'S why he was smiling, you thought to yourself when you woke up still wearing his jacket. You looked over and, for a second time, were startled by Hermione, but now Ginny was with her, sitting on the bed to your left. They were smiling. "W-what?" you asked, pulling the covers up to hide what you had on. "Oh nothing," Ginny said, grinning, and jumping up from the bed, Hermione close behind her. "Come on," they said in a mocking tone. "We've got classes. Gotta get into your robes, remember?" "Al-alright..." you said, standing but holding the covers up. They watched, amused, and you tried to walk past them. They tore the blankets away from you and you couldn't help but laugh as they started cracking up. "Someone's got some Slytherin attention!" 
  7. Ginny giggled on the floor. You ran your fingers through your hair. "Yeah, well..." "Nothing to be ashamed of," Hermione said, still laughing. "Mmm... Well if guys don't shut up soon the whole bloody castle'll know, and "” Oliver..." "What?" they both said in unison. "Boys," you said, shaking your head. "Oh yeah," Ginny smiled. "You've got a lot to complain about. How many guys like you, not including Oliver?" "Four," you responded, "and it's no walk in the park."
  8. You were in the common room sitting at the table behind the couch doing some homework months later, after all of your classes. Just then Ron came down. He saw you and stopped. "You need some help?" he asked. You gave him a doubtful look. "Whatever it is, I'm sure there's something I can do," he smirked. "Um... Alright..." You said, pulling a chair out for him, and he sat down. "Well, what witch, in the century of -" "HERMIONE!" he yelled, then stood up; both of you laughed. "Thanks, Ron, real help." Hermione came bounding down the stairs. "Did someone call?" she asked, walking to your side. "Oh, sorry, I've just finished." You smiled at her. "Oh, alright." 
  9. Before you could stop her she ran back up the stairs, just as Harry walked in. "Hey," you said, and he returned the greeting. "You ready for sixth year?" you asked. "No," he smiled, "but I'm ready for summer." You laughed. "Got plans?" "Only if you're up to them," he replied. "Depends. Are the others coming? Ginny and Hermione, not just the boys," you smirked. "Of course." "And where, may I ask, have they agreed to go?" He raised an eyebrow before sitting on the couch. "Camping." 
  10. *I want to apologize for the shortness of this quiz, and lack of updates. The next quiz will be much more packed. Also, I realize how Neville, Ron, and Harry -lovers must be hating me right noe. I'm working on the next one an trying to balance out the time, but there have been so many requests for Oliver and Draco that it's rather funny, LOL. I've got the next one all put together, so it'll be up and out very soon. Thanks!*

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