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  • I forgot to put what it read
    Your Result: Draco Malfoy

    Draco sighed. If he kept letting his mind wander to ________, he'd never finish his homework. Alright... When did the first wizard discover her eyes. He could get so lost in them. Focus! he told himself. Alright, so the witch that created the spell Merlin, he thought again, it had been forever since he'd kissed her. He looked down at his homework. What the heck, he thought, and leaned against the couch. He honestly wished she hadn't pulled away awhile ago by the lake. She seemed so perfect to him. Every detail. The thing that he really admired was that she could stand up for herself. For once he had meant a girl not only who he found to be gorgeous, but also with the personality traits he most admired. And every time he saw her... He laughed. Every time he saw her he just wanted to get lost in her. He wondered how she felt about him. Then he remembered... Wood.

    That's actually really sad and sweet I felt so bad for him.

  • I love Oliver so much, no matter what, ever since the beginning of this series he was always mine, even if he never proposed, but i feel so evil right now, i dont know if anyone else feels the same way, but i don't like when other girls *cough* Ginny *cough* Hermione, steal the guys that like me, but then, i would want my close friends to be happy, i feel so guilty and wrong

  • That didn't help me one bit :(

    I'm even more torn between Draco & Oliver, I think it's the way you phrase the results, I got Draco and I felt so bad for him! Anyways, the quiz was brilliant as usual! I have to admit with Draco that was such a tease what happened at the lake. Regardless it was cute & something I would do in real life . Keep it up ! x

  • @angelic Aw, LOL. And it's alright, I understand. It's not your fault, after all they are kind of "stealing" them in a way and would probably be angry if you liked them but they know that the boys like you, so... Anyways, thanks for commenting and sticking with me since the beginning, LOL. :D

    @Allycat Thank you so much, LOL. :D
    @Xx 3mo_Star xX Yay for Oliver! :D

    @_ViolaLover_ I'm so with you, ha, ha! And you're scary thought... Uh... No... *Sweats.* O-of course not. I'm afraid right now! LOL! Thanks! :D

    @natuhleegayl e xD It didn't? Same. And thanks! Yeah, they kill me. :( I'm glad you liked the lake thing, though I'm sure some people just got dead angry! Anyways, thanks again!

    @Jayla Thank you s much!!!! It's the same with me - I feel bad for both Draco and Oliver but I like them both and just - ah! The next part should be out tonight or early tomorrow! :D

  • DRAC-...I mean OLIV-...'scuse me DR-...OLI-...I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! They're both so awesome, but I had a scary thought. You aren't going to kill Oliver during the battle of Hogwarts, right? Because if you do, you will have all of the Oliver fans hunting you down. I sure between the 50 of us, we'll find you. And when we do, you won't like what'll happen. Can't wait for your next quiz! ;)

  • Loved it! I'm a massive Draco fan! The scenes where great and not just because some had Draco in it that was just an added bonus. Absolutely fantastic!

  • I LOVED IT XD First let me say Awwwwww! my result was Draco and what I read was really sweet and sad I'm so torn between the guys so far my favorites are Draco and maybe Oliver anyway when's the next part coming out?

  • I love Draco more than life and live ( username )

  • Amazing..Thats just..amazing. Cant wait for the next!

  • :O Ollivveerrr

    Xx 3mo_Star xX

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