Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 12

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Hey guys here's part 12! I hope you like it and he first challenge is on its way sometime soon. Time fr some more drama to start... Let's see how this turns out...

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* You went back to Beauxbatons and saw all your old friends. Also your favourite Pegasus Maelstrom. You went back to Hogwarts and now you have some drama to face. You have your old flirty attitude back and the guys as well. You had a flashback and wasn't particularly happy with what you saw, you and Neville kissed and you're a champion! Congratulations! Comprende?
  2. The professors and the headmasters had followed behind me and I walked into the room with my cheeks heated to 100o. I fiddled with my blue, silk uniform as the champions crowded around the middle and they all looked at Harry and Luke. I saw Cedric there and he was looking at me with a look that said, 'What are you doing here?' Of course I shouldn't have been embarrassed. I was allowed to be here. Once I thought that my cheeks instantly cooled down. Dumbledore seemed really angry at Harry but they dealt with Luke after him. "Did you get an older student to put your name in the cup!" Dumbledore was saying as I tuned back in. Harry was against the wall and flinching at Dumbledore's shock reaction. "No sir I swear!" He said back and then Dumbledore went to Luke. "What did you do? Did you get an older student to put your name in the cup?" "What? No sir! I didn't even want to enter this tournament. I don't even know why I'm competing! Especially for my old school!" The teachers went in a huddle and I walked over to Fleur. "_____ what iz going on?" She asked me. "I don't know!" I replied. "The goblet has spoken. As from now there will be 6 champions this year!" Said Bartemius Crouch. As soon as he said that I instantly thought, 'oh no!' We walked out of the room. There were congratulatory pats on the back and cold hard stares of contradiction. Especially towards Harry. "I can't believe you didn't tell me!" "Oh lay off it Ronald!" I said to him as Hermione gave him a whack on the back of the head. Harry was walking away almost in tears as I followed him. "Harry wait up!" I said as I ran after him jumping obstacles and shoving past people. I finally arrived at the tree beside the black lake where Harry was sitting with his knees cuddled up to his chest. "Harry." I whispered as I sat next to him. He had his face in his knees and I brought his face up. It was tear stained a little and he looked slightly embarrassed. "Harry. Tell me. What's wrong?" I whispered to him. At first he didn't answer but then he slowly breathed in and started...
  3. It turned out that Hogwarts had started before Beauxbatons. "It all started with this dream I had. About a snake and Voldemort." I couldn't help but bite back a gasp at his name. "There was this man there. But I don't know who he is. Then I woke up at the Weasleys and we went to the Quidditch World Cup... The night after the celebrations for the Ireland supporters, there were noises. Mr. Weasley thought it was just the Ireland supporters but it wasn't. It was death eaters." He said the name in total disgust. "They were setting the campsite up in flames. We ran out of the tent in the riot and ran into Malfoy. He was there with his father. He told us to head off. Especially Hermione, unless she wanted to be killed. They were going to kill the muggles and mudbloods. I suddenly noticed my wand was missing and then I heard a spell. In the air was Voldemort's mark. It was my wand that was used to do it. I just... And now this happens... Ron hates me... everyone else hates me." "Harry... I don't hate you." "Really?" He said. "Really." I replied. "Now let's have some fun." I tugged his robe and said, "C'mon!" I dived into the lake. "Aren't you getting your uniform wet?" He asked me. I'd changed with magic. One of the helpful things that Beauxbatons teaches you. "Nope." I had on clothes though. A t-shirt and stuff. He took off his robe to reveal his normal everyday clothes. He took his t-shirt off and dived into the lake as well. I got out again and back flipped into the water. "Woho!" I screamed. I came up from underwater and laughed. Harry laughed as well and we were soon having a water fight. Then he grabbed me around the waist and threw me in the water. I came up into his arms and laughed. We just stood there in the water and stared into each others eyes. "Did you have fun?" I whispered. He kissed me and whispered against my lips. "Definitely." I chuckled against his lips and then kissed him back. "We should really get back." I whisper against his lips. "What if I don't want to?" He whispered back. I put a finger to his lips as I pulled away and said, "Well I have too." I grabbed for his hand and he found it. We walked out of the lake and he picked up his robes. We walked into the castle like that. Wet, dripping and hand in hand.
  4. While I was with Harry I had my English accent on but once I saw my friends I instantly changed back. I came over to them in my dripping wet attire after saying goodbye to Harry. "What 'appened to you?" Said Ariel. "Was it a guy?" Asked Natalie. "Maybe..." I replied while I twirled my hair. They knew when I did that I had something to tell. "What's zat American expression... Spill ze beans!" Said Fleur. "Well if you give me a can of beans I'll be sure to try." I replied. "You know what we mean!" Said Sam. "Tell us!" Interrupted Julia. "Ok, so..." Then I told them. "That's so romantic." Sighed Ariel. Apparently loud enough for people to hear because a bunch of Durmstrangs and Slytherins went by and one of them did an impression of it with the dramatic, hand on the forehead. I looked and saw Matt. He saw me and smiled. He winked at me and said, "What's so romantic then." "None of your business." Natalie told him. "He's just jealous 'cause he so wants me." I told them while sweeping my hands across my figure. I was now back in my silk uniform and he couldn't help but stare. "But he can't 'ave me." I finished and turned around, back to my friends. He grabbed my hand and spun me into his arms. "And who says I can't?" He asked me. I traced my right index finger around his chest and then put a firm hand in the middle of it. "I did." I said while I pushed him away. His friends all hooted and meowed. I blew them all an air kiss and then left them. I was with my friends of course. Then we ran into Draco...
  5. "Do I get one?" He askes me. "Depends." I reply. "I just wanted to hand these back. He said as he handed back my copy of Wuthering Heights and my hoodie. "Thanks." I said as I took my stuff. "Well I'll see you later." "Yea I guess." He looked disappointed that I'd had such a blank reaction so I decided to spice it up. "Be sure to see me around." I said as I winked at him. He looked confused at my sudden change but he looked happier. "Can't disappoint the fans now can I?" I said to my friends when he was gone. We started walking again but not to long before we ran into Cedric. "Can I please talk to you... alone." He said to me and my friends walked of giggling. "Yes." I said when they turned the corner. "Congratulations on the tournament champion thing by the way." He said to me. "You too." I replied. "Look Cedric what do you want? I 'ave important things to do." "Luke wanted me to give you this." He said as he handed me an envelope. "What iz it for?" I asked. "I don't know. He just said, give it to her and she'll know eventually." "Ok merci." I said as I turned to walk away. He didn't stop me.
  6. Just then Fred and Jamie walked past. Holding hands... I felt glad for them and in fact it had kind of been my idea but I still felt a little sad. I brightened up again when I saw George. "'Ello George. What iz up with those two." "They're going out now. I've been following them all day. You know how boring that is!" I chuckled and winked at him. "I wish you good luck." I say to him as I walk off. Seeing the guys wasn't actually as bad as I thought but then again. Maybe it was the fact that after this year I wouldn't see them again. I walked into the Ravenclaw common room and saw Luna sitting on one of the chairs. "'Ey Luna." I said while sitting next to her. "Hey ______." She said in her distant and dreamy voice. I was about to walk up to my room when she said. "Don't forget to watch out for Wrackspurts. And remember to watch out for Plimpys when you go in the lake. They nibble on your feet you know." "Luna for the last time Wrackspurts and Plimpys don't exist." Said Corey. He was a Ravenclaw that I'd just met but he was very nice. "Actually Plimpys do exist. Thanks for ze warning Luna." I said as I waved my hand behind me. I walked up the stairs and heard a faint. "Goodbye ______." I heard a faint whisper coming through the walls though. It sounded like a guy. There was a sigh. I decided to investigate. I pressed my ear against the wall. "I don't know what to do Hermione." It sounded faintly of Neville and that means he was talking to Hermione. "We've talked, we hang out together but we're still just best friends." "Neville if I know her correctly then you've got to take your time. A best friend is better than no friend." I decided to leave them in peace. I wonder who they were talking about...
  7. I was in my room and about to open the letter when Oliver zoomed up to my window on his broom. He knocked on the glass of the window and I opened it. "Hey ______." "'Ey Oliver." "We were playing a game of quidditch and wondered if you wanted to join." "But of course!" I grabbed my broom and jumped out the window. Some people may think that that would be scary but it wasn't. At least for me. The wind rushed in my hair as I sat on my broom. It pulled up into the open air and soon I was at the quidditch pitch. Oliver came in right behind me and I asked, "Who's on whose team?" They all looked at me. "You can be on Oliver's team. We actually want to win." Said Pansy. "It's not even a proper game." Interrupted Blaise. "Who cares. We'll still dominate you." She replied. She whizzed off on her broom. It was surprising that she was up here. On a broom. She wasn't usually apart of quidditch. And frankly... she wasn't that good at staying on her broom. She was wobbling and shaking all the way to her position. She was seeker. Way to easy. "May I be seeker?" I asked my team. They all nodded their heads in consent and I flew to my position. Pansy scared most people but she didn't scare me. "Not scared are you?" "No but I know why other people are. They're scared to look at your face because it'z so ugly." "Why you little..." Suddenly Oliver blew a whistle and I was off like a rocket. I could hear the snitch and it wasn't very far away. I stopped and sat there while Pansy looked around confused. A bludger came at my head but I just ducked my head and it flew right over into one of my beater's bats. I had my eyes peeled for the snitch. Suddenly I saw a small movement over by the goal hoop. I instantly cloaked myself from Pansy seeing me and only Pansy, and I zoomed to catch the snitch. She looked even more confused than before and then I caught it. I uncloaked myself from her and held up the snitch. I'd learnt that technique from Oliver himself. "That's not fair she cheated!" Pansy shouted across the field. We got off our brooms and she said. "But she went invisible. There must be something in the rules about that." "I don't know what your talking about Pansy. We could all see her plain as day. You should really get some glasses." Said one of her teammates. She stomped off furiously and I walked back to the castle in a fit of laughter.
  8. I ran into Viktor on the way to my room. We almost collided on the stairs. "Excuse moi." I said as I walked past him. He grabbed my arm and I spun around. We were face to face. Our noses almost touching. "This might be a bit awkward..." He started. "But do you know where that Granger girl is?" I pulled instantly away from his face. Having wanted to do that for ages. "Oh you mean Hermione. She 'angs out in ze library. More like studyz actually." "Thanks." He said as we both parted our separate ways. "Good Luck!" He shouted down the hall and I replied in kind. I walked up the steps and ran to my bedroom before any more interruptions could occur. I raced through the common room and into my room. I shut the door and turned around to see Draco in there. Reading the letter from Luke. "But 'ow did you get up 'ere?" I asked him. "That's a secret." He said while tapping his nose. He put the letter down and looked at me. "Stalker much Malfoy?" I said. "So we're not on first name basis now." "Not when you are in my room and a house that you shouldn't even be in! Get out!" I shout at him. He puts his arms up in the air in surrender. He walked out of the room and I could hear him slide down the slide. I picked up the discarded letter as soon as I shut the door. I sat on my bed and looked at it...
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! I know how we all hate those and I sort of have two going off at the moment but you will find this one out sooner than the first! Just tune into the next quiz once I put it up. Which will be soon! Thanks to all the people who commented and rated and to all my fans and the people who took the quiz. I wouldn't still be going if it wasn't for you guys! So please hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz and please Comment & Rate 10!
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