Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 7

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Hey guys it's that new quiz time again! I hope you like it and I'm sorry if there are any spelling mistakes. They are somewhat inevitable. Thanks and you can contact me at brisingr@live(.)com.au without the brackets.

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* Your father left you a note and your mothers hair clip, you had an awkward but steamy session with Draco in the corridor where Pansy and Ron were, you followed Pansy to the bathroom and she declared war. You also saw Moaning Myrtle. Sirius Black had entered the castle so you slept in the Great Hall. You passed notes to Oliver, shared a joke about Ron as he fought with Pedro, You talked to Cedric,you visited Talia in the hospital wing and turned Marcus Flint into a toad. Fred and George are the inseparable pair again, you called your Aunt Rosa to tell her that you want to go to Beauxbatons next year. It all in the plan (me: I gave too much away! That sentence didn't happen)Comprende?
  2. Just then you got a text and your phone vibrated in your hand. You looked at it and realized it was from Fleur Delacour. A girl from Beauxbatons. A friend of yours. It read, 'Hey _____. Sorry I couldn't text earlier. I just got my phone back from Madame Maxime. So how's it going over in Hogwarts. We really miss u. Me and all the girls. It's no fun without u. Text back ASAP!' You remember Fleur getting in trouble for using her phone in class and Madame Maxime took it off her for the rest of the year. You texted back, 'Hey Fleur. It's no problem. I'm glad to see you've got ur phone back. It's not going that well over here. It's chaos! I miss u girls 2 and I hope 2 c u soon. I'm getting back in2 Beauxbatons next year. I know it!' You sent it and then put your phone back into your pocket. You got up from your spot under the tree and walked to a small cliff near the school. It wasn't a long way down but you could sit on the edge. And that's what you saw someone doing. You looked closer and saw Fred Weasley sitting on the edge fiddling with the charm bracelet in his hand. You quickly ducked behind a tree and collided with Ron. You held your head where you hit it and faced Ron. "What are you doing here?!" He asked in an accusing whisper. "What are you doing here?" You asked him back in a matching whisper. "I'm worried about my brother now mind your own business!" He shouted finally. Then you looked around the tree and saw Fred looking straight at you. "______?" You decided to step out from the tree. "Hey Fred." You said awkwardly. "What are you doing here?" He asked in a sad voice. "Well I had another fight with your annoying brother Ronald. And I happened to stumble upon you and I wanted to see if I could cheer you up." You replied as you sat down beside him. You dangled your legs over the edge and looked at Fred. He didn't say anything. "Fred?"
  3. "What?" He finally answered. "Freddy you're a good person." You started. Putting your arm around his shoulders. "You should be able to find a girl that will love you. Not break your heart. Look, we only have a few days till Christmas break and I'm going home for it. Then we have what, a month more at school and then I'm going to be gone. You deserve someone that cares for you and will stay with you Freddy. I'm not that girl. In a few months you're never going to see me again, so I better tell you this now than at the last minute and break your heart anymore than I already have. I'm sorry Freddy." A tear rolled down your cheek and you got up. "I hope we can be friends for the short time that we have." You kissed him on the cheek and left before he could say anything. You were sad that you planned to leave all your wonderful friends and everyone you met. You wiped your tears away but one still rolled down your cheek when you walked into the Great Hall to get your stuff. You were allowed back in our common rooms now. You packed up all your stuff and went to go put your stuff in your common room. Still no body was up except you, Fred, George and Ron. Or so you thought. You checked the time and saw it was seven o'clock.
  4. You stood up with your stuff and walked to the common room. You told the fat lady your password and went to your room. There was a note on the pillow of your bed saying you were to go back to Slytherin immediately. You would be sharing a room with Talia and a few of her friends. You walked back out and wiped a tear from your cheek. You didn't have time to wipe them all away so you picked up all your stuff and headed back to the Slytherin common room. But before you could get out Neville was standing beside you with a worried expression on his face. "_____, are you ok?" He wiped the tears from your face as your eyes dried up. "Yeah Neville I'm fine. Thanks for asking though." "I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I didn't see you yesterday and where are you going in such a rush." "It's fine Neville. Dumbledore just wants me to move back to the Slytherin dorms." You started walking away but he caught into stride with you. "What wrong? You can tell me." He prompted. "Well I turned Marcus into a toad." He laughed and added, "But that isn't what I asked. What's been going on with you lately?" "If you don't mind I'd rather not tell you. Sorry." "No need to apologize. Whatever's your business is you business." "Thanks for understanding Neville. You're awesome." You kissed him on the cheek and left for the Slytherin common room. Before you left you turned and waved and he was blushing bright red. He waved back so you went on your way. You walked down the corridor and went through a couple twists and turns when you saw Harry. His hair was ruffled and his glasses were crooked. It looked like he just woke up. "Harry?" You said as you saw his messy look. "Oh hey _______. I was looking for Ron have you seen him." "You're looking for who?" You ask him like you don't have a clue who that is. You were still mad at Ron from before. "Ron." "Oh you mean Weasley. I think I saw him somewhere." You stroked your chin like you were thinking but you honestly didn't care. You threw your hands up in the air, "I don't remember. You're just gonna have to find him on your own." When you threw your hands up in the air he saw the suitcases and asked what they were for. You told him you were moving back and he groaned. "It won't be the same not seeing you in the common room." "Thanks Harry but we still have classes together. You're a great friend." You walked away as he kind of sagged his back and walked off to find Ron.
  5. You entered the Slytherin common room and walked to your new bedroom with your head down and looking at the floor. You dropped your bags on your bed and walked to the common room and looked around. Not much had changed since you last saw it. You went back to your room and grabbed a book. You went and sat on one of the armchairs and swung your legs over the side. You put your head on the other armrest and read. It was the story of Cathy and Heathcliff. The troubles they faced with class and Heathcliff's undying love for Cathy. You heard someone coming into the common room. You heard snippets of their conversation and since you couldn't block them out you listened. "I can't believe they put Tremor in our house!" "Well he did go to Durmstrang." And then you went back to your book while thinking. Luke is Slytherin now? I guess people are awake now. You think the friends split ways because you saw a shadow standing above you. "You know if you wanted to read a book. Go to the library instead of reading mine." The shadow from behind you moved to the front than tilted your chin up. "Now that wouldn't be very fun would it." You were staring into the grey, stormy eyes of none other than Draco Malfoy. You smirked while he asked, "What are you reading?" "Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. You should read it." You thrust the book into his hand as you got up. You moved to go back to your room as Draco said. "Wait _____, I thought we could... talk." But by the time he was at could you had already left leaving with a, "Just give it back after you're finished!"
  6. You fell onto your bed and drowned all sound out with your music. 'You know what would be an awesome place to do this', you thought, 'my tree.' You decided to call it your tree because you hang out there so much. You grabbed a sketch book, some pencils, a sharpener and a rubber. Along with your iPod and decided to do some art while you had the nature to observe. You walked the halls to find to go to your tree and saw Luke and Cedric. They looked like they were talking but when you looked closer you could see they were arguing. You walked closer and heard their argument. "C'mon dude I thought we were friends!" Luke said. "I'm not gonna be friends with Slytherin!" Cedric replied and you cut them off right there. "Oh really Cedric." You start walking up to him. "You can't accept him just because he's in Slytherin. The house I'm in. You can't be friends with a Slytherin." You were raising your voice and it was getting louder. "Well then go ahead and do whatever you like because I can't stop you. I'm just a slimy, evil Slytherin. Oh yea I'm totally a big evil genius!" "_____..." He began but I interrupted him. "What about that time at Hogsmeade, or yesterday?! Do you think I'm just some cheep Slytherin floozy that you can ditch as soon as you get what you want!" Once it was out of your mouth you couldn't stop and people were looking to see what was happening. "______... people are starting to stare." Said Luke. I was still looking at Cedric. "You know what. They can stare all they like because they can get to know what the real Cedric is like! You want to know who the real Cedric is. He's just some arrogant, self absorbed player who couldn't care less about anyone else." You chocked up on the last as your eyes started watering. "You want to know who the real Cedric is. You don't want to find out." You lowered your voice. Suddenly Cho Chang stepped out of the crowd and stood beside Cedric. "He is not!" She went off at you. "He's nothing like you think he is! You're just selfish. Keeping 9 guys to yourself." You were generally shocked at this and then you clenched your fist. "You're just jealous that for once a guy you have your eye on might like someone else." "You know what?" You responded as a tear fell down your cheek. "You can have him. I don't even know why I go to all the trouble." The tears started falling as you clutched your sketch book to your chest and walked away. You sat under your tree and opened up your sketch book while wiping the tears away. You started drawing...
  7. You let the pen guide you as it glided across the page. You were controlling it but it didn't feel like it.You got lost into the music and the art. That's what you loved about them. You could drown others out with music and art just sweeps you away to a totally different place. When you'd finished you looked at what you'd created. You saw the sunset and the trees, birds, flowers. It was detailed and it was actually... very good. You suddenly realized that someone was standing behind you and had been there for quit some time. They sat down beside you and you saw it was Luke. You didn't say anything but the tears were still falling. Even if you didn't know it, which before now you didn't. He wiped a tear from your cheek but more came in it's place. Without saying anything he pulled out his wand and whispered, "Watch this." He mumbled something you couldn't quit make out and then a beautiful flower appeared. It wasn't one you'd ever seen before. He held it out to you and you touched one delicate petal. "Luke..." You whispered. "It's a flower that I made. Just for you. It's just like you apart from the fact it's a flower. When your sad and you look at it. Remember I'll always be with you." "How's it like me?" You whispered. "Well it's unique. Gorgeous and all the other flowers would be jealous because its better than them." This made you laugh a little bit. "See now your laughing. Now look." He raised his wand again and fireworks went off into the sky. "Wow." You marveled. Luke wiped your tears away and pulled you close to him. You pulled your head to his chest as you both leaned against the tree. He put his arm around you and kissed you on the forehead. Somehow you felt comforted to know that Luke was there. Suddenly someone walked up to you two. Luke grunted and said, "I don't think she wants to talk to you Weasley." "Wait, which Weasley is it?" You asked. Just to make sure if it was Fred. After the talk before it wouldn't be that good if he saw this moment. "It's Ron." Said Luke. You shifted to face Ron but where you were still in Luke's arms. "What do you want Weasley?" You said in a hostile voice. "I'm not here for me. George wants to see you. He's in the courtyard." He walked away and you hastily got out of Luke's arms. "I'm sorry but I have to talk to him." You walked away to find George.
  8. You saw George sitting on a seat in the courtyard by himself. You sat down next to him, "Hey ______." He said. "Hey George. Your annoying brother said you wanted to talk to me." "Which one?" He asked and you laughed. "The one you sent. So what's on your mind?" You asked. "Well _______." He started and then he just blurted out, "Are you going out with Luke?" "What no!" You replied. "Then what's been going on with you two lately?" You decided to tell him. "We went out over the summer." He looked at you with a mild look of shock on his face. "Really." "Yea but we broke up because I was going back to Hogwarts and we wouldn't be able to see each other." "Oh." He looked down at his feet again. "Why do you ask?" "No reason." He replied and then quickly got up and walked away. 'I wonder...' You thought. Then Oliver sat down beside you. "He's a mysterious one isn't he when he's not with Fred." He said in his gorgeous Scottish accent. You were actually starting to like this guy. After last night... 'No!' You thought. 'I can't break my own heart and his when I go back to Beauxbatons.' But you took a few seconds to answer still. "Yea." You said. You guys talked for few minutes and then a year 7 guy walked up and fist bumped Oliver. They turned back to you and Oliver said, "_______ this is Bryce. Bryce, _______." "Cool name." You both said at the same time and that made you smile. He chuckled. "Nice to meet you." He said. "You too." You replied. Bryce was a reasonable height with brown hair and blonde highlights. He was in Ravenclaw it looked like. He had chocolate brown eyes and a sort of friendly feeling about him. Suddenly your phone rang and you got it from your pocket. You saw the contact was Fleur. You held the phone to your ear, "Hey Fleur." "Hey _______!" She replied. "I got your text. How's it been chaos?" She asked. "Oh these people are really getting on my nerves. Can't wait till I go back." "Neither can we. We miss you sweetie!" "Miss you ______!" You heard in the background "Haha I miss you guys too. Anyway I'll see you later. I got to go." "Bye!" They all said and then the line went dead. You put the phone back in your pocket and then you realized that Oliver and Bryce were still here. "Go back to where?" Oliver asked. "Ummmmm... I've got to go." You quickly got up and rushed off.
  9. The few days to the Christmas holiday flew quickly and before you knew it you were saying goodbye to everyone and telling them you'd see them later. You were riding home on the Hogwarts Express. No one was in the same carriage as you so you listened to music. You got off the train when it was at the train station and ran up to your Aunt Rosa and Pedro, who had just gotten off the train. You walked to the parking lot and sat in the car as your Aunt Rosa started the engine.
  10. Hey guys I'm gonna leave it there and don't forget to tune into the next quiz which is the Valentine’s Day Special. It's called Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Valentines. I hope you enjoyed the quiz and I'll also be having a contest that I'll announce in the Valentine’s Day quiz. Thanks and sorry but I won't be leaving a sneak peak for the Valentine’s Day quiz. I want it all to be a surprise. I thought since I missed out on the Christmas and New years special I might as well. Thanks and don’t forget to Comment & Rate 10!

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