Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 6

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Hey guys. Here's part 6. I hope you like it. Sorry if you don't. I want to thank all the people who commented and rated on my previous quizzes. It means a lot and those comments really brighten up my day. Thanks and don't forget to hit submit! Don't forget I leave a sneak peak in the comments after I'm up to a certain part in the quiz.

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* You found Talia under a tree who was beat up by Marcus Flint, You watched a memory from your father, you beat up Marcus Flint, Fred stopped you, you ran to a tree and started crying, Guys came and tried to comfort you, Draco told you he loves you, Fred found out what happened at Hogsmeade and you gave him back the bracelet, feeling that you don't deserve it and you say goodbye to Talia and leave the school grounds towards the hill where you last saw your father. Comprende???
  2. You arrived at the hill and you ran to the top. You looked around but saw nothing. You swore you had seen someone standing on this very hill just a few moments ago. Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned your head slightly to see Pedro there. You turned fully as he said, "______. What are you doing here? Everyone's worried about you." "But Pedro... h-he was here." "Who was here?" He asked. "Father, h-he was right here." "Father is dead _____." "No step father is dead." "______ I don't know what your talking about. Come on. Sirius Black broke into the castle and they're about to lock the place up. We have to go before they close it on us." "I-I guess your right." You followed him after glancing back but you saw no figure standing there. You walked into the castle, following Pedro but he dropped behind. Then he came around the corner to greet you by the door. "______, I've been so worried! Where were you?" He asked worriedly. Then Luke came round the corner as well. "You mean we were worried about you." He said to you and Pedro as he walked to stand beside Pedro. "B-but I could have sworn..." You look behind you out of your peripheral vision so that they wouldn't think you were crazy. You saw a golden hair clip with a white flower on top and a note. It was your mother's hair clip. "You know what. I'll meet you guys in the Great Hall." "Sure." "We'll see you there." Replied Pedro and Luke. Luke walked off after Pedro while giving you a small smile. As soon as they disappeared you scrambled for the hair clip and the note. You put the clip in your pocket and unfolded the note. It said, 'If you ever want to find me, when you don't have school or anything else important. You can find me at 17 Myrtle Crt, Chatham. Sincerely your father.'
  3. You placed the note into your pocket and put your mothers hair clip into your hair. You walked towards the great hall but bumped into Draco on the way. "Hey." He said and you replied in kind. He started to walk away but you grabbed his arm and pulled him towards you. "Draco... I-I..." He stood there, waiting and you blushed from his sudden closeness and from his enchanting grey eyed gaze. "Yes." He whispered softly while still looking into your eyes. "I-I wanted to thank you for talking to me the other night but..." "But you don't feel the same way." It was kind of awkward, standing in the hallway with hardly any distance between you two. As people passed they stared. "Draco... it's not that I don't like you, cause I do. But I don't think I'm ready to say the L word just yet. I mean I like you, I really like you but I broke up with my boyfriend over the summer and you know how hard it is with breakups." I know a pretty lame excuse and you really did like him but you had to find some sort of reason as to why you didn't return the exact same feelings as he did. "I understand... not that I've ever had a girlfriend but how you don't feel the same w..." He blushed as he talked hurriedly but you just pulled him towards you even closer and kissed him. He started kissing you back and you pulled away. "I-I... wow." He said while blushing like crazy. "Just promise to talk to me once in a while and we'll call it even." "Done." He replied.
  4. You suddenly remembered you were standing in the corridor where people could see you. You stepped back a little reluctantly and looked around. You saw Ron standing there, shocked and Pansy at a reasonable distance away from him, looking at you with absolute distaste. It looked like Pansy was on the verge of tears so you decided to get back to Ron later. "Pansy..." "Whatever." She replied while turning even though there were tears running down her face. "Pansy your cryi..." "I'm not crying I've just got something in my eye." Then she ran off to the girls bathroom. "Pansy wait! Ugh!" Then you turned to Draco who was still blushing but it seemed to have lessened with the scene. "I'll see you later." You said to him giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Later." He replied as you ran off to go find Pansy. You didn't know why you felt sorry for Pansy, why you cared. But you still felt like you were friends with her even though that sounds ridiculous in all means. You opened the door to the bathroom. You could hear soft sobbing coming from one of the stalls but you couldn't pinpoint one. "I could help you find which stall she's in if you want." Said a girlish voice from behind you. You turned to see a ghost floating there. You jumped, a bit shocked as to why a ghost was here. You knew there where ghosts at Hogwarts but you didn't think that Moaning Myrtle actually existed. "Y-Yes p-please." "Ok, she's in that one." She said while pointing to the furthest one in the right corner. She didn't seem to notice your discomfort. "T-Thanks." "Your welcome." And then she disappeared. You walked over to the stall and knocked on the door. "Go away." Was the reply. "Pansy I..." "I said go away." "Pansy are you okay." "Go away! Why won't you listen?!" She shouted as she crashed out of the stall. The tears still on her face but she had the evil pasted all over her face. "This means war!" She pushed passed you and out of the bathroom and you walked to the great hall.
  5. You entered the great hall to find the houses split into different sections of the room. You looked around to be greeted by low whispers and people snoring in sleeping bags. You turned to look at the Gryffindors to find most of them that weren't asleep, staring at you. You saw Ron with a look of disgust on his face as he looked at you. When I say looked, I mean for a long time until Pedro came up to him. You whispered, "Pedro!" It's kind of hard to raise your voice and whisper at the same time. He still walked up to him, "You got a problem?" Pedro asked as he was face to face with Ron. "Yea I got a problem." "And what would that be." Said Pedro in a louder than necessary voice. "I've got a problem with ______." Everyone was looking at the feud with Pedro and Ron that no one noticed you slipping into your sleeping bag. Before you had even pulled up the zip to the side a paper aeroplane landed in front of you. You looked around to see who it was from but all you saw was everyone looking at Ron and Pedro. All except one. You saw Oliver wink at you from the Gryffindor section of the hall. You opened up the aeroplane a little bit to find a message, 'I'm bored. Got anything to cheer me up?' You got out a pen and wrote, 'I've got a funny joke.' Then you folded it back up and flew it to him. You watched him write down a message and fly it back to you. 'Amuse me.' Was all it said and you flew it back after you wrote down, 'What's dumb and funny looking.' You suddenly heard Pedro and Ron going at each other again but you didn't pay attention. You saw a smile come over Oliver's face as he sent the aeroplane back. There was a one word reply, 'Ron.' Suddenly in the middle of the tense room. Which had gone silent as the people who were asleep woke up from the noise. You and Oliver burst out laughing and everyone turned to face you two. "Nice one." You shouted across the room at Oliver. "I agree with you that was funny." He shouted back and everyone looked at you two like you were psycho's cause they didn't know what was going on. That just made the two of you laugh harder.
  6. When the laughter died down everyone was still looking at you two like you were from another planet. Suddenly Pedro and Ron were at each others throats again and Harry was looking at you, with a very puzzled look on his face. 'I don't think you'd find the joke funny.' You mouthed to him. 'I'm not going to ask questions.' He mouthed back. Just as you were about to mouth something back to Harry, Cedric came up to you. "I heard you and Oliver explode into fits of laughter. What was so funny?" That questions been asked so much! "You don't know how many times I've answered that question. Anyway I'll tell you the joke." You leaned into him to whisper the joke in his ear. "You're right that is funny." He replied, stifling a laugh. You returned to a kneeling position on your sleeping bag. "Well I guess I'll see you later, mademoiselle." He said while taking your hand and giving it a gentle kiss on top. You blushed slightly and looked at him. Just a bit confused as to why he did that. "Well Beauxbatons is in France right." "That's correct." You answered. He walked to his sleeping bag and you looked around to see the small war between the two boys ended and everyone looked awkwardly at you. "You people stare a lot don't you. You'd think people would have better ways to spend their time. But instead you choose to stick you nose in my business. You should stop. And that's not a suggestion." You said angrily at them but then added in a sweet voice, "But whatever floats your boat." Then you hopped back into your sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep.
  7. You woke in the morning to the sound of people rustling around and found you were the only one up. You pulled your phone out of your pocket. You looked at the glowing screen but it took your eyes a little while to adjust to the light. When you could see the screen without hurting your eyes. You saw it was six o'clock in the morning. Classes had been canceled again. So you decided to visit Talia in the hospital wing. You silently crept out of the Great Hall and along the corridor to the hospital wing. You opened the doors and walked over to Talia's bed. You sat beside her in a chair and held her hand. Slowly her eyes opened and she croaked out, "______." "Shhh, Talia you should be asleep." You replied. "So should you." Said Talia as she got her voice back. "What can I say. I'm a light sleeper." Then you heard a groan from down the room. Far away from Talia's bed. You look over and see Marcus Flint. He smirks and was about to shout across the room. But you saved him the trouble and walked across the room. "So your back to look at the glorious hospital wing." He said. He still had that smirk plastered on his face and you were really tempted to wipe it off his face. Or maybe just destroy his face all together. But you didn't, "Shut it Flint. No one likes it when your voice echos around the room." "And not all people are as pretty as they say you are. Of course I know that they don't speak the truth." You both kept insulting each other back and forth. "Well not everyone can be as ugly as they say you are. Of course I know that to be true because I'm standing right here and I'm looking at a toad." "I'm not a toad." "Really. Want to make a bet." You pulled out your wand and cast a spell. Boy would Madame Pomfrey get a surprise when she came back.
  8. You bid Talia farewell and ducked out of the hospital wing before Madame Pomfrey came back. But you bumped into Fred and George on the way. Literally. They pulled you off the floor and you thanked them. "We thought we were the only ones awake." "Seems not Georgy." Looks like they were back to normal. The one time you want to talk to them separately and they're back together in their old ways. They're pretending nothing happened but you can sense some sadness on them that wasn't there before. "What are you doing here?" "Yes what are you doing here?" "I was visiting Talia in the hospital wing." But you weren't paying full attention. You scooted past them without anymore words and took a seat at the tree that you usually go too. You sat there, against the trunk, pondering your thoughts. 'I wish this year had started differently. I've caused all this sadness and pain. If I went back to Beauxbatons it might not be so bad. I had friends there and it was an all girls school. I just needed to get away from the guys. Some peace of mind.' You thought. Then you pulled your phone out of your pocket and called your Aunt Rosa. She answered the phone with a sleepy voice. "Hello." "Hey Aunt Rosa it's me." "What's wrong?" "I just wanted to know if it would be okay if I went to Beauxbatons next year." "I'll let you go back if by the end of the school year at Hogwarts you still want to." "I know I'll still want to." "Just take some time to think abut it honey." "Okay Aunt Rosa. I got to go I'll talk to you later." "Ok baby girl. Bye." "Bye Aunt Rosa." And then you hung up and ran a hand through your hair. 'What am I going to do?' You thought to yourself.
  9. Sorry guys I'm going to cut it off there. Sorry if you thought this was short or unsatisfactory. I'm also sorry but I didn't put Neville in this one. He'll be in the other ones but I just didn't find a spot for him in this one.
  10. Thank you to everyone who commented and rated on my previous quizzes. I encourage you to take them if you haven't cause otherwise the story won't make sense that much. Anyway I hope you guys like it and stay tuned. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz. Comment & Rate 10!

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