Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 9

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Hey guys here's part 9! I hope you like it and thanks to everyone who commented and rated on previous quizzes! Congrats to the contest winners from the last quiz and their characters will all be in this one and for some more to come!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* You had a strange dream, you met a person from your dream named Jamie, You pulled a prank on Snape and you left Hogwarts. Draco, Cedric, Oliver and Luke are worried and Luke knows what you're set out for. His last thought and the last line in the quiz was 'I love you.' Comprende?
  2. You walked until you couldn't walk anymore. You sat down and watched the kites on a little hill in a park. The hill had a tree on it and it reminded you of Hogwarts. Of all the friends you made there, the triumphs, the defeats. You were actually supposed to have a quidditch game today but it doesn't look like you'll be there. You looked at the small amount of things you'd brought to Hogwarts, which you brought along with you. Your clothes, sketch books, iPod, all stuff like that. You pulled out your sketch book and started to draw a butterfly that was fluttering past. It landed on a flower and you started to sketch. You didn't know how long you were sketching for but after a while a head popped up past the tree and looked down at your drawing. Not that you realized it. The person behind you cleared their throat. "H-Hi. Nice drawing." You almost dropped your pencil. You turned around and saw a girl around your age with straight shoulder length black hair with blonde ends and bright green eyes. She shied away slightly. "Hey, the names ______ and you." She quickly realized you were trying to be nice and came and sat next to you. "I'm Samantha. Samantha Terry." "Nice to meet you Samantha. Mind if I call you Sam." "Sure go ahead. Hey do yo like spaghetti?" "Yea I guess." She started trifling through your possessions and pulled out your wand. "Be careful with that..." You start but she just looks at it. "What you got in it?" She asks like it's the most ordinary thing in the world, "I've got unicorn hair in mine. Mines oak." She added. "Me too but mines phoenix feather and dragon heart string." You replied. "Where do you go to school?" You asked. "Oh I go to Beauxbatons. My parents completely deserted me for break." She replied. "Oh." She stood up again and said, "We're gonna be BFF's I know it. I'm gonna go to the coffee shop. Want to join me?" "Sure." You got up and collected up your stuff. You followed Sam to the coffee shop and sat on one of the red armchairs.
  3. *Luke* I felt lonely without her here. I had no friends. No one to talk to. I miss her. Her laugh, her smile, the way she can pour her heart out to anyone when the time is right. Just... everything. I sat alone in the stands of the quidditch game. They had to get Draco to fill in for ______ as seeker. Hopefully I'd see her in that position soon. But it wasn't the same. Sirius Black was supposed to come soon and he was a mass murderer and Buckbeack was supposed to be executed tomorrow. I wonder how I'm gonna tell ______ this. I sighed. I exited the stands after the game. Gryffindor won but somehow I knew we would have if _______ was here. I just want her back. *Draco* I hopped off my broom to a disappointed team. "If ______ was here we would have won." Said Talia, ______'s friend. "Well she isn't here." Said Blaise. "Where is she then." Said Pansy coming up to the team. "I thought she was seeker." "We don't know." Said Capella, the other one of our beaters. "Who cares." Said Flint. He was standing in my position as Chaser. "We do." The whole team says at once and surprisingly so does Pansy. "Whatever." Replied Flint as he walked off. There was a chorus of, "You suck Flint!" Coming from the crowd and us. "We're just gonna have to wait until she gets back." Said Capella. "I hope she's ok." Said Talia and we all agreed.
  4. *You* (I'm gonna do it in first person now cause it's easier) I pulled out a book while waiting for my coffee. I was reading when I heard the door chime for another person coming in. I looked up and saw another girl around my age with a fair complexion, light brown hair that went a little bit past her shoulders and brown almond shaped eyes. She looked Filipino. I heard her order a coffee. She sounds British. Must be a bit of both. She sat down and I went over to her, "Hi." It took her a while to reply but she said, "Hello." She didn't seem like she wanted to talk to me but I didn't care and I pressed on, "I'm ______ and you." She finally realized I wasn't going to go away and she said, "I'm Julia Cambridge." I saw something poking out of her pocket and I grabbed it. Out of the sight of the other customers of course. "What school do you go to?" I asked. "Beauxbatons." "Really I went there too!" "What do you mean went?" "Oh I go to Hogwarts now. But I'm going back next year." "Cool." I've made two new friends today. Sam came up to us and handed me my coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. "Thanks. Sam this is Julia. Julia, Sam." I could see Sam shy away a little bit. She's not very good around new people is she? Julia wasn't perfect either. She seemed a bit cold before she found out we were both wizards. But I guess when you get to know her she comes out of her shell. Kind of like Draco! No! I can't think of Draco! But I want to! This was giving me a headache. We finished our coffees and muffins and decided to ditch the coffee shop. We decided to be friends. The best if there ever were. We actually had a lot of stuff common. Julia said we could stay at her house tonight and then set off in the morning. I told them what I was doing and they decided to join me.
  5. *Pansy* I wondered across the grounds and sat in a small alcove just off the courtyard and sat down. This was unlike me but I actually missed ______. I wondered where she was. Where could she be going at this time of year? I felt lonely without her. She was my only real friend that tried to help me when I was sad, always putting a smile on my face. I couldn't bear for people to see me weak so when Luke walked by I took my chance to ambush him when almost everyone was out here. I stepped in front of him. "So how does it feel to be deserted by that filthy piece they call a Slytherin?" "Leave me alone Parkinson." "I don't think I will. How does it feel to know she left you all alone? Without any friends." He started to walk away but I needed to do this fast so I kept going. "How does it feel to have someone tell you something about her that she hasn't told you." He stopped and turned on his heel. He strutted over to me. "You don't know anything about me or _____." He snarled. "Oh really. Maybe it was just a coincidence that I walked past ______ having Draco save her life and then they kissed on the quidditch pitch. Was it luck that I happened to walk by her kissing Fred the same night. That the day she tried out for quidditch she almost kissed Oliver but couldn't because she had Fred for her thoughts. Was it coincidence or something else when you showed up just as Draco and _____ were about to kiss in Hogsmeade and you end up kissing her instead. Was it coincidence that I happened to stroll by again when Draco told _____ he loved her and she didn't say it back. When they kissed at that moment and when they kissed in the hallway again! When she flirted with Oliver over some dumb joke about Ron being dumb and funny looking. Which is true but anyway I was there. The times when she flirted with Cedric and the time you kissed that slut at the Valentines dance. Like you wanted someone to see you. When you asked her to be your Valentine and she said yes." I was going to go on but he stopped me. His eyes were watering and my eyes were too. I hated doing this but I had to. I just... had to. People would think it was about me talking about _____ and Draco together but it was really because she was my friend and this didn't feel right. "You don't know anything... anything about ______." And then he walked away slowly enough that before he went out of sight I said, "Because you love her. That's it isn't it? You love her. Well why don't you just disappear like her and never come back. When she's gone permanently that will be the best time Hogwarts has ever seen."
  6. *Hermione* What happened outside had spread like wildfire and I was there to behold it. I was with Harry and Ron at the time and Neville was just walking past but after what happened he quickly darted away. "So that's what she really think of me." Ron said and he left. Harry just stood there. Taking it all in I think. He finally processes it all and left without a word. Cedric walked past and I walked into stride with him. "Cedric I..." "You don't need to say anything Hermione. Now that I know what's really going on I'm done." He walked away. "Cedric!" But he was already gone. I wonder how _____'s going to react to this if she gets back. *You* All three of us walked along the sidewalk arm in arm with me in the middle. We walked to a small street where Julia had her house and Sam started talking about jelly beans. "I like jelly beans. They come in all different colours. I don't like the black ones though." We were walking along when Julia interrupted Sam by saying, "Maybe you have so much time that you can roll around in it and waste it but for some of us, there is only today. And the truth is, you never really know." Then she went and tapped a random person on the shoulder. "Hi how are you!?" She talked for about 30 more seconds and the person seemed confused so we pulled her back onto the sidewalk. We walked up to her house and entered through the door. It turned out her house was in Chatham so we caught a cab here and we could go searching for my father in the morning. We entered the kitchen and her mum stood there looking at us. "Who are these two Julia?" "They're my friends and they have no where to go so I was wondering if they could stay here until _____ finds her father." "Ok then. Don't make too much of a mess. One of you can sleep in your brothers room." "You have a brother?" Sam asked Julia as we went up the stairs. "Yea he works at the Ministry of Magic. He just started there actually. He just turned eighteen." I turned into his room that Julia showed me and I set my stuff down. Sam was sleeping in the other bunk in Julia's room. There was a little hill outside the house with a tree on it. Why were there always hills with trees on them?! I grabbed my sketch book and told Julia and Sam I was going outside. I sat down at the base of the tree like I always do with the other hills and started to draw a bunny rabbit that was hopping past. It was white and fluffy and wearing... battle armor? Just like in my dream. "Come back here!" You saw a guy running after the rabbit. The rabbit hopped onto your lap and just sat there. The guy came and picked the rabbit off of your lap. He looked eighteen around about. "Thanks." He said while gasping for breathe. "I just want to know one thing. Why is your rabbit wearing battle armor." "My friends dared me. Plus it keeps the bumblebees away. They're downright pests those bumblebees!" Again just like my dream. "By the way the name's Hank." This kept on getting weirder and weirder. "______." I replied.
  7. We talked for a few more minutes and then he went back to his friends and I went back to mine. I stepped in the door to the lovely smell of food. Roast lamb I think. I turned the corner into the kitchen where I saw Julia's mum. "Would you like any help?" I asked her and she nodded. "Yes can you please set the table. Dinner will be ready in five minutes." I set the table and went and told Julia and Sam. They came down and we ate. It tasted really good and I told that to Julia's mum. She seemed pleased. After dinner Julia grabbed a packet of marshmallows and some other food stuffs and went upstairs. We followed her after thanking her mum for dinner. We sat in Julia's room and started playing truth or dare. We also had a mini campfire going in her bedroom! We made smores. "______ truth or dare." "Truth." I thought I'd start of with something easy but it turned out not. "Who do you like?" Julia asked. "As in like, like or as a friend?" "Like, like of course!" "Ummmm... I don't know." Sam sensed my discomfort and said, "Julia, truth or dare." She made spooky noises with the dare. So of course Julia picked, "Dare." "I dare you to eat chili powder." "Hang on, let's move to my brothers room cause I don't care if we mess up his stuff but mine is a no no. We walked to her brothers room and Sam got some chili powder. Julia ate it and she went to go get a drink of milk or eat a piece of bread. When she wasn't back in five minutes Sam went down to help Julia. I looked up at the ceiling. It had glow in the dark stars attached to it. I heard the door open and I assumed it was Sam and Julia so I kept on looking up. But the voice was different, yet familiar, "I didn't think I'd find you in my room."
  8. CLIFFHANGER!!! Ok guys there's a bit of a cliffhanger. Hope you liked it!
  9. *skip*
  10. Ok guys that's where I'm gonna leave it. Hope you liked it and I can't wait to get the next one up! Thanks to everyone who commented on the quizzes before this one and the people who rated as well! Thanks so much guys and please. Comment & Rate 10!

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