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Hey guys this is the Valentines special! I hope you enjoy it cause I loved writing it and yes this one does have a soundtrack. I hope you like it! Don't forget to hit submit! Love y'all!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* You talked to Fred after Ron blew your cover from behind a tree, You had a fight with Ron by the way. You moved back to the Slytherin dorms and ran into Neville on the way. You found out that Luke was in Slytherin, Draco borrowed your copy of Wuthering Heights, you had a fight with Cedric in the hall and you had a conflict with Cho Chang, you drew and listened to music. You had a nice scene with Luke and You talked to George. You saw Oliver and met his friend Bryce. You talked to Fleur on your cell and then we skipped to the Christmas holidays departure. You left Hogwarts and went home with your Aunt Rosa and Pedro. Comprenede?
  2. Hey guys this is the HP Valentines Day quiz special! It does have a soundtrack if you want to listen so I'll tell you what they are. Courageous by Casting Crowns goes from question 5-8. You and I by Chris August goes from question 8-9. Lost in Paradise by Evanescence goes from question 9-10. Broken by Evanescence goes from question 10-The End.
  3. The Christmas holidays flew by and so did another month at Hogwarts. Ron has decided to 'forgive you' for whatever you've done. You also patched things up with Cedric. You had some great times with the guys and some really tough times as well but not much happened that is worth telling. You stood on the balcony outside your window as the wind whipped through your hair. You looked down and saw Harry and Ron wave to you. You waved back and stared at the quidditch pitch a little distance away where Oliver was playing quidditch. You smiled and waved at him. He waved back and then got hit in the head with a quaffle. You chuckled and headed back inside. It was the day before Valentines and they had announced that there would indeed be a Valentines dance. You walked out to the corridor and saw Draco sitting on the windowsill. You walked up to him and leaned against the windowsill. He looked up from the book he was reading and held it up. "I'm reading it." You chuckled. "I can see that." "It's good." He replied. "Told you so." He chuckled and you looked out the window. "Beautiful day isn't it." You said. "Yea, it really is." He said, looking at you. "Hey I was wondering..." But he didn't get the chance to finish. Luke came up and spun you around. "It's nice that I get to see you every day." He said. "I'm not interrupting am I?" "No, not at all." You said. You linked your arm with his as he said, "I need to talk to you." You looked back at Draco but he was back to reading. "Lead the way." You said. You walked with Luke as he drew you into an empty corridor. "What is the answer you seek?" You asked as he chuckled. "The answer I seek is a yes for me asking you to the dance tomorrow." "Then you shall have what you seek. Yes." You saw the Hufflepuff quidditch team walk around the corner as Luke walked off. Doing a happy dance. You chuckled and hid your smile behind your hand. You watched as Cedric walked up to you. "Hey gorgeous." He whispered into your ear. "Hey handsome." You whispered back and the two of you got a few whistles from the Hufflepuff quidditch team. "You going to the dance tomorrow?" He asked. "Yea. Why do you want to know?" "No reason but I guess I'll see you there." He replied. He walked away to his team and received a few pats on the back from his team mates. You walked on and found Neville. "Hey Neville." "Hey _____."
  4. "Times flying fast." He said. "How do you mean?" You asked. "Well tomorrows Valentines Day and then we only have a few more months. The time's gone by real quick." "I guess you're right. I didn't really notice." "What's this?" "About time flying fast." "We agree with you there." "Yea we saw clock flying very fast through the corridor." "And there it is." And you can guess it was the twins. But they were right. Flying right past us was a clock. You all laughed and you asked, "Hey, you guys are going to the dance aren't you?" "Yea." All three of them said. "Good. You better save a dance for me." You said to them. "We wouldn't miss that for the world." "Yea, getting the chance to see Fred falling over his feet while everyone's laughing," said George. "He'll almost turn the same colour as his hair." You said. "Are you saying I'll turn orange?" He said. You have to admit, even though people say red head, the Weasley's hair is orange. "I said almost." You replied. "I better go but I'll see you later." Said Neville. "Ok we'll see you later." You and the twins said in unison and Neville laughed. "Bye." And then he walked off to an unknown destination. "Well I guess I'll see you guys later." You said as you turned slightly in another direction. "Who said anything about going anywhere?" They both said. "What are you guys talking about?" You asked. "Come with us and find out." George said. You followed, curious. They lead you to the Great Hall and stood in the middle of it. "Don't laugh at us." "But you have to teach us to dance for the dance tomorrow." You chuckled. "We said don't laugh!" They said in mock hurt unison. "Sorry but I don't think I heard right. The ever so confident Weasleys want dancing lessons from me." "Yes." They said, "Will you do it?" "Of course. I wouldn't miss the chance to laugh at you guys as you humiliate yourself for the world!" "Let's just start already." So you started the 'lesson'. You tried to teach them to waltz but they failed miserably. You told them to try again and you pulled out your phone. They tried but tripped over each others feet.. They looked up at you and saw you videoing them on your phone. They got up as you darted out of the room, laughing. "Delete it!" They shouted after you. You turned around just long enough to hold up your phone and say, "I will." They sighed in relief. "Right after it goes viral!" Then they ran after you and you ran into a dead end. George got there first and wrestled the phone out of your hands. Then he tossed it to Fred and he deleted it. You held up your arms in mock surrender and Fred tossed you your phone. You lowered your arms and you all laughed.
  5. You walked away from them and to your dorm where you got out your laptop. You got out your USB cable and connected your phone to your laptop. Lucky you made a copy before they deleted the original. You opened a tab and went to your YouTube account. You added the video and then packed your laptop up. *Sorry, time skip* A few hours later you were lying on your bed and you heard a shout come through the whole castle. "WE'RE GONNA GET YOU FOR THIS ______!" You laughed and fell on the floor. Talia came in and saw you in your current state. "OMG are you having a heart attack!" She said in an alarmed yet mocking tone. "Laughing... can't... breath." "Calm your farm girl. The people can hear you from the corridor. You walked down the steps to the common room. Still laughing and you fall down the stairs. You rolled on the floor, right at the bottom of the steps, in fits of laughter. You finally calmed down and saw that other people were looking at you as if you were the weirdest person on planet earth. You chuckled and headed up the stairs where you collapsed onto your bed and fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.
  6. You woke up and did your usual routine. Shower, get dressed, breakfast, that thing. You were really excited for the dance tonight. After breakfast you went and sat in your room, looking at the open closet. Talia walked in. "Getting ready now?! The dance is in like 10 hours!" "Hardly enough time, I know don't remind me." You replied. She walked over to you and asked what you were doing. "Well I'm trying to figure out which dress to wear of course. Help me." She sat on the bed and looked at everything. "Try this one." She said. She pulled out a black, one shoulder romper. "I don't know I was thinking this one." You pulled out a white silk dress that had the front go to just above your knees and the back went to the floor. It had white beading just under the chest area and silver patterns decorating the hem at the bottom. It was strapless and had white gloves to match. Talia pulled out a pair of white three inch heels that had a strap above where your toes meet your foot and one around your ankle. You picked up your mothers locket and put it with the dress. Along with the hairpin. That passed an hour and then you looked at a dress for Talia. She chose a rich, purple dress that made her eyes stand out. It was a spaghetti strap and there was a black ribbon around her waist. It reached just above her knees and she choose some 3 inch silver heels. She also threw on a black ribbon that goes around her neck. That killed another hour and there was still like 6 hours until you had to get ready. The both of you stayed in the room and talked. You talked so long that you almost missed lunch. In fact you did and by six o'clock you were both starving. You both got into your dresses in separate rooms. You in the adjacent, small bathroom. You looked into the mirror at the dress and you thought it would be a nice surprise for the guys. Just as you were about to start your hair Talia knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey, I'm going. Are you ready?" Of course you weren't so you said, "I'll meet you there." You heard her leave the room and you started curling your hair. After you finished you put in your mothers hair clip and put on the locket while you started your makeup. You wore white eye shadow and eyeliner. Mascara and a subtle pinky red lipstick. By the time you were done it was ten minutes past the start time and everyone was already there.
  7. You descended the stairs to the Great Hall and saw all the couples on the dance floor. Looking up your way was Luke in his suit. He says dress robes make him look daggy. Dumbledore lets him though. He looked utterly entranced by you. As you walked down the last step he came towards you, "You look. No words have been invented that are good enough." "Thank you. You look very handsome." You thought you had seen that suit on him before but you couldn't quit pinpoint it. He took your hand and kissed the top of the glove delicately. He led you out on the dance floor but you were intercepted by the guys. You had promised them a dance. You told Luke that you were sorry and that you'd be back. You danced with all the guys and surprisingly the twins weren't that bad. You finally circulated back to Luke and he kissed your hand again. "May I have this dance?" "Of course." He led you out onto the dance floor and you started dancing.
  8. He led you out from the dance floor and onto a balcony. The wind whipped through your hair and he tucked a small piece behind your ear. You could hear the faint music coming from inside and he took you hand and your waist in a waltz hold. You looked into his eyes and you took your hand out of his and put his other hand on your waist while you put your arms around his neck. He stared back into your eyes and you started to slow dance. He spun you and held you up into the air and you landed gracefully as you were set back down. Your legs were doing all the dancing but you were spending your focus on Luke. You suddenly remembered where you had seen that suit before. At your school dance where you first officially met. It still had the exact same flower hanging out of the pocket that you gave him at the dance. It was also the night you had your first kiss. With the exact same guy as was in front of you. You touched the suit as you looked at it and touched the delicate petal of the white flower. You looked back up into his eyes and saw his looking into yours. You both leaned in a kissed. He was the first one to pull back and he held your face in his hands. A gentle breeze came and lifted your hair slightly to the direction that was to your right. You looked into his eyes as he whispered in a gentle tone. "Will you be my Valentine?" "Yes." You whispered back and you leaned in for another kiss.
  9. Hey guys this is the end of the Valentines Day Special! Hope you like it cause I loved writing it. Ok, so the contest. Yes I'm having one too but I'm not trying to copy anyone. I just feel like I need one. Ok so the prize is that you'll get to be a character in a few of my quizzes. Maybe more we'll see how it goes. I'll have at least 2 prize winners. You have to write the weirdest dream you've ever had/would like to have. Also tell me you're ideal characters name, looks and personality. Comment or send me an email at brisingr@live(.)com.au without the brackets. Thanks guys and please enter the competition and you can't send more than one entry or you can't win the prize.
  10. Thanks guys for taking the quiz and don't forget to hit submit so I can see how many lovely people take my quiz. Comment & Rate 10! Also don't forget about the contest. The details are in the paragraph above.

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