Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 11

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Hey guys this is the first part of year 4 so I hope you like it! I really enjoyed writing this and I look forward to writing much more! Thanks so much and please enjoy!

Ok this goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is to young to date. Or get the same material I do. Don't forget to hit submit so I know how many lovely people take my quiz! Also don't forget to Comment & Rate 10! I love you all so much. (as a friend) Thanks so much. And here it is...

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* Hank is Julia's brother, you were staying at Julia's house while trying to find your father. Fred kissed Jamie, you found your father and two more surprises. Your mum and little sister. You got driven to the train stations and said goodbye to Luke. That was the end of year 3. Comprende?
  2. The holidays had zoomed by as fast as I can remember. I spent time with my family, Pedro knows now and he stayed with us for a while before going back to his apartment that he rents. I hung out with Julia and Sam and Hank and I have become great friends. We text each other a lot. I got a new uniform for Beauxbatons and flew to France on a plane. I arrived the day that school was due to start. We didn't have a train like the Hogwarts Express. We did have carriages with Pegasus though. They brought us in. I met up with Fleur, Julia, Sam and my other friends and did air kisses like we always do. I hoped into the carriage and stroked one of the fine winged horses. I was in the carriage with my favourite one. I called her Maelstrom. "Hey Maelstrom." I whispered as I went back and sat in the carriage. She snorted a hello back and then we were on our way.
  3. As soon as I arrived into Beauxbaton's Grand Hall I stopped to admire what I'd missed. "Beautiful isn't it." I turned and saw Ariel and Natalie. Along with Fleur all 4 of us were like ultimate BFF's! I gave them both a hug. "I'm so glad to see you guys!" "You too." They said while they hugged me back. We took our seats while Madame Maxime stood in the spotlight. "This year is a very important time for Beauxbatons." She started with her booming voice as it echoed through the halls. "This year is the year of the tri-wizard tournament. Our school has been chosen to take part with a champion." The hall started up with a chatter and we all looked at each other in excitement. "Due to the new change of rules. Only 6th years and 7th years will be allowed to participate. With some exceptions." We all looked around nervously wondering if we were one of those exceptions. All my friends were either in 4th, 5th or 6th year. Fleur was 6th and most of the others were 5th or 4th year. "The exceptions will come with those eligible to participate to the hosts this year. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be accepting us into their halls this year while the tournament proceeds." I felt like fainting, or throwing up, I didn't know which one so I let out a small gasp. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn't be one of those exceptions. I could see Fleur basically jumping out of her seat in excitement. "The exceptions this year are..."
  4. *Fred* I looked around the hall but I saw no ______. I saw Jamie and she waved me over. She gave me a kiss and I asked, "Have you seen ______?" She said she hadn't and I believed her. I glanced around again and scanned the room but still no sign. I sat down and let my mind wander a bit. "In a few months you're never going to see me again..." Kept echoing through my head. Those words now made sense. She hadn't planned on coming back. Harry leaned across the table from me. "Hey Fred. Have you seen ______?" "She's gone mate. Gone for good." I replied solemnly. Ron overheard us because he was sitting right next to Harry and said, "What do you mean?" But before I had a chance to explain, Dumbledore's echoing voice reverberated through the hall. *Luke* I wasn't even listening to what most of Dumbledore was saying but when I heard him say Beauxbatons and Durmstrang I flicked my head up. I saw the girls from Beauxbatons flow into the hall in their blue, silk uniforms. I saw _____ there and everyone took a shocked second look. 'Why was she there?' They probably all thought. Well, at least she's here for the time being.
  5. *You* Those words still echoed hauntingly through my head. 'The exceptions are _______ _______, Samantha Terry, Julia Cambridge, Ariel Hunter and Natalie Rodriguez.' I was doing the routine that we always do. Walk, stop, sort of a bow sidewards, sigh sweetly. I was doing that along the middle isle when I saw Harry and Ron just ahead. Along with Fred and George on the other side. 'Oh no.' I instantly thought. I hoped I wouldn't have to stop in front of them but of course, I did. They didn't say anything so neither did I. I kept on going along until we were at our seats. Then the Durmstrang gang came in and I could see the longing in Luke's eyes as my gaze scanned the crowd. Some shocked eyes were still on me but most were on the Durmstrang students. I knew a few of them. They were like our... what would you call it? Brother school. Like if we were a catholic school but we aren't. I looked in the Durmstrang crowd to see Matt. An old buddy of mine. Little more than a buddy though. He winked at me as he took his seat and I looked at the Hogwarts podium in boredom. Dumbledore blabbered on about it for what seemed like hours and then we found out Durmstrangs were staying in Slytherin and we get to stay with the Ravenclaws. At least I wouldn't be with the guys. I had on my french accent at the moment. Most of us could change our accents but some couldn't. We all got up and went to our common rooms without another thought. This was going to be another eventful year.
  6. The next night was fun. As our classmates urged us to put our name in the goblet. Fleur and I were the only ones out of our friendship group who wanted to do it but some put there names in anyway. Before I could step into the circle Fred and George burst into the room with a vial of some sort. They were a step away from the circle and then they said, "Bottoms up." While they had their arms across each others and they drank. They seemed to grow older by the second and they stepped inside the circle. They got blasted back and then I saw to old men grappling on the floor. They got removed from the hall with Hermione following in tow. "I told you so." I heard her say. Almost everyone was in the hall and after the commotion died down Fleur stepped in and put her name in the cup. After her my friends pushed me in as Cedric's friends pushed him in and we bumped into each other. "Oh hi _____." He said while blushing as he looked me over. "'Ello Cedric." I said in my French accent. I popped my name into the goblet as some people gasped in surprise. Draco just stood and stared. I had my old flirty attitude back. It came with the accent. So why not? I winked at him and blew him an air kiss. This just made people more confused. I went back to my friends. "So iz zere anything good around here?" We all had our French accents on for Beauxbatons. "Well, ozer zan annoying ze boys. Not much." As we passed Luke in the corridor he was hanging out with some old friends of his from Durmstrang. But he pulled me aside. I hugged him as he hugged me back. "I missed you so much!" He said to me and I replied in kind.
  7. "I'm sorry I left Luke." "It's ok." He replied. "I'm just going to 'ave to make it up to you." "I know a few ways." He said as our noses rubbed against each other. Suddenly someone came behind me and covered my eyes. "Guess who?" "Oliver?" I said surprised as I turned around. He uncovered my eyes and stood before me. Luke had stepped away from me and was looking at Oliver with a glare. "But what are you doing 'ere?" "First what's with the French accent and the blue uniform?" "Beauxbatons." I replied. "Ok and I was here to see you." "But aren't you supposed to be with your quidditch team?" He sent a letter to me in the summer that he got excepted into Puddlemere United. "I took some time off and it's worth it." He looked at me and swept me into his arms. He twirled me around and I laughed in delight. By now Luke was with his friends but they were throwing glances our way occasionally. He turned me around to face him. "Meet me, at the owlery balcony tonight. At sunset." "You sound like a love sick poet." I said with a chuckle. "Just be there." "Ok." Then it just seemed like he was gone. Or I was having another flashback. It was a flashback... again.
  8. *Flashback* It was before the time I thought my mother died and my step father actually died. I was walking along in the flowers near our house. My mum loved gardening. I cut myself on a rose thorn and I stood there sucking my finger so it would stop the bleeding. My step father was at a poker game with his friends. The back door opened to reveal the figure of my step father. But he looked... different somehow. Maybe I just hadn't seen him in a while. He had on a black cloak and a hood that hid his face. He came towards me and put a band aid on my finger. That was the nicest time I remembered of him. Then I remembered. I had two step fathers. This was the first one. He wasn't at poker but a meeting and this happened a year or two before the accident. I liked this step father. He was always there for me. He was there to kiss me goodnight and sing me songs when I was sad. But my mum got divorced because he 'spent to much time on work.' In the flashback he lowered his head and kissed my finger. "Is that better?" He asked. "Yesh." I replied and gave him a big hug. He stood up and his hood flicked back. No... It couldn't be....
  9. *Back at Hogwarts after it was over* I awoke from my vision, screaming. "No!" I cried. My eyes were filling with tears. I realized I had collapsed on the cold floor. "______! ______!" People were shouting but I was so far away from them psychologically. I was getting carried to the hospital wing. I was laid down on a bed and then I came back to real life. "I'm fine. I'm fine." I said as I got up. I got a woozy feeling in my head but I got up anyway. I walked out of the hospital wing and went to the Ravenclaw common room where my friends were. "_____ are you alright." Fleur asked as I walked in. "Never better." I whispered. "We've got to go to ze ceremony tomorrow where they announce ze champions. I'm going to get some rest." I said as I waddled to my room. I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.
  10. The next day I met up with Neville in the courtyard. "Hey _____." He said glumly. "Hey Neville what's up?" I asked as I kissed him on the cheek. He turned as red as a tomato and I chuckled. "It's nice to see you too Nev." "So I saw Luke put his name into that goblet of fire." "Really?" I said with real interest. I wonder what Luke would be doing signing up. Maybe he was an exception of Hogwarts. "Yea. I guess they made some exceptions. Even with the new rule." "Yea." I replied. He looked down at the ground. "Look Neville I'm sorry that I left." Now we were on top of my favourite hill. I turned to face him after he didn't say anything. "Neville?" He looked up and stared straight into my eyes. "Don't ever do that again." He said as he leaned in. He was so cute in this light. We kissed and then after a few seconds too long he pulled back. "I'm so sorry! I'm so embarrassed!" Again, he was as red as a tomato. "It's fine." I said. It was actually better than I thought it would have been. I could see a glint in his eye. "Well I best be off to the ceremony thing. Come with me." I said as I held out my hand. He clasped it and the breeze swept through my loose hair. I laughed in delight once more and we made our way too the hall.
  11. We came into the hall in a state of awe. It had gone dark and there was the goblet of fire on a podium at the front. Along with the cup. I waved Neville goodbye and sat with my Beauxbaton's girls. Dumbledore stepped up to the front and the flame started to change colour. The doors closed by what seemed like nothing. The flames spit out a piece of parchment. "The champion for Durmstrang is... Victor Crumb!" Figures. He stood up and strode to the front. Then he entered a room that only the champions enter. This time a frilly piece of parchment came out. The type that the Beauxbaton's girls used. I crossed my fingers that it wasn't me and then he announced, "The Beauxbaton's champion is Fleur Delacour!" We all cheered for here. "Good luck!" I said to her as she got up. She went into the room as well. Another piece of parchment came out and Dumbledore unfolded it. "And the Hogwarts champion is... Cedric Diggory." Hufflepuff burst into cheers and so did a lot of others. Dumbledore strode down the middle of the aisle but the flame was still going. "Headmaster!" Snape alerted. Dumbledore turned around and went back to the front. This time it spit out a more blackened piece of parchment. "Harry Potter." He whispered. The hall fell into silence. "Harry Potter!" He said more loudly. This time when Harry got up the crowd turned into a riot. "But he's only 14!" They shouted. "Cheat!" Said someone from the Slytherin table. 'You'd be one to know.' I thought. Harry disappeared into the room but... the flame was still going. It spit out another piece of parchment. "L-Luke Tremor. For Durmstrang." He said and at this Durmstrang was surprised. Luke was out of their school. How could that happen. But it still wasn't finished. How long does this go for?" I wondered as I checked my watch. Suddenly I heard my name being called for Beauxbaton's. Now we had a fight here. 6 champions. Not good. I disappeared into the champions room and the door banged behind me with all sound cut off.
  12. Ok guys I hope you liked my first installment of 4th year! There will be more to come and I can't wait for the Yule Ball! I know mine probably won't be as good as other forth years from other quizzes which are just... amazing. But I hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate!

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