Don't Forget Me Part Three

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Alright, credit to angelic4 sundaisy elf maiden! Thanks for your comments guys! Keep it up! I hope you like the series! Yay! Partay time!!! BOO_YA!!

So, four guys, five powers, one world, one girl, one choice... and it's yours. Who will you choose to love? Leo, your best friend, Logan, extremely hot, Ash, Mature and quiet, or Corban, the total flirt?

Created by: katanasky

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  1. Later that night, your trying to get to sleep in the white bed when someone pushes open the door. You sit up quickly and stare at him. You can see enough to know that it's not one of your friends.
  2. "Who is it?" you ask, your voice shaking. Nothing answers. You stand up and that's when you notice a strange odor in the room. Everything blacks out and you have no idea where you'll wake up.
  3. You wake up slowly and sit up. You are in a green room that seems to vibrate. The very air seems to hum. It hurts your ears and makes you dizzy. There is an odd green fire place with a chair blocking it. All you see is a hand raised into the air. The fingers curl inward and green lightning sizzles between them. you jump back. "Who are you?" you demand. "The Lightning starter... The King of Electricity... but you would know me better as Prince Keylanai," he said, standing up and facing you. He's incredibly handsome. Dark and light stripped hair falls over his eyes, which are aqua green. his royal robe is green and red and he's tall... taller than Ash. You back away a step when he starts to approach you. "Come now, Violet, no need to be scared, I'm not going to hurt you... not yet atleast, you see darling, I need you. Quite a lot actually. The other members of your team would be too hard to reson with and since you mean so much to them, I picked you. I will free you, or you can stay with me once they are here," he said. You watch him. "What if they don't come?" you ask. "Oh they'll come precious, for you, they would all come. You mean plenty to them," as he spoke his voice trailed off roughly and he leaned toward your neck as he whispered. He continued past you. "Care to eat? Best in the land," he said nonchalantly. You glare at him. he looks at you. "My, what a gorgeous pendant, I shall take a look," he said, leaning closer. "Get away from me!" you hiss, stepping back. His fingers trail down your stomach. "We'll have plenty time to get aqquainted, just you see how well," he said, stomping out of the room. You collapse on your knees and start crying.
  4. Electricity, what was that? Was it one of the great evils the King had warned the land about? One that had almost killed the earth a long time ago? You didn't know, as far as you knew, the world had always been like this. You wrap your arms around your knees and drop your head down. He was going to use you to get the boys. You couldn't let him. You stand up and wander around the room. Every time you touch something, you get shocked. Tears are streaming down your face but you ignore them... then, out in the green lit corridor, you hear a sound. a muffled running sound. The walls are clear and all you see is a group of Bloodhearts running. That was odd. soon, approaching down the hallway is...
  5. It's a swirl of air. A tornado, like the dust devils you saw sometimes. Ash hurled it down the hall with a swing of his arms. It scattered the Bloodhearts. Leo had dropped in a huge fire ball for good measure. You are filled with relief but also worry, especially since Leo keeps going down the hall. Ash knows better than to touch the door. He blows it down. You run at him. His eyes widen a second before you catch him in a hug. He stiffens but awkwardly hugs you back and whispers into your hair. "----, I'm so glad you're not hurt."
  6. he pulls you away and takes your hand, leading you down the hallway. "Ash, where are the others?" you ask, worry tainting your voice. "They're fighting," he answers, and with a flick of his fingers, he clears the hallway. You follow him silently outside the palace where you meet up with Corban and Logan. Corban sees Leo isn't with you and goes after him. You look after him. Then you are gathered in someone's arms. It's Logan. He holds you against his strong chest. "----, I'm so sorry we let this happen, are you okay?" he asks. You pull your head back to look into his green green eyes. "Yeah," you whisper. He keeps hugging you, holding you like your a delicate figureine. He gazes into your eyes and gently brushes his soft lips against yours. You seem to feel the ground beneath you vibrate. When you pull back and open your eyes you see as far as you can, the ground is broken up in huge chunks. Gradually it stops moving and you realize that it was Logan, the emotion he felt triggered what happened. Ash is staring at Logan with an annoyed look. "What?" Logan asked. Then he looked around and grinned sheepishly. "Oh," he said.
  7. (Ash POV) Gosh she was so pretty when I found her in that room, I'm so glad nothing happened to her, nothing would be the same without Lavendargirl.
  8. (Logan POV) When I kissed her, my whole world seemed to quiver. Everything I've ever known or thought just melted as our lips met. When I looked into her eyes, I knew nothing would ever be the same.
  9. (Corban POV) I saw her, and my heart stopped when I did, and as much as I wanted to hug and kiss her, I had to get Leo. I looked at her. I felt something in me change, I liked her, she was cute and sweet, but then... somehow... something clicked, and I felt like I could give her my whole world in a heartbeat. I didn't know what that feeling was, but it was different.
  10. (Leo POV) As I ran past her, my best friend in the whole world, it about tore my heart out of my chest. I had to keep going, make Prince Keylanai pay for hurting her. I think I love her... I can't tell, I just want to... kiss her... more every day.
  11. Okay. I'm done, look for Part Four soon! Probably later today.

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