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  • Love Quiz
    "cool! I love that! Thank you! I've got it all now! Four guys, and the girl turn into dragons and fight the evil guys... yeah! Thanks!"
  • Love Quiz
    "okay, fine... I was just wondering if you could make up the plot for one as a suggestion, see the thing is that I don't know what it should ..."
  • Love Quiz
    "Like... should there be four guys and the character who can turn into dragons... or four guys and the character who are mermaids? And should..."
  • Love Quiz
    "That as a name?"
  • Love Quiz
  • Love Quiz
    "Dragons, superheros, regular, past, present future, it doesn't really matter."
  • Love Quiz
    "That's what I'm asking, anything, whatever you think."
  • Love Quiz
    "Anything goes..."
  • "Team Tyler, the dude almost hit Bella! Too bad Edward was there."
  • Love Quiz
    "So, I've made two series, Keepin You and Don't Forget Me... here's where you can have your say and suggest guys... or plots, what I should c..."
  • Best Friend
    "I'm in love with my best friend Gabe... we are in between boyfriend and girlfriend and bffs. He kisses me out of the blue sometimes but for ..."
  • Is this crazy or what?
    "I love that movie! Kevin is... cute... heh heh..."
  • "Bourne Identity. Matt Damon Rocks! It actually inspired me to write a spy book which I'm getting published."
  • "Team Tyler, it's a shame he didn't actually hit Bella."
  • True Grit
    "I like the original Rooster Cogburn, but I really think that Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges filled the spot."

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