Don't Forget Me Part Seven

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so, Ash=Silver hair, mixed blue, gray, and violet eyes. Leo=Brown hair, brown eyes. Corban= Black hair, blue eyes. Logan=Yellow blonde hair, green eyes.

So..._sundaisy_ here you go! _Ardeo9999_ I could change his name if you want. _elfmaiden_ sorry you didn't get more time with Ash, I Kinda got stuck in a rut and needed to skip ahead. _Darksoul_ Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Created by: katanasky

  1. So, part seven already, whew. Okay, on with it.So, you and Ash set out to find the others, not knowing you have a tag along, and that the Bloodhearts will soon follow...
  2. You and Ash are completely lost. Completely. Ash thinks he knows where he's going but he has no clue. "Ash, we should go..." you start. A look with his serious gray eyes silences you. "----, listen, if we don't get to them in time, bad things could happen," he says slowly. "What on earth is up with you two?" a young voice says. A boy with long dark hair and brown eyes seems to appear out of an alley. "You've been circling Times Square for an hour," he said. Ash stiffens with the 'Are you insulting my intelligence' look. You grab Ash's arm as you notice him start to swirl his fingers. His muscles tighten but then he sighs and clamps his hand in a fist. You pull your hand down to his and give it a squeeze. "Who are you and what do you want?" "I'm da moffia and I want to help you find your friends, that is if they have money," he said. "Moffia, how can know we are-" "The name's Bradley, Brad, Radley, Ley, whatever you want, but man, I saw what you did back there to that jerk," Moffia said. It's an odd name. "Moffia, you can..." then Ash looks at you. His clear gray eyes seem to be asking you to read his mind. You do. (Do it ----, tell me what he's thinking.) You sigh and look into Moffia's eyes, you had to get them into a mild hypnosis before you can do it. His light hazel-brown eyes dialate and he swallows. Instead of doing what Ash told you to, you plant in his mind. Everything about everything that you know. You look away and Ash=facepalms. Moffia stares at you, then Ash, then you, and faints.
  3. So Ash is carrying Moffia, mad at you for telling him everything as you set out in circles around New York.
  4. two days later...(I'm sorry, I didn't know if I could actually rescue all the guys, I went fast so we could get to all that gooey romantic stuff faster.)
  5. "So, you missed me huh?" Leo asked, nuzzling your neck as he sat beside you. You nod and turn to look at him. "You're still my best friend right?" you ask the guy you've known since you were born. He nods. You read his mind. (I wish I was more than that for her... dang it, she's reading my mind... act casual...) You smile. He somehow takes that as permission because he leans forward, pressing his lips against yours and slipping his arms around you. He's so incredibly warm. You start to pull away. His lips hover just over yours as he holds you tight. "----, I love you... I think I've always been in love with you and didn't know it..." he whispered. You feel your heart melt. "Leo," you whisper. He smiles slightly at you before cutting you off with another kiss.
  6. Corban kisses you to wake you up the next morning and Logan serves up a hug with breakfast. Brad is still in shock. You teleported him back with you and he's still in shock. Ash is out trying to find the next portal because the last time screwed everything up. You have no earth rock, or magic rock, or air rock, or water rock, or fire rock, but, you will go and get them sometime.
  7. I'm out of ideas... I know, this one was crappy... really bad... hey! I've got it! These next questions may not go in chronological order but, it's what happened when each of the boys were reunited. I already wrote Leo's^ so...
  8. "Logan!" you squeal. He grins. You are wrapped in his strong arms and he holds you tight. "----, I'm so glad you're okay," he whispered. Then you pull back and stare into those deep green eyes. Hypnosis time. He leans forward and you feel the ground shake beneath you. He pauses and gets a grip on his power... then he kisses you with total confidence. "I wanted to do that for so long," he whispers. You smile. He does too.
  9. Corban saw you and dropped to his knees, being weak from all the strength that it took to hold back the water. He smiled and help his arms open for you. You tackle him, knocking you both down. Your lips meet his and he holds you tight as he kisses you. "I love you," he whispers.
  10. Ash smiles over breakfast, looking pleased that he kept you safe and that everyone is together again. Brad, looks a little put off, like an outsider and seems kinda confused. You decide tomorrow you'll spend some time with him to help him readjust.

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