Which guy is your dream guy?Part 10

Today you are saved by a guy with Amberbrown hair,and brown eyes.I'm sorry,he ain't in the results.tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaad

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Created by: MayRose
  1. The guys are all frozen for a moment,then they run over to you and help you up."Owwwwww!"You feel a searing pain coming from your ankle.The guys look at your ankle,and see the anklet."When did you get that?!"Austin says.
  2. "I dunno,I didn't notice it until I jumped out the window!"You say,holding your head."Well,we need to get it off quick,it just set off an alarm."Andrew says calmly.All of a sudden,a figure in a robe comes from behind the tree.It's Johnson!"_____,my boss made me kidnap you,I wish I didn't,but since I did,I'll help you now."He says.He pulls out a key,and unlocks your anklet.It falls to the ground,uselessly.
  3. "Hey Johnson,you won't be able to go backj to Heathe after this,so you can stay at our house?"You say.The guys all look angry."Are you sure?"He says.His eyes sparkle."Yeah!But we gotta go NOW!"All of you start running.
  4. When the six of you get back home,Johnson goes into the basement and you and the guys bring him a pull out bed.When you all go to bed the goes come in your room to talk to you."_____,we don't like how you invited him to live here.We don't know him,for all we know,he might double-cross us."Zack says.
  5. "You guys,I don't have the guts to kick him out.Heathe wouldn't give me a food tray,because I wouldn't kiss him,but Johnson snuck me some water even though Heathe practically threatened him."You say,you don't want Johnson to leave,you'd feel to guilty.
  6. "Fine!"They all say bitterly and leave the room.You fall asleep.What do you dream about?
  7. You woke up in the morning(sad,scared,or happy depending on your previous answer) and went downstairs for breakfast.You slept in a little,so all of the guys were already in the kitchen(including Royce and Johnson).It was quiet.None of the guys were talking with each other.They were just eating.You sat next to Blaze and Austin.
  8. After breakfast,you and Royce go into the movie room to watch 'Valentine's Day'.After the movie,he says it's to mushy,and not his kinda movie.Johnson walks in looking scared,he shows you a text he got from Heathe not 1 minute ago.It says'Johnson,you better get over here,if you don't, i'll track you down.'You get panicked too.You tell him to erase Heathe from his contact list,and not to ever contact him again.
  9. About 2 hours after that incident,you get another letter.It's from quess who?
  10. Of course it's from Heathe.'Hey _____,just wanted to say that the other day,I kissed your cheek!'You stop readinbg for a second to look scared and distgusted.'I'm gonna get you next time.But your little boyfriends won't find you.'HEATHE.
  11. Sorry to end on that sour note.Okay.Who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 10