Which guy is your dream guy?Part 3

This is Part 3 of which guy is your dream guy!I made this one early because so many people demanded it!thanks for loving my quizez so much!Austin,Andrew,Zacky or Zacky, And Blaze!

Hey,can you guess how many quizez im gonna make for this series?!Leave your guess in the comments and ill say whose closest,(or not!)HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE

Created by: MayRose

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  1. "Hey!_____!Shut up!We can't have the guys finding you can we?"Heathe said putting the blindfold over your mouth.
  2. He sits next to you,when his phone rings,its the duck song!His face turns pink with embarrassment.He stands up to take the call."It's the guys,"he says.Your heart skips a beat."They want you back,"continues talking on the phone,"No!I won't give her back,she's kinda cute!I think i'm falling in love!"You hear a voice raised on the phone."_____ ,they want to talk to you,i'm just gonna put it on speaker.""_____!"It's Andrew and Austin's voice,but you hear zack and Blaze in the background.
  3. Whatever you said,came out being muffled,"____!Why can't you speak,and where are you!"Zack yells from the background.You try and scream,but even though it's muffled,it still comes out loud."Sorry ____,"Heathe takes the phone away."You can't tell them anything about your location or they'll take you away from me."He turns off the phone.What do you do?
  4. Whatever you did,helped a little.The blindfold slipped of your mouth,and you screamed like crazy!Heathe notices again,and puts the blindfold around your mouth even tighter.You glare at him,he frowns."DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!"He looks really mad!He slaps your face,you start crying again.When Heathe sees this he sits next to you again.He says sorry,he doesn't want you to be mad at him the whole time your gonna be here.
  5. All of a sudden you hear a crash come from somewhere else in the dungeon."WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!"Heathe yells looking around frantically!" LET _____ GO!!"It's Zacks voice!He goes up to Heathe and punches him in the solarplexes!Heathe screams in pain!Austin comes over and stomps on Heathe's feet,Andrew punches Heathe in the nose,and Blaze kicks Heathe in a place that makes him cry!By no Heathe is on the floor,he's yelling "DON'T TAKE _____ FROM ME!I LOVE HER!"Heathe screamz at Austin and Andrew as they help you up by untying the ropes around your arms and legs."HEATHE,THERE IS NO WAY THAT WE WILL LET _____STAY WITH YOU!!"Blaze yells at him and kicks his stomache.
  6. They run with you out of the scary dungeon where Heathe is still on the floor."______,what did he do to you?!"Austin says noticing the slap mark on your face,as he takes the blindfold off your mouth.Your'e to scared to answer him.You put your hands over your eyes and start crying again."______,I hate seeing you this way,"Andrew looks sincere when he says this.What are you thinking. . .
  7. When you get back home,your'e still scared,but you feel a little better."You guys,I never asked,but why am i here?"You ask."We brought you here to choose who you would like to date,at the end of 2 months,you pick who you'd like too date,"Blaze explains.
  8. "okay"you reply."Don't worry,we'll make sure that Heathe doesn't get you again.
  9. The next couple days,there is no sign of Heathe.You wake up at the start of week 2,its Monday!You wake up extra early to surprise Blaze and make his breakfast.
  10. When you go downstairs,you hear a car.You look out the windo and see that the mail has arrived!You look at the mail,there is 5 letters.4 of them are bills,and the other one's a note!You open the note and see that it's from Heathe!
  11. It says,'Hey again guys!I haven't given up yet!I love _____ and won't stop until i get her back!Watch out,and if this is _____ reading this,Love ya doll face!See ya!P.S next time i get her,you WON'T get her back!!MWAHAHA!
  12. Which guy is your dream guy?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 3