What is your Dream Mood?

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There are many kinds of dream moods like daydreams, Nightmares and Lucid Dreams. We all have dreams, but we wonder what kind of dream are we.

So take this quiz to find out what kind of dream mood are you. I hope you like this quiz and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Rate and comment!

Created by: Wooden Bridge

  1. What is your life like?
  2. Do you have more bad dreams or good dreams?
  3. How do you usually feel after you've had a dream?
  4. What kind of dreams do you mostly have?
  5. Pick a symbol(Choose very wisely)
  6. Pick a word(Choose very wisely)
  7. Your fears are: This also affects your result
  8. What do you like to do the most?
  9. How do people describe you as?
  10. What bothers you?
  11. This doesn't affect Well, Just saying, that you might not get the result you like. This quiz was really hard to make. I spent 3 days on it.

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Quiz topic: What is my Dream Mood?