Dream Demand Level

Just like a seismograph measures the intensity of an earthquake; the Dream Demand Level determines just how important any one dream is. By answering a few short questions about your dream we can determine exactly how pressing it is that your dream be interpreted.

This is part two of a dream interpretation Quiz set designed to help automate dream interpretation. Use the Dream Demand Level quiz as often as you like to help develop your own understanding of your dreams

Created by: Leon72
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  1. Before this dream, how long has it been since you remembered your dreams?
  2. How often do you recall your dreams on average?
  3. How long could you recall the dream after it happened?
  4. You may think that more than one of these fields accurately describes you. Which one is the MOST accurate description?
  5. Which statement best describes your condition Straight after the dream?
  6. Which statement best describes your feelings now as you think back to the dream?
  7. The dreams length:
  8. The main content of the dream:
  9. On a scale of one to ten how "amazing" would you rate the dream?
  10. Do you think you know what your dream means?

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