Dream Interpretation

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This dream interpretation quiz is designed to break your dream down into some fairly basic key components. Then determine an overview of the dreams type.

This is not a symbol by symbol breakdown. We recommend you use this quiz before looking up any particular symbols in a dream book to avoid swaying your answers.

Created by: Leon72
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  1. Location location location; where does your dream take place?
  2. What kind of people are in the dream?
  3. What items where in the dream?
  4. Who was in control of the dream?
  5. How long did it last?
  6. Feelings associated with the Dream:
  7. How often do you think about your dreams?
  8. Do you live by a favorite number?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. Do you read you zodiac daily?
  11. Did your dream contain components listed in the previous questions or was it totally different

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