which guy is your dream guy?Part 2

This is the Part 2 of which guy is your dream guy!i hope u like!Its the smae guys but this time there is a nasty villian!he seems very scary and isnt nice!

He comes.Once again you have your four cuties,Austin,Blaze,Zacky,and Andrew,they all love you.Only one guy has shown it so far, can yoy guess who it is?

Created by: MayRose

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  1. All four guys hear you scream and rush to your side!"WHAT HAPPENED ____!"Andrew looks worried.He brilliant green eyes has concern all over them,he's holding your hand.Shakily,you hand him the note.After he reads it,his eyes narrow to slits.He whispers to Zack,then gives him the note.Zack's eyes also narrow to slits.This keeps on happenening until all the guys are looking at each other with eyes narrowed to slits.They decide to hold another meeting for the guys,but Andrew,is too worried and stays with you.
  2. "In case anything happens I'll stay here and protect you"Andrew says with a spark of confidence in his voice.Suddenly,you feel safe with him there.You fall asleep peacefully,Andrew watches his surroundings carefully.
  3. You wake up to the smell of bacon,pancakes,and waffles!You walk down to the kitchen,its nearly 6:00 A.M!You see that the only one besides you thats awake is Blaze.He got up early to make you and the guys your breakfast!
  4. You walk into the kitchen,when you enter Blaze looks up,but he was in the middle of flipping a pancake so it landed on his head!"Ooops!"He says laughing!"Haha!Was that supposed to happen?" He looks straight at you and says "Yes".You both crack up!!!He serves you a pancake shaped like a heart with a side of bacon."Hmmm, suspicious lookin food ya made,"You says with one eye raised."Don't you trust me?" "Nope!!"He starts to laugh so you join in.He walks up to you and kisses your cheek.
  5. Austin and Zack come into the room."Yummy Yummy breakfast!"Zacks says while laughing.Austin humms the 'do you like waffles' song.Andrew runs down stairs saying"_____GONE-"He stops his sentence once he sees you there."_____!You almost gave me a heart attack!"He says giving you a big hug.Everyone starts laughing!Andrew turns scarlet from embarassment.
  6. After breakfast, You decide to explore the house.The house has 6 bedrooms(one guest room)3 bathrooms,and has 11 other rooms.The guys take you on a trek outside the house.It turns out that there is a HUGE forest behind the HUGE house!Andrew takes a quick stop by the forest,he brings you a single rose!
  7. You guys stop deep inside the forest to take a break.There you find the fountain of youth!!!JK!!!!Austin hands you a bottle of water.You thank him and open the bottle.You drink a some of the water and put the rest in your pocket to save for later.
  8. On your way back home, you hear a rustle in the bushes,you go to check it out,the guys follow close behind,When"OWWWWW!" You yell!You faint.
  9. You wake up feeling woozy.Your hands are tied up and so are your feet!"Where am i!?!"You say,your also blindfolded."Where would you be,besides with me!"Wait,this voice isn't Austin's,or Blaze's,or Andrew's,Or Zack's!
  10. Somebody removes the blindfold.At once you notice that this isn't the mansion,it looks more like a dungeon!Then you remember that you aren't alone.You Look up and see a red-head with curly hair,and deep red eyes!It's Heathe!"Hehe,your'e very beautiful!I can see why the guys like you....You scream at the top of your lungs!

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 2