The Sea Is A Magical Place... Part 2

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Well, welcome to part 2 of my series, 'The Sea Is A Magical Place...'! I hope you like it :D Well, this is about the nineteen-year old Illia Zayra, who's dream is to sail on the sea!

There will be TWO GUYS, only two, that will fall in love with her, and in the end, she'll have to choose one of them. I think I forgot to mention that she loves both of the guys! Or does she? Well, here are the descriptions of them: Renan Dreyar - Short, copper-coloured hair and emerald green eyes. Tall, a little tanned skin. Incredibly handsome, and has a really sexy voice. Zero DiLua - Short, jet black hair and deep, warm and beautiful brown eyes. Tall, and very tanned skin, because of all the times he's been sailing. Just as handsome as Renan. Also has a very sexy voice.

Created by: DarknessOnMyEyes
  1. RECAP: Your father has promised your hand to the king's nephew, Renan Dreyar against your will. As you learned to know him better, you began to think that maybe it wasn't so bad after all... Later, the same day, pirates attacked, and one of them kidnapped you. Now you're on their ship, right? Well then, let's begin!
  2. **Renan's Point Of View** My head hurted. That was all I could think about. Until I heard the scream. "RENAN!" I heard a female voice shout, and my head turned immediately towards the sound. My vision was still a little blurry, apparently I had passed out. I saw a ship, and two shadows entering it. One of the shadows was holding the other, who was struggling. Then, the full moon shined on an object a few metres away from me. My eyes widened, as I realized what it was. It was a dagger. The same dagger I had given to Illia, so that she could protect herself. "ILLIA!" I yelled, as I realized she was the shadow struggling. A pirate had taken her. That pirate had kidnapped my bride.
  3. **Illia's Point Of View** So. There I was, stuck in a pirate ship, kidnapped, in the middle of the night. I really had expected my first voyage in the sea to be a little bit different than this. Let's see, the black-haired pirate had thrown me in this dark lodging, without food or water. "You sleep here tonight. Please, try not to make any sound. The captain would kill me" the pirate said. I wanted to melt again. His voice was just as smooth and wonderful as Renan's, even though they were completely different. Sounded like he was young, maybe a little older than me. I grinned deviously, and opened my mouth to scream as loud as I could, but then I felt his hand against my mouth again. "Don't even think about it. If I must, I'll stay here the whole night covering your mouth." the man said. "Hmmf hih ou hihnaff he?" I tried to say, but it came as a strange sound because of his hand. He loosened his grip a little, so that I could talk. I prepared to scream again, but then he hardened the grip one more time. "I said, don't even think about it. I guess we are spending the night together, if you insist so much in screaming. My name is Zehroh. Zehroh DiLua." he said. "Hehroh?" I tried to ask. "Z-E-R-O. Zero. But you pronounce it Zehroh. What's yours, sweetheart?" he replied. "Ihia Hayra" I tried. I loosened his grip a little. "Illia Zayra. Why do you want to know, and why did you take me away?"
  4. "Maybe I'll tell you in the morning. IF you be quiet, okay?" he answered. "Wh-!" I started, but his grip tightened around my mouth AGAIN. "Shh..." I heard him whisper by my ear. He was behind me, with one of his arms around my waist and the other one in my mouth. "Illia... Do you really want to awake the rest of the crew? I'm the nicest pirate on board, and when the others have awaken because of a loud noise, their mood isn't exactly good. If I were you, I'd keep my voice down." he continued whispering. "I hust wahn ho hnow why. Hlease." I tried to say, tears forming in my eyes. He loosened the grip again. "What did you say?" he mumbled. "I said I just wanted to know why. Please, Zero..." I whispered.
  5. "My dream was about to come true. That man I was trying to awake, he had promised to take me on voyages in the sea. Just then, you and the rest of the pirates attack, and you take me away from the man who'd make my dream come true. And you refuse to tell me why you did it. Please, it's all I want to know..." I whispered, tears beginning to fall. "I saw my best friend's two-year old son, crying and calling for his mother, in the middle of the attack. He saw his babysitter die, and he's only two! I don't want to even THINK about what could happen if I hadn't taken care of him. He'll never forget about this, in his entire life! WHY did you attack? Prince Theo isn't in Azalea right now, and neither is King Rurio nor Queen Arashia. Why right now?" I asked. The tears were falling harder. I just couldn't stop them. So many emotions at once. Fear, happiness(from the Renan-taking-me-to-the-sea-thing), anger, more fear, worry, and confusion. Specially confusion. This guy was dangerous in a moment, and nice in the other.
  6. **Zero's Point Of View** Was she crying? Yes, she was. 'Argh, why are you so bad with women?' I thought to myself. "Hey... Illia... I never wanted to attack Azalea. But it was the captain's orders, and if any of the pirates refuse, it'd cost their life. I had no choice" I whispered. "But why did you take me, out of all the other choices?" Illia asked. Before I could answer, I heard captain Yori call my name. "Zero!" he yelled. "Who's that?" Illia asked. "It's the captain. I have to see what he wants. Meanwhile, please don't make a sound? Captain Yori doesn't know you're here yet." I said, heading for the door. "What if someone else comes in and see me?" she wondered. "It won't happen. This is my lodging, and the others don't know I'm this nice, they wouldn't dare come in." I replied, smirking. Then I remembered it was dark and she couldn't see me. "Try to get some sleep." I whispered before opening the door and getting out.
  7. **Illia's Point Of View** He was gone. I just stood there for a couple minutes, waiting to see if he would come back. He didn't. I shrugged and wiped away the tears. I had cried before a pirate? And worse, the pirate tried to make me feel better? 'This must all be a dream. A nightmare. I'll wake up soon in my own bed, engaged with Renan because of my stupid father, and none of this will ever have happened' I though. 'What if it isn't? What if this is all real?' said the tiny little voice from before inside my head. 'Shut up' I thought to it again. Zero DiLua... Something inside my head recognised that name, but from where? Why did it sound so familiar? Had I heard it before? Was it some famous pirate? Yeah, probably that. I decided that I'd ask him when he came back. Meanwhile, I'd do as he said, and sleep a little. As soon as I laid down in the bed, my eyes closed and I fell asleep.
  8. **ILLIA'S DREAM** There was a boy and a girl. They seemed to be around five, six years old. Both of them were really cute, and they were playing some kind of game. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked like they were having really fun. The girl burst into laughter, and the boy smiled. The girl had brown hair, but I coudn't see her eyecolor. The boy had dark hair and dark eyes, but that was it. They were too far away from me. I tried to get closer, but I couldn't move. As I watched, more scenes of the boy and the girl passed. They were growing up before my eyes. Seven years old, eight, nine... One day, when they seemed around ten, the girl came out from her house to play with the boy again. But the boy didn't come. She waited and waited, but he wasn't anywhere to be seen. The boy was gone, he had disappeared. The girl called out his name, but no answer came. I found myself crying, even though I didn't know why. The girl went to the boy's house, and knocked on the door. No one answered. She opened it, cautiously, and entered the house. Suddenly, I was inside the house, together with her. I couldn't make a sound, I could just follow her and watch what would happen next. The girl entered what seemed like the kitchen, and sitting by the table was a beautiful woman, crying, and a handsome man with black hair comforting her, him also with tears on his eyes. The girl asked something, and as the woman replied, the girl also started to cry. The girl ran out from the house, and headed towards the port, screaming. Then everything was gone, and I woke up.
  9. At the same time, the door opened. I wasn't expecting that, so I jumped and fell out of the bed. A burst of laughter. "Sorry, did I wake you up?" I heard Zero's voice ask, after he caugh his breath. I peaked over the bed, blushing of embarassment, and let out a sigh of relief. "Good, it's you. No, you didn't, you just scared me. It's not fun-" I started to say, but as soon as I saw his face, my voice died. The sunlight came into the room by the windows, and he was just as handsome as Renan, and that isn't just a little. But what made me stop was the cut that ran on the left side of his head, missing the eye by millimetres. "D-Did I do that?" I whispered, pointing at the wound. The cut started a little above the center of the eyebrow, runned diagonally, so that the eye wasn't hit, and ended at the ear lobe. His hand flew up to the wound, and he grimaced when he touched it. "Uhm, yeah. Remind me to teach you how to fight better sometime." he said, walked towards me and helped me up from the floor. My eyes widened. Did he really just say that? "You're not mad at me for hurting you like that?" I asked, surprised. "I've been through worse. And I'm not exaggerating when I say it" he shrugged.
  10. "You could have been blind in that eye by now! How ca-!" I started, but he was right in front of me, covering my mouth, those familiar brown eyes so close. "The others don't know yet you're here. You still have to be quiet" he whispered, and let go of my mouth, leaning away. "I suppose you want to know why I took you, right?" he asked, sitting on the bed. When I didn't do anything, he patted the spot beside him, gesturing for me to sit. I did. "Yeah. And one more thing. I recognise you from somewhere. Have we met before, or something?" I asked. I swear pain flashed through his eyes for a second, but then it was gone as fast as it came. He was about to answer, when the same voice that called him during the night shouted his name again. He sighed. "Again?!" I exclaimed/whispered, stomping my foot with frustration. "Please, can you just tell me before you go?" I begged. He nodded.
  11. **Renan's Point Of View** I looked at the ship that Illia's father had prepared for me. "It doesn't look like much, but it's really fast." Aragogh said. I looked at him. How could this man be Illia's father? I guess she got her beauty and her honesty from her mother. "Are you sure?" I asked. He nodded. "Please, rescue my daughter. I know I'm not the best father, but I truly love her. She's my own flesh and blood" he said, looking at his feet. I smiled sadly. "Don't worry. I'll bring Illia home safe." I said. He looked up, and nodded. I turned around, and entered the ship. A half hour later, the crew had gotten it ready for the journey, and we parted. I glanced back at Azalea one last time. "I will save you, Illia. I promise." I whispered to myself, and turned to the map in front of me.

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