You and your crush (Part 1)

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There was once a beautiful old house right on the edge of a lake, surrounded by woods. But no one would live there because a spirit calling itself Sifty-Sifty-San drove everyone away. In desperation, the owner of the house went to the big city, looking for a man or woman who would be able to banish the spirit of Sifty-Sifty-San. The first night in town, he came across a man named Sam who had spent much of his life banishing ghosts. As Sam approached the house he whistled cheerfully to himself; the prospect of a good night’s sleep in a fancy house and a big wad of money in his pocket made Sam a happy man. Darkness came swiftly, and with it came a sinister hissing sound from the forest. Sifty-sifty, the wind whistled in the treetops. Saaaannnn, the waves lapping the shore responded. Outside, a huge gust of wind shook the house and howled down the chimney. Sam shivered and threw another log on the fire. The wind settled down a bit, and Sam could once again hear the tiny sounds of night. Sifty-sifty, the little frogs croaked. Saaannn, belched the biggest of the bullfrogs. The sound of the waves grew louder. Sam heard a huge thud-thud-thud sound coming from the forest. Sam ran around the house, making sure all the windows and doors were locked.

He had just settled down by the fire for supper when there came a soft cry from the far side of the lake. The frying pan shook in his grip, and he hastily put it back on the fire and pulled a Bible out of his pack. The cry came again, louder. A strange gust of air blew through the house bringing with it a strange musty smell, like the dust in a graveyard. Out on the lake, Sam heard a soft voice chanting: “I am Sifty-Sifty-San. I’m here on the lake, but where is the man?” Sam froze in place, and the wind picked up again, howling down the large chimney. “I am Sifty-Sifty-San,” a sinister voice hissed from the shore of the lake. “I’m here on the shore, but where is the man?” Sam dropped his Bible in his fright. His hands were shaking too much to grip anything, and the dusty, decaying smell coming through the window seemed to dull his thoughts and numb his body. “I am Sifty-Sifty-San,” a terrible, howling voice called from the front of the house. “I’m here on the porch, but where is the man?” Abandoning food, Bible, bag, and sanity, Sam wrestled desperately with the back window, trying to open it wide enough to climb through

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  1. You wake up and your dad opened your blinds so your blinded by the light. You get dressed what are you wearing?
  2. So, you go downstairs and get something to eat and your brother finds you looking for something to eat and sees what you are wear. "Sweet outfit sis" he said. You give him a weird look since your one year apart. What are you eating?
  3. You get in the car and go to school and your brother starts to fall asleep. What do you do to wake him up?
  4. You look out of the car window and you see your crush standing right there at the door. What is his name?
  5. You react and scare your brother "what the heck are you doing sis?" he says shocked. " Oh sorry I just saw something weird" you say. Then you see _____ walk over to the car you where in. What kind of car where you in?
  6. You here ____ say something but you don't know all of what he said you only heard " sweet ride I wonder..." and that was all you heard. So then you got out and you said " what?" _____ says "this is your car _____?" you say " yea so?" your thinking?
  7. Then you get your brother out of your car " yo I was sleeping!" he whispers to you " so I don't care go sleep in your locker" you whisper back at him. You are thinking about when ______ touched your car and is wondering if ______ will ask you to prom in three months from now. Jane caught up to at art class she is your best friend. " Hey I saw you and ______ talking, what was it about?" Jane asked. " Oh nothing he just liked my car that was all." you say with a sigh. Your thinking?
  8. You leave your second best friend to go and meet your first best friend Josh. Your thinking?
  9. "Hey _____! What's up?" Ask Josh as you walk near him "Nothing much really. What's up with you?" And before he could answer the school bell rang. Time for class! "Sorry ____ I gotta head to class" Says Josh walking past you. CLIFFHANGER
  10. wait for part two

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Quiz topic: You and my crush (Part 1)