Remember Where the Truth Lies (Part 5)

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Recap of part 4: Shae invited her friend Leigh over to her house. Leigh tried to prove her bravery by going into a dark bathroom, where she encountered Sydney's spirit.

Shae has also been having disturbing dreams of the fire, as well as finding Sydney's old items around the house. She finally accepted that her sister is haunting her.

Created by: Fallout3

  1. I hear lots of things over the next few days: whispers when I'm alone, doors slamming for no reason, footsteps going down hallways that I know nobody's in. It scares me. I hate being alone in my house, and I can't invite Leigh over again. I'm guessing that our fragile friendship is done with based on her behavior lately. Whenever I see her, whether in hallways or in class, she won't meet my eyes. She mumbles "˜hey' every once in a while, but that's about as far as it gets.
  2. I can't say I'm particularly disappointed. I mean, besides wanting the company when dealing with Sydney's ghost, I don't really miss Leigh. And I can tell that she certainly doesn't miss me. I've never been a very social person; Sydney was always the outgoing one, while I was the one that hung in the background, unnoticed. So I don't really need friends anyway. It would help, though, if I had somebody to talk to. Somebody that wouldn't run out of my house screaming in the middle of the night.
  3. I hear footsteps behind me, and I whip around, expecting to see dark flowing hair and pale skin. Instead I find Aaron looking tired in rumpled pajamas, his hair mussed and sticking up. Peering closer, I see that he does not only look tired, he looks frightened"” I'd even go so far as to say terrified. "Hey, Shae?" Aaron asks tentatively. "Can I talk to you for a second?" His hands are tightly woven together, and he keeps glancing around nervously , like something's about to pop out from around the corner. I nod slowly, a bit wary now. He gestures for me to follow him.
  4. We go into Aaron's room, where he softly shuts the door and sits down on the bed. He pats the space next to him, and I obediently take a seat. Aaron glances around a moment longer before beginning to speak in a quick, hushed tone. "Listen Shae, I need your help. I keep seeing a little girl"”she's probably seven"”and she claims to be my sister. I've talked to her, and I was okay at first, but now I'm getting scared." He pauses, glances around, and begins speaking again in an even more rushed tone.
  5. "She calls herself Sydney. She keeps trying to get me to do something, something that's supposed to be really important, but I don't know what it is. Sydney can't get the words out when she tries to tell me exactly what she needs me to do; she can only do gestures. I've figured out that I need to read something, but I don't know if it's a book, or article, or magazine or what."
  6. "Apparently I have to help Sydney so she can"”I dunno"”move on, go to the other side, follow the light"”whatever you want to call it. And I've tried to get her to leave me alone, but she won't. I've been nice, I've yelled at her, I've demanded she just go away but none of it does anything. Sydney still shows up wherever I go. I see her here at home, at school, even at friends' houses. I'm scared, Shae. I'm so, so scared." A tear leaks out of the corner of Aaron's eye, and he takes a big, gasping breath, struggling for air.
  7. I put my hands lightly on his shoulders. "Breathe, Aaron. It's all right; I can help you." I say gently, and pull him close while he cries. How could I have been so selfish? All along my brother was suffering even more than I was, and I didn't even care. It's worse than my mother and father dismissing his strange behavior as just a phase"”I knew what was happening to him, but still I did nothing. But that will change now, I think to myself. I'm going to end this, and end this soon.
  8. "What does she want from us, Shae?" Aaron asks tearfully, but I don't answer. I'm thinking hard about something Aaron said. "˜ Apparently I have to help Sydney so she can"”I dunno"”move on, go to the other side, follow the light"”whatever you want to call it'. What if Sydney really does need help going to"”wherever the dead are supposed to go when they die? What is something is holding her here, tying her to this Earth so she can't leave?
  9. I've read many stories and seen many TV shows about how spirits sometimes stick around when they have unresolved conflict. Apparently it needs to be solved, and then they can let go and move on. The only problem"”I have no idea what Sydney's unresolved conflict could be. I think back to everything I remember around the time of the fire.
  10. It's not my fault, that's for sure. My sister and I were getting along great then. We never fought. And Aaron was too little to have any blame for the sudden appearance of Sydney. My dad, maybe, but I really can't think of why a dad would have a big problem with his eight year old daughter. That only leaves my mom, which seems unlikely. I mean, what would Sydney be holding against her own mother that stuck her here for seven years? I'm about to just give up when Aaron suddenly freezes and snaps his head up. "She's here." he whispers in horror.
  11. I look up and don't see anything. "Stay right here," I say to Aaron before leaving his bedroom. I enter the living room and stand in the middle of it. Swallowing my fear, I call out, "Why are you here?" Nothing happens, much to my relief and disappointment. "Why are you here, Sydney?" I say again, and out of the corner of my eye I see a flicker of movement before a bright flash of white light moves at the speed of sound and lands in front of me.
  12. My sister. Her ghost is barely three feet away from my frozen form, hovering in midair. It's not extremely clear; she's a blurry white silhouette, but I can see enough details to know for a fact that it is Sydney I'm looking at. She still looks eight years old and is wearing a soft pink dress. Her dark hair falls in waves down her back"”the same way she looked when she died. Her skin is milky white, and her eyes that used to be pale blue are now completely white, with no pupils or irises. Her form seems to flicker a bit as though she's having trouble making herself visible. All in all, she looks"”well, dead.
  13. "Sydney." I whisper. I vaguely see the corners of her mouth lift in response, and her hand ever so slowly reaches up and affectionately brushes my cheek. I feel a bit of coldness, but that's it. I realize I'm not breathing and slowly force air back into my lungs, which makes me realize why I wanted to see her in the first place. "Sydney," I ask slowly. "Who is keeping you here?" I see immediately that she understands, and her ghostly form moves over to the mantelpiece, where pictures of our four remaining family members sit. Her fingertips lightly graze each picture for a moment before finally coming to rest on the photograph of my mother.
  14. So that is the end of part 5. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that this update took so long. I tried to publish it almost two days ago, but GTQ apparently decided to not put it on the new quizzes list for whatever reason.

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