Remember Where the Truth Lies (Part 3)

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Recap of part 2: Shae sees Sydney every year around September for a couple of months. She's always ignored it, but now it's much worse than usual.

Shae believes that Aaron thinks he's befriended the ghost of his dead sister, Sydney. He drew a bracelet that belonged to her, which Shae doesn't know how he did, seeing as how Aaron never saw the bracelet.

Created by: Fallout3

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  1. I have dreams. Disturbing ones. In them, I see the fire that took my sister’s life. I’ve had dreams like this before, of course…but these ones are different. In these I am not a simple bystander, but Sydney. I see the wall of fire approaching me as I desperately try to find any way to escape. I run to doors, to windows, attempting to get out. It doesn’t work, however, and I’m quickly swallowed up by flames. They lick my skin and I scream, wanting it to just be over. It’s usually at about this time that I wake up, soaked in sweat and still feeling the phantom heat on my body.
  2. These nightmares could be the result of the way Aaron’s been acting lately. I’d angrily told him to quit playing around and grow up after he told me his “friend’s” name. He had just looked up at me with his blue eyes, so much like mine, and solemnly said he’s not kidding. Something in me told me to believe him, but I don’t know why.
  3. Anyway, these terrifying dreams had begun that night and continued all the way up until now, a week later. I hardly get any sleep, and on top of that, my little brother is terrifying me. Every day I hear him talking to nobody. He asks “Sydney” if she’s hungry, where she lives, what other friends she has. He’ll then pause, as if giving somebody time to answer, before asking another question. Whenever we all sit down and watch TV or eat dinner, Aaron will also continually glance over in one direction as if checking for something. I’ll ask him what he’s doing, and he’ll say he’s making sure she’s still there.
  4. I’d confided in my parents about this issue. My dad had scoffed at it, saying it’s probably just some stupid phase Aaron will get over in a month or two. My mom, however, had had a different reaction altogether. I’d mentioned to her that I think Aaron believes his sister is still alive, and that he’s friends with her, and she’d turned pale and clenched the table she was standing beside so hard that her knuckles turned white.
  5. “Tell that boy that his sister is dead. DEAD. Do you hear me? She is never coming back,” my mom had said harshly. I heard a strange choking noise and turned around, only to see Aaron standing behind us. “She said you’d say that!” he cried. “She said you wouldn’t believe me!” Then he’d turned around and run back to his room.
  6. I’m not sure what to make of this strange turn of events. It seems like suddenly my almost-normal life got flipped around to form this mess, and I hate it. I sigh as I think about all of these things. What should I do? I’m not sure how to feel about “Sydney”. The thought that it’s her ghost flickers across my mind, but I push it away immediately. There’s no way. Then again…no, I won’t accept it. There has got to be some other logical explanation for all of these strange occurrences, and it’s not that I’m being haunted by my dead sister.
  7. I get up from my spot at the kitchen table and go to my room to think. As I’m shutting my door, I see a flash of black hair. I whip around instinctively, only to find nothing behind me. Tense and scared, I sit down on my bed with my back to the wall and survey my bedroom. There’s nobody there, but I can’t shake the feeling of being watched. This has been happening more and more frequently lately. I very rarely feel like I’m alone, and when I do, there’s still a sense of unease.
  8. Eventually I get up and head towards the living room to get my laptop, which I’d left in there earlier. I’ve got to do something other than sit here and worry all day. I pick up my computer and plop down on the couch. Pressing the power button, I set my feet up on the table in front of me. A minute and a half later, my computer still hasn’t turned on. I frown and press the power button again. Nothing. I know for a fact my laptop works fine; I used it just a little while ago. It must need charging, I think, and plug the charger into it. I press the power button for a third time, and my computer hums to life. I smile in contentment.
  9. My laptop pulls up my wallpaper, and as I’m moving my mouse to go online, the image on my screen flickers before completely going out. My eyebrows draw together. The laptop has stopped making noise and stopped charging. It just went off all of a sudden. I press the power button once again, but nothing happens. I check the charger. It’s still plugged into the wall.
  10. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my laptop. I set it on the floor and lean back to watch TV. The TV won’t come on either. Thoroughly annoyed by now, I go change the remote’s batteries, thinking that’s the problem. Apparently, it isn’t, as the TV still does nothing at all. Frustrated, I stand up and throw the remote down on the couch.
  11. When I stand, I notice something sitting there on the couch cushion next to mine. I peer at it for a moment before I figure out what it is. Screaming loudly, I run to my room and slam the door. It’s not real—it can’t be. A bracelet was sitting on the couch next to me. A purple and blue homemade, beaded one that I know for a fact burned along with my sister years ago.
  12. So there you have it: Part 3 of Remember Where the Truth Lies. A couple of notes before you go: 1. Thank you to all of my readers, especially those of you who are commenting. 2. Yes, I am aware that this update took a very long time, and I'm sorry for that. I'll try to update the story much faster next time. I'll try to have part 4 up tomorrow.

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