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  • Sorry sorry I was so late xD

    That was really scary. I've heard a lot of stories starting with the tv flickering on and off. Geez what is Sydney doing to her poor sister. I think her mom isn't telling her something or she either wants to protect Shae or herself. I have a suggestion, don't have so many paragraphs just reflecting the past, try to build more suspense and get more in into every part. You don't have to listen because what you are doing is fine but...gosh this is awkward xD Don't listen to me. I have no idea where this is going but just keep going. You're doing great and man I have to read the next part.

    Byee :)

  • @xxblutixx you took the words right out of my mouth. This is a great series, got me spooked with the whole 'dead, haunting sister' thing but it's fine. Erm, do you think Sydney would want back her life? Meaning, if she DOES, or if that's what she intends to do, then she'll actually convince Shae to astral project; and when Shae does that, she takes Shae body and she isn't a ghost anymore. Sydney will be human and Shae will be a soul without a body. Get it? =/ I'm sure that's not what you're planning but it's just a thought!

    Jump to the sky! x

  • Again, poor Shae having to face her trauma... again :/ and her mom... either is hiding something or is even *more* traumatized than Shae is at losing her daughter o.o and it's starting to get paranormal up in here... I think you're doing great, keep it up! I'll look out for part 4 :)


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